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New Beginnings (Part 2)


By the time the goddess and I had eventually arrived back in camp, the hunters and our new arrivals had settled near the still smouldering campfire. The silver-garbed girls having gathered folding chairs and the like from inside their tents or instead chosen to just sit on the barren dusty floor.

Even so it was strange to see the group of the very oldest hunters on one side as Zoe and Atlanta quietly spoke to their lost sister as her daughter towered over them silently. Whilst across from them the rest of the group sat seemingly uncomfortably clearly waiting for us. Behind them the gleaming figure of their massive feline protector now loomed looking at the other monster in 'her' camp.

It stood testament to show how truly intelligent my sacred animal was that despite having no way of properly communicating with anyone. She clearly understood that the Lamia was not something she should just automatically destroy unlike everything else that entered the Hunt's territory.

Sure, it was not often that we had to deal with some form of threat stumbling upon the group. Certainly not on the level of scale as the time when my former nemesis and his friends tried to do so. Back when the goddess and I were collecting the twins (which she did absolutely fine with) but on two occasions since then she had neutralised a threat to the campsite without anyone being aware of what it was. All we found was a pile of golden dust in the morning and demanding Lioness that wanted rewarding for her actions.

That was not to say that I was doing nothing... I had been too I swear, there was the time with a wild centaur...

Anyway, Nemea was awesome and clearly superior to a stupid deer.

'What are you smirking about?' Harmony asked as a silver eye looked at me even as she walked around the campfire.

'Just admiring the view from back here.' I answered cooly, as I had now learned when I was looking to get out of trouble. Just throw a compliment her way and stroke her ego and it would act like a 'get out of jail free card' or a get your damned clothes off now card. That however was a very faint line that I was still learning to judge.

'Doubtful. Though perhaps I should ask something directly if you are speaking the truth?' She said pausing and looking at me fully with a wry smile even as she switched over to Greek.

'Oh yeah, I can't wait to hear you scream out like that later.' I told her challengingly.

"Hey lovebirds! You are doing that thing again where you ignore us." My other cousin shouted out interrupting the pair of us. Earning the instant ire of her older sister who shot her a glare that could have melted clean through Aegis.

"Just a quick reminder sister that a certain someone unlike everyone else on this island is not currently immortal and as such is susceptible to the progression of time... or its regression." Harmony said with a cold sinister smile as Thalia wisely chose to go quiet as eyes turned on her.

To be honest I don't think the rest of the Hunt knew that fact but there it was. Then again even if she technically wasn't currently a Hunter no one was going to hold it against her. Even without the goddesses blessing she was still unarguably the most powerful demigod amongst them.

Jury was still out on the demi-Titan though, Zoe was clearly far stronger, had greater endurance and experience. She could not however fly or throw lightning as a limiting factor.

Anyway, the sudden appearance of a silver throne between the two groups served to remind me of why we were here rather than hypothetical match ups.

So even as the goddess herself sat down upon the chair I chose to remain standing just behind her. After all this was technically inner Hunt affairs and therefore strictly speaking was none of my business, unless Aika suddenly and suicidally attacked someone. Something that going by her previous actions she was very unlikely to do if it would risk harm to Delia.

As such I simply chose to stand close and hold out the tray of donuts as and when the goddesses' hand idly wandered over in their direction.

For the most part, their discussion was mostly a recap of the early history of the Hunt from Artemis leaving Delos in the first place with the weakened Delia before almost entirely skipping the first Lieutenant Britomartis's place and indeed name in the story apart from time around Zoe joining to get to Delia taking over the position.

I knew most of what was being discussed from talking to the goddess over the last week or so. Instead, I chose to study the body language of the group as a whole and their reactions to it. Sure, the usual suspects got excited about adventures and great hunts and the arrival of familiar figures both amongst the group and indeed greater mythology. Thalia was having to do double duty both asking questions all the while acting as a translator for poor Reyna who spent most of the time with a puzzled look on her face. Amy had simply given up doing that after a few minutes and instead Suzie had chosen to braid her hair again. The daughter of Venus evidently hoping that someone else would give her the cliff notes later.

