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"Miss all Sunday!"

Miss all Sunday turned her head and saw no other then Mr. 3's partner running towards her while waving her hand like crazy with a paper in her hand. When she finally got to miss all Sunday she handed it to her,

" Thank you Mr. 3's partner." She nodded and turned around to do the next on her schedule, finding Mr. 3.

Miss all Sunday red the piece of paper. When she finished reading her eyes went wide, she turned up and looked if no one had paid her any attention and luckily no one had, she turned on her heal and headed towards the exit.

' Trafalgar Law hmm, this can take some time to finish'

After getting out of the long corridors she went to her ship at the harbor, it was a small boat with room for only one; there was an animal/ fish like thong that was used to drag the boat to its destination.

She jumped on board with some supplies for the journey and a log pose for 'Ope Ope Island'.

It would probably take about two to tree days.


After arriving at the harbor of the Ope Ope island miss all Sunday paid for her stay at the same hotel where Trafalgar Law was said to be staying at.

" So miss, what interest do you have for coming here?" The hotel manager asked while she was signing some papers to confirm her stay.

" Well I'm quit found of operations." The manager sweat dropped, what is whit that weird interest for such a delicate young lady? He thought. But miss all Sunday just ignored the look from the inspector and just smiled when she finished signing the papers. He went thru the small pile of paper and looked up to her with a wide smile and handed her the keys to her room,

" Here you go young miss, your room will be at the second floor, room 245." The hotel manager said

" Thank you." She took the key card from the manager and went to the elevator.

It was already 4AM when she arrived at her hotel room door. She was just about to put the key card in the lock, but right before she did she noticed that a man was on his way in her direction. Miss all Sunday stood still with wide eyes, while the man had arrived at the door next to hers. Luckily the man paid no attention to her, except that he gave her a short glance, but quickly turned around once the door was unlocked, when the door closed she was snapped back with a smug grin on her face.

'What luck, my mission will probably be much easier now that I don't have to search for him.' She thought before she jumped on the bed and fell asleep, or at least half asleep, because she had noticed a sudden presence at her terries that was glaring at her giving her chills, but when she turned around there where nothing there. ' Did I just imagine that?'


Miss all Sunday woke up with the sun in her face, she turned to face the clock and saw that it was already 7 AM.

In a flash she threw the blanket off of her, put on some new clothes, grabbed her bag and headed out.

When she was out the door she crashed into the guy next door and fell on her but.

When she looked up she saw the same guy from 3 hours ago, but this time she paid more attention to his looks and he was rather handsome with nice light choke late skin that was flawless, a slight dark shade under his eyes which made him look even more handsome, but she had learned a long time ago to never fall for people's appearances.

"Sorry, I should have paid more attention to where I was going." He said while handing her hand witch she gladly took.

When she was up their eyes met, but they quickly looked another way.

"Can I ask you if by any chance where you going to the same direction as the operation department?" He asked

That was a surprise

" Actually I was on my way there." She said

"Don't you have a map for this island?"

She said while showing him a map.

"Well I forgot to grab one from the manager, you see, I only just arrived here about 7 hours ago and was dead tired."

"Ok. If you want to we can go there together." She offered

'But he was supposed to be here since tree days ago, did I get the wrong data's? Well he's here now so I'll just leave it be'

"I'd appreciate that, thanks."

"No problem, btw my name is Nico Robin, nice to meet you." She tilted her head and smiled

"Same goes for you, I'm Trafalgar Law," he said


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