Maka left and i said,"Kid why did you try to kiss Maka?!". He said,"well,-" he scratched his head and said,"well, i wanted to know if i would feel something. We tried to make-out but, her dad was there. We tried again but, you opened the door. Why are you jealous that she's my fiancé?" I said,"no, i'm trying to protect her." That was half true but, kid was right. He said,"well your job is done, i'm going to protect her now, she is my fiancé anyway. You should give up she'll be perfectly safe in my care." I said,"well i care about her!". He said,"so you do like her?" He looked MAD. I said,"yes, but no, i can't " he said,"if you don't care i'll try that make-out idea again." I growled and put on my fake cool voice. I said,"go ahead i don t care about that flat-chest anyway." He said," you bas***d! She is special, just a minute ago you said you cared. Never mind i'll just go on with what i was going to do all along". He walked to Maka's room and i peaked in through the crack in the door.


I played an act on Soul for him to show himself he cared about her but, i ended up yelling at him how special Maka was. I wasn't lying. I spent all this time with Maka this whole day and i feel like i love her. I walked in her room and i said,"Maka. Do you want to try that kiss now that we're alone?" She said,"yeah". We leaned in closer once again and slowly closed our eyes. Our lips touched and i felt a shock, i smiled and one little kiss turned into a make-out session and i was on top of her. We were just laying on her bed making-out, we broke apart for air and she smiled. I said,"do you mind if i sleep here tonight?" She said,"i don't mind." Soul burst into the room and he yelled,"I MIND!" He looked on fire. Maka said,"it's just one night Soul. He won't bite. He can sleep in here with me". For some odd reason i smiled and soul grabbed me by the collar and yelled in my face,"YOU WERE SMILING, YOU THOUGHT OF SOMETHING DIRTY YOU *beep*" she said,"kid would never do that! You're the one thinking dirty thoughts you *beep*!" He said,"you were making out for 10 minutes with no stop for air! He was on top of you! He would do something dirty!" She said,"what the *beep* you were watching us, it was my fault don't blame him. Be glad he didn't take my clothes off!" I blushed and smiled. Why did i smile! She said,"anyway Kid can stay in here tonight. We are going to get married you know" he said,"fine, but when i find you tomorrow you better have clothes on!" She said,"why would you walk in if you knew i was naked!" He got a nosebleed on the spot and she literly kicked him out and i said,"that's my girl". She looked at me and smiled, we got in bed and i put her in a hugging position on our sides. You could feel her warmth and i felt good. We drifted to sleep and i woke up in the morning hearing an alarm clock. Maka, said,"wait! I don't have an alarm clock!" We shot up and i saw Soul with an alarm clock in his hand. He said,"i told you not to do that last night Maka!" She said,"you told me to have clothes on in the morning" she rubbed her eyes and a dark aura surrounds her and she said,"get out of my *beep* room you *beep**beep* go back to *beep*sleep and *beep* stay out or else i will *beep*slit your *beep* throat and *beep* murder you on the *beep* spot." She falls on her bed and she looks cute again. I said,"she is an amazing girl." . He says,"because she is scary." I said,"no because she can have so many personalities. See she looks calm again.". He looked at her with wonder in his eyes. He had a glint if something else to but, i couldn't 't figure it out exactly. I said, "i might love her" his eyes widen and he said nothing. I said,"i don't know, she is just so special and there's something about her i love". He grabbed my collar and said nothing but, his eyes said he was hurt. My mission was complete but why do i feel mad at his feelings?