What was more concerning to me however was the fact that Delia herself remained silent throughout most of these talks. Instead leaving the majority of the talking to Harmony, Zoe and Atlanta. In sharp contrast, Aika was almost the most vocal even more so than the majority of hunters combined. She seemed almost eager to learn everything that she could about this early stage of both the group and her mother.

Then again perhaps meeting Harmony first had potentially set a bad early opinion with the Lamia. Considering she was almost nothing like how she expected Artemis to be, whereas this group. Albeit being somewhat 'unconventional' to say the least was much closer to how her imagination had predicted them to be, that being from her mother's stories, albeit factoring in two thousand years of technological and societal advancement.

Still, it was good to see she was at least being civil with the Hunters and likewise there had been a little uncertainty initially from them, but that was rapidly decreasing or so it seemed to me at least.

Finally, when everyone was caught up with the other history Delia was once again forced to describe what happened with her 'final' hunt. Chrysaor's betrayal and his stranding of her on the hidden island. Her initial pursuit of her prey before finally and agonisingly describing what happened to her.

The only solace on the retelling at least was the fact that the group did not have to see the sorry state that we had found her in. Afterall, she was good as new now, or rather she was physically at least.

Of course, some in the group had initially asked how she was now fine, before being swiftly reminded of who exactly the two immortals amongst them were and connecting the dots. After all, Harmony had already threatened to rewind time on Thalia's body less than two hours before.

Strangely when asked about what had actually killed Lamia, Harmony had instantly shut down the matter with a simple "Dunno, not important." and quite literally just changed the subject back to the girls' early days of survival and finding Aika. Even gently probing her myself mentally only got me the same answer.

Which normally meant she was hiding something or less likely but still plausible she genuinely had no idea for the moment, and we could investigate it later. There were still more than a few questions that needed to be answered regarding the nature of that island after all.

It was at this point however that the focus shifted from the then paralysed hunter and instead to her adoptive daughter. First because everyone could clearly see that Delia was uncomfortable talking about herself during that time. Afterall, it was quite literally an Ancient Greek tragedy of suffering on her part. Secondly, she was obviously reliant on the Lamia for her survival at a certain point and apart from instructing Aika there was very little she could do.

In contrast to her mother, Aika was almost brazen as she recalled her growth, training and survival. She excitedly explained how she hunted down all potential threats on the island and made it her own. Establishing herself as its Apex Predator, through both her own natural advantages of fang and physique as well as by the skills taught to her by her mother.

Naturally her boasting caused some of the hunters to whisper amongst themselves about if she was really as good as she claimed. Until naturally a test dummy volunteered to put it to the test.

"Stop calling yourself a Hunter, you are not one of us!" Tania declared angrily causing all eyes to turn towards her. Stupidly she said it in English so the monster girl in question likely had no idea what she said anyway but she probably understood the hostility at least.

However, even as the Lamia's slitted eyes narrowed and she let out a hiss, to everyone's surprise Delia stepped in front of her and looked down upon the large girl sat in front of her. Her expression was already cold and serious but as Zoe attempted to reach for her hand she recoiled back as the predecessor shot her a look that could have rivalled the goddess on a bad day. The demi-Titan instantly moving back alongside Atlanta.

Suddenly I too was reminded why Delia had been made Lieutenant through shear hard work and not due to nepotism. She as nothing more than a nymph had just made arguably the physically strongest mortal in existence back off with nothing more than a glance.

"What did you say?" Delia demanded turning back towards the daughter of War, who was instead nervously looking between the angered nymph and the all-powerful goddess who only seemed to be smirking at her current predicament.

'This brings back memories.' Harmony told me with amusement at the scene playing out.

"She is- Not a Hunter!" Tania stammered out eventually in Greek causing the Lamia to now openly hiss angrily until she too received a gaze from her mother that instantly silenced the monster.

"How old are you really girl?" The diminutive redhead asked Tania coldly albeit curiously.

"Why is that important?" She replied defensively.

"Almost seventeen give or take a month." Harmony answered for her almost excitedly even as Delia rolled her eyes.

"So, judging by your appearance you have been a 'Hunter' for a year maybe two at most. Am I correct?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"In that time, how much was taught to you by our goddess and how much of your training was led by her Lieutenant?" Now the thing was a lot of the Hunters were likely expecting Harmony to admonish Delia about insulting her. Except she was clearly right.

Artemis was naturally not inclined to getting involved more than necessary. That had not changed until very recently with my arrival. It did not matter if you were talking about two years ago or two thousand, her way of living had been the same. Sure, she was the ultimate authority in the Hunt and her word was law, but the position of Lieutenant was easily the most important for day-to-day operations.

To put it into perspective since my arrival only seven months before, I had carried out more training lessons with the Hunters than the goddess had done. Before we formally began our relationship, she had initially only got involved with their training if I also was. Otherwise, she was generally hiding in her tent asleep or on the moon chariot.

"That is hardly important!" Tania argued.

"But you see it actually is. You claim my daughter cannot be a hunter on what grounds? She has not been instructed by Lady Artemis herself? The best archer here amongst you is naturally Atlanta, correct? Yet even she is made to look like an amateur by the goddess is she not, yet she has been here longer than almost all of you. You cannot learn from copying a divine within their own domains... They do not know how they are so good at those acts and therefore they cannot teach them. Have any of you ever tried to copy Lady Artemis's style of archery?" Delia asked the group and was met with silence as everyone understood the truth in her words.

"I have, if anything I was even worse afterwards." I admitted whilst laughing.

"Seaweed Brain when it comes to anything to do with a bow, you suck in general. You shot Artemis remember." Thalia mocked as Delia briefly turned to look at the pair of us in puzzlement before turning back.

"So, my point is that being near the goddess is not important other than it used to teach girls how to learn things like manners and respect otherwise there would be consequences. So that leaves two remaining factors. The goddesses blessing of immortality and you're training. Aika is technically a monster by nature admittedly but that also gives her a level of immortality the same as all of you, unlike you however she could even potentially reform if killed. Not that I will not allow that to happen to her." Delia said turning towards her daughter for a second with a warm smile.

"The second of course is her training. Just like you she has been taught personally by a Lieutenant of Artemis. Now due to circumstances our group training was unfortunately minimal so you likely are better than her at working within a team. Conversely on hunting alone, she has had hundreds if not thousands of times more training than you and I was able to oversee it a lot more. Or perhaps do you seriously think you have learned more in sixteen years than she has in more than two thousand?" Delia finished challengingly before taking a deep breath and her expression and posture relaxed almost immediately back into the nervous girl of a few minutes ago.

"Except you are not Lieutenant, are you?" Tania muttered loudly as soon as the redheads back was turned.

"Tania that's enough!" Harmony shouted angrily across at her catching everyone by surprise.

Yet even so Delia did not turn towards either the other girl or the goddess but instead began to simply walk away from the group leaving everyone in uncertain silence as they looked between the three figures.

"Oh Tania. Will you for once in your life, learn to keep your FUCKING mouth shut. I did not spend thousands of years hoping to find her for you to drive her off within hours." Harmony exclaimed the fact that she was using expletives with the girl, showing just how clearly angry with the way the whole situation had ended up. Leaning back into her she cupped her face in her palms before letting out a deep sigh. As everyone nervously looked back at her.

"Mila-" Tania began only to be suddenly frozen in place as a glowing golden eye glared out from between her fingers.

"What part of SHUT UP do you not understand? Even your accursed father knows when to keep his mouth shut when it suits his self-interests and survival. So why on Earth are you so FUCKING stupid that you do not understand such a simple concept? Do you even understand the amount of bullshit we have to put up with as a group because of you? Between you and Thalia I have enough unnecessary crap to deal with that you are actively causing me problems. At least with her she is actually useful for me and benefits the group, what do you actually bring to the table? A child of war who is not even in the top five fighters within this small group."

"Harmony." I said calmly whilst simply placing a hand on her shoulder.

"No! I have bitten my tongue for long enough." She said scathingly turning to glare at me. As she did so I let out a sigh as my own eyes turned golden as the rest of the group was frozen in time too.

"Listen to me. There is a time and a place for everything, and this isn't one of them. These girls despite their sometimes-infuriating quirks look up to you, in a way they don't even regard their actual parents. Sure, you may have been distant to some degree in the past in a way that you are not as much anymore. However, what you don't need to be doing is taking a jackhammer to that pedestal they have put you on which is what you are doing now. Because that is one thing you cannot undo on a whim and with a change of eye colour." I told her before pointing towards the group and more importantly the frozen expressions of shock and fear now present on a lot of them.

"So, what exactly am I supposed to do? Even as much as I want to strangle some of them on occasion, they are still all precious to me. But I cannot just keep letting her cause problems forever! Remember she even almost killed you and tried to use our relationship against the rest." Harmony said bitterly after looking at the hunters for a few seconds and then turning back to me.

"Hades no. As much as I would like Tania to have her mouth sown shut forever, what you need to do is keep your pretty little ass sat on that proverbial pedestal and do nothing... Afterall I wouldn't say you pay people to do the dirty work for you but the saying fits and I am currently counting no less than three former Lieutenants on this island." I told her before smiling and using my left hand under her chin to lift her head, so she was looking directly at me.

"You know I hate it when you are right because it makes me feel like the idiot." She said narrowing her heterochromatic eyes.

"Yeah, but I also know what makes you tick so give me a little credit here." I responded chuckling even as I moved closer to her.

"Fine but only seeing as I know the only place you can cash that credit." She said mischievously before grabbing me by the collar and bringing her lips against mine.

Still as much as I wanted to enjoy the situation, we still had a situation to resolve and I would much rather put all my energy to use continuing this later than holding almost two dozen assorted, demigods/demi-Titans and monsters and a nymph in stasis at the same time.

Disentangling my face from the goddess eventually, who only reluctantly seemed to agree with the notion, I straightened up and adjusted my shirt and hair back to normal and returned to my former position at her side.

"You know I am actually quite surprised you didn't just rewind time to deal with this? I am proud of you."

"That's only because you would know that I had done so and complain to me about doing so."

"See you are capable of learning from me. So why is it you can't teach me better?" I said cheekily.

Happy enough with the situation, I restored time... At least on the two closest former Lieutenants who seemed shocked to notice the sudden change around them and realising they were the only two able to move.

"You know it is really obvious when at least one of you has a flushed face right?" Thalia said raising an eyebrow at me as I stared at her.

'Besides If you really want a personal lesson, I can show you what pegging feels like.' Harmony told me mentally as I had to resist the urge to recoil away from her both mentally and physically.

"And now you look like you have suddenly seen a ghost." She commented with amusement as Harmony slowly turned her head towards me whilst smiling evilly.

'No.' Was all I managed to tell even as the thought made me tremble.

"Anyways, as you can clearly see I want to have a chat with the pair of you about what you just witnessed a short while ago."

"You mean Tania being a bitch, more than usual." Thalia surmised crudely. At the mention of her name even the ever so stoic Zoe could be seen clenching her fist as she regarded the much younger girl a short way away.

"Indeed. It seems that she has become a little too complacent with what she can get away with. Now as you can imagine, I could do all sorts of strange and terrible things as a punishment... Can't I Percy." Harmony said sweetly as I shuddered.

"What in hades did you do to him?" Thalia asked wide eyed.

"Nothing thankfully." I answered as Harmony slowly looked back at her sister.

"Yet... Regardless it was brought to my attention that the best thing I can do is... Nothing." She said cheerfully as the pair both stared at her.

"That is almost a lot scarier to hear coming from your mouth." Zoe said blinking as the goddess simply smiled.

"Agreed. Who are you and what have you done with my sister?"

