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Chapter 2

They went together towards the operation department to see and teach different technics and how do designate stuff.

On the way they talked allot about operations and similar things.

Robin knew that it would be good to get close to him, so he won't suspect anything when the time comes to strike an attack.

"Hmm so you have an interest for archeology?" Law asked rather fascinated

"Yeah, I just can't get enough of our ancestors lost history."

"I see, so by any chance are you interested in going on a trip to the deep and dangerous forest here at Ope Ope Island? Cuz I heard some people say that deep in the forest at this island there lies one of the ponegliphs."

Robin's eyes widen

"Are you sure that it was the ponegliphs you heard?" She said trying to keep cool, but you could hear the excitement in her voice.

"I don't know if it is true since I was at a bar and overheard something that cot a tiny interest, but I'm sure that they mentioned something about this islands forest and ponegliph in the same topic." He said honestly

Robin thought about it carefully 'this chance may never come again and I won't have the time after this mission to come back... Lets just put the mission to the side a bit and see the ponegliph first.'

"Ok, I'll come with you, but what about gadgets for the trip?"

"I have a spare case in my room with all sorts of stuff that we can use."

"That sounds good, but not that I want to change topic, but if we don't hurry now we will probably miss the show." She said while pointing her finger at the line that was disappearing into the building.

"Oh shoot, we gotta hurry."

He grabbed her hand and dragged her with him to the doors before they closed.


"Why are you frowning?" Robin looked at Law and put on a small smile

"I just don't know what to do."

Law didn't really get that, but brushed it of to change topic

"So after this do you want to go to the bar?" He said while turning his head to look at the professor so it seemed like he was paying attention to what the professor was saying, even though he actually halfway was.

Robin felt a strange feeling tingling in her heart that made her forget the professor and only stared at Law with a puzzled look. "What is this feeling?!, its making me feel kinda fuzzy inside. Maybe I'm just tired?"

She turned her to do the same as him, at the same time she replied

" I think I want to rest for tomorrow if that's ok? If there's anything important we can sure talk on our way back to the rooms."

Law frowned, but nodded



They where done with their schedule for the day and it was already 11PM.

After the short way back they got to check that every thing for tomorrow was ready.

When it was time to part ways to separate rooms they looked at each other and nodded saying they where ready for tomorrow.


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