"Ugh...this is pointless. Hours and hours of searching and I still haven't got a clue as to where the heck I am!"

I tossed the book that I was holding at the bed and looked around what was perhaps the fiftieth the old Victorian bedroom and couldn't find anything aside from this note. Wait. Finally! "I finally found something!" Wow was I desperate or what? I thought that I'd go insane if I hadn't come across something within the next five rooms. Okay,It said something about how I got here; although it sure didn't give me enough of a reason as too why. Turns out that this is and old castle owned by a once wealthy man back in the 1800's. There was a picture of a man and a woman attached to the hand written letter. However, it was kinda smudged so I couldn't really make out the faces. They were standing in front of their huge estate and seemed happy. Again, it's hard to tell..Wait a minute..I don't know any of the people mentioned in this letter..."I couldn't have wrote this.." The letter was addressing a Daniel..did I have Amnesia or something? What's the date on here...whoa..okay it was defiantly another Daniel. Weird..why do I feel as though it's for me?

Then, my ghost sense went off.

A grunting sound could be heard outside of the room, coming closer and closer. Phff! Why am i wasting my time looking around when I can just ask this [totally friendly] ghostly resident for some more info? I'm sure that he/she/it will be happy to cooperate! "I'm going ghost!"

Within moments, the teen had turned into a ghost-boy; instantly giving him confidence to defend himself and obtain the answers to his questions. That is, should the creature wondering the outside of the quarters have any. The boy raised a glowing hand, ready to bust the door down with an ecto-blast when the creature outside began to aggressively clawing the door down. Which threw the adolescent off but didn't shock him, he's dealt with these sort of things before. Pieces of wood and metal flew across the room and past an invisible Danny, leaving a cloud of dust and debris in the doorway. An ugly snarl broke the silence and a figure dashed out of the dust; only to reveal an gruesome monster. So gruesome that Danny found it difficult to focus on staying intangible. It looked like something from his nightmares! A zombie-like creature with rotting yellowish brown skin and a horridly dis-proportioned body. Although it still had a somewhat normal human hand on one arm, on the other was a swollen mass with four long black 2 foot claws extruding from the end of it. Sure, the ghost boy had witnessed may hideous entities to see, but something about this thing made Danny's skin crawl. Who knows? Perhaps it was the maimed jaw and open throat. After a few seconds of watching this thing prowl around, searching for any living thing it looked up. It's low growl and snort had quickly turned into a mindless, snarl and howl as it slashed the air in front of it's self.


Danny's eyes squeezed in agony as the wind was knocked out of him. He blinked a few times and grabbed his foot as he drew back, further into the corner of the room. He removed his hand from his side to see an glowing green liquid staining his hand. Equally glowing eyes bulged at the sight. 'Is that blood?'Danny thought. 'No way! That's impossible! I was invisible! Oh man, I better get out of here!'

He prepared himself to escape but failed and abruptly morphed back into his human form, rendering him venerable. Struggling to get up, his adrenaline kicked in and gave him the drive to jump over the large, elegant mattress and out into the hall way. And without a moment's hesitation, the monster staggered out of the room. With an actual nightmare chasing after him with an injury, Daniel Fenton didn't have a second to spare with wondering why his powers just blanked out or why that thing could bring him down so quickly and effectively. For the young adult rarely received real wounds from a fight and now this? Well, as confusing as this all may come to be, one thing's for sure. The only way to live was to run. Run and search for a place to hide. Or this would really be the end for the boy. With blood pounding in his ears, heart beating and a mind-numbing fear slowly eating away at his sanity, he carried on. Greedy breaths growing needy for oxygen. Jolts of fear pounding in his chest as the sound of the monster's un-human sounds drew closer. Danny was never the star of the track team, the boy could fly for hours on end but sprinting was never his stronghold. "Gotta find..place to hide!" The teen whispered, beginning to grow desperate for shelter. "Place..to hide- ah ha!" A door was open on the right side of the hallway, it was perfect! He made a final dash for it in order to try and loose the monster and then dived into the door crack. He nimbly jumped back up and closed the door by setting a chair under the knob. Right at that moment, the door was impacted by a strong force on the other side. Thus, knocking the piece of furniture and the black haired teen to the floor. Danny fell with a sicking thud and coughed up something when he tried to breathe. The darkened room started to whirl. The desk, bed, and bookshelf became blurry and his breathe was body was failing and Danny knew that. He was trapped and hurt. A sickening feeling of defeat flooded over him. This was it. Goodbye futur-

A hand reached out and grabbed the back of his denim jacket and dragged him into an even darker place.

He started to panic. Questions flooding and bombarding his tired mind and fear was eating at his sense of mind. Claustrophobia soon took over the boy and his mind continued to race. 'I think somebody dragged me into a wardrobe. I have to get out of here! I can't bre-'

"SETTLE DOWN!" a voice harshly whispered, clasping over Danny's mouth. "DANIEL, LISTEN TO ME. IT'LL ONLY LEAVE IF IT CAN'T SEE OR FIND YOU!"


"Shh-sh-shhh! It's close, Daniel, Please! Quiet down or we are both going to die!"

With a few tears running down his face,he suppressed his distressed reaction and did his best to breathe as quietly as possible. Everything was just going wrong and he had to fight every instinct that was kicking in in order to do as he was instructed. However, it was failing. And the person who hid him knew that. Yelling won't work so there was only one other option that didn't involve knocking out the boy. Time was running out and if he didn't get the halfa to break away from his state of shock, they would both surely parish. He tried his best to keep a leveled tone in his attempts."Shhh...Danny, I assure you that it will go away if you just relax..ease your mind...that's it. Now, close your eyes and take your mind to another place. Far from here..." The man's plan worked. It's amazing what a soothing tone could do. He released his hand from it's resting place upon Danny's mouth but as soon as he did, something totally unexpected happened. The teen swiftly shifted onto his stomach and wrapped his arms around his body while burying his face in his chest. The action made him gasp lightly and it began to feel even harder to breathe as his stomach involuntarily tensed.

"V-Vlad! Please don't shove m-me out there..Please..I don't want to die!"

"I won't." Was the only thing that Vlad could manage to say. Tearing his eyes away from the halfa that had latched on to him and turned his sapphire eyes to the crack in the wardrobe. It was looking around, about to move again at any moment. "Just stay quiet..."

That's when it's head whipped around.