Hi everyone! So… it's been a while, huh?

I've thoroughly neglected this fic over the last 3 years (woops), but with everything going on recently I've had a chance to go back and look at it again. Having read it through from start to finish… I think I'm going to be leaving this fic here.

HOWEVER… I haven't given up on it by a long shot. Reading it again has given me so many new ideas, and I've pulled together a new plan. So…

I'm starting it again. Some parts will be identical, some parts I might change slightly, some I'm going to get rid of altogether. I've got so much new content to work in, and the main difference is going to be that it's not going to be focused singularly on Enjolras and Éponine anymore – I've got so many ideas for interactions between other characters and I want to really flesh this out so that it reads more like a proper story. One thing I noticed when I was going through it is that it just doesn't flow as well as I thought I did when I first posted it, so I want to add in some chapters, paragraphs and lines to make things a bit more cohesive.

I'm already about a quarter of the way through, so once I've got a decent chunk finished I'm going to start posting the chapters weekly under a new title: 'Of Infinite Possibilities'. If you'd like to read this new version of this fic (which I think I first started writing about five years ago, which is mad), please subscribe to my profile to be notified when I start posting – I'm going to try and be a bit more dedicated this time!

If you've ever read any part of this fic (and especially if you got all the way to the end) – thank you. This was one of the first fics I ever really felt invested in, and though it's not quite how I want it to be, I'm so excited to be reworking it into something that I hope is going to be great!

So… watch this space!