"You see as much as I want to, I don't need to get mad; I have people to do it for me. Delia was right after all; I might lead the Hunt and be the entire reason for its existence. But it is my Lieutenant who has the main responsibility over its operations." Harmony told them as a familiar silver diadem appeared upon the open palms of her hands as they rested on her lap.

"Lady Art-Harmony. I can no long-" Zoe began to say before watching in horror as Harmony snapped the symbol of authority in half in front of her. Even Thalia and I were staring at her wide-eyed as she now curiously regarded the broken metal circlet.

"I am in a quandary. Within the space of a month, I have now suddenly got no less than three 'former' Lieutenants within the group. Yet the position itself lies unfilled."

"Thalia-." Zoe said before being interrupted by Harmony again.

"No, she is not, as mentioned earlier technically speaking at present she is not even a hunter." Harmony said as her sister sheepishly nodded even as Zoe stared at her. Sure, Thalia might have regained most of what could be considered a healthy complexion back on her skin over the last few days, but circumstances had not really allowed us to finish resolving that situation since.

"Just to add a little more difficulty to this. Reyna has been appointed the Hunt's and a lesser extent the Amazons representative when dealing with the Camps. So, where the hell does she fit in this equation?"

"This is confusing." Thalia complained.

"Sorry." I said sheepishly. The new triumvir structure was after all my idea. I guess I just naturally thought that Artemis's Lieutenant would naturally occupy the role. But for the time being at least Reyna was due to her relationship with Hylla and political acumen of dealing with Rome's politics was naturally chosen as a better fit.

"Regardless, I am still left with a difficult situation... however with a relatively simple conclusion." Harmony said before the fractured halves of the diadem in her hand became whole again.

Or more precisely. Two whole diadems.

I was just as surprised by this development as the two girls were. We had made no discussions about this in the past.

"Milady-" Zoe began before being cut off again.

"As a general rule of thumb for the last two thousand years this group has been dominated by Greek demigods. So, it obviously made sense to have a Greek demigod Lieutenant when you tragically passed Zoe. However recently just as I too am now more than just Artemis here, the hunt itself has changed. Diana is no longer exiled to the Moon Chariot and we now even have Roman demigods amongst us. On top of that there is a pseudo goddess, a dragon witch and you yourself are the first of the true demi-Titans. If all goes well here, there will be one more in this ragtag group of strays." Harmony explained and sure enough from when I arrived the group had become rather eccentric in origin.

"I get that Milady, but this is unheard of."

"Zoe, think of what you have heard and seen of me since I became this way." Harmony said leaning forward.

"Does it really seem like I care about how things have and should be? My entire very existence up to less than a year ago was a lie designed to keep me shackled and subdued. Perhaps, sometimes we need a certain demigod to come along and break us out of a prison of our own creation. My self-loathing and inaction were my Garden of the Hesperides. Or would you like to argue that the girl who left that place betrayed and alone was the same as the one who served at my side for all those long years?" Harmony asked the former nymph who lowered her head but slowly shook her head.

"We have all changed for better or for worse and I don't just mean all three of us look older now." Thalia added. Sure, Zoe's transformation wasn't anywhere near as drastic as Harmony or Thalia, but she still appeared a few years older than she had before her 'death'.

"What of Delia?" Zoe asked and for a few seconds there was silence before Harmony let out a long sigh and leaned back on her chair.

"Honest answer is I do not know. As I am sure you noticed the Delia you knew is not the same as the present one. Sure, that confident and determined girl you remember it may shine through on occasion, but she too is different now. I wanted to hope..." Harmony trailed off into her own thoughts.

"But there is also the matter of her own nature." I added.

"Zoe just like her you too were both born as a nymph. However, unlike her you were able to move with western civilisation as the Garden too moved in relation to Olympus. She like the other original hunters from so long ago is tied to this land. Any trip outside of South-Eastern Europe or Western Asia would kill her, let alone North America. Just as you too would have died if I had chosen to return to Europe after the nineteen-thirties. For all my powers I cannot do nought to change that, it is a fundamental of her nature and origin. Even I cannot uproot this entire island and move it across the planet."

"I know." Zoe said clearly unhappy with the reality of