Arranged marriage chapter 4

I waited in the room looking at the ceiling with a gloomy look."soul" I muttered

. Kids POV

I was tapping my foot, and soul was frowning the hole time, looking at the door. The doctor came in and said," visitors for Maka-" We made a mad dash for the room and we came in and she was staring at the ceiling. "Maka " soul spoke. She smiled at them and said," the doctor said it was a small illness, I'll be able to go home now, sorry for worrying you.

" Soul ran up to her and hugged her. She looked at me smiled and hugged soul back, I did what I would have to do, I gave a thumbs up to her. My heart tugged at me... "YOURE GOD HAS ARRIVED! LOOK AT MY HANDSOME FACE AND YOULL BE CURED!" Something weird happened, she smiled at black star and said," yeah..." Soul noticed it to and said," Maka , are you sure it was a small illness?

It didn't mess with your head? Its not life-threatening? Because, I've never seen you actually smile at black star." She freaked out," what?! No, no, its not, I promise you! I would never lie to you!" He tilted his head a bit and said," OK, I was just kidding." She scratched behind her head an smile nevousely. All could think was,"Maka , you're bad liar.." We were walking with Liz and patty by my side to makas house. She was walking next to soul and he smiled at her and said," I'm glad that you're OK." She smiled at him and said," yeah, I'm glad that you came, I was worried there." He said," yeah me too, your safety is everything to me." She blushed and I felt something inside of me break. I looked down then I heard," are you OK kid?" I looked to my right to Liz who said that, I then said," yeah, I'm fine" She looked away slowly

. Oh Maka , why do you do this?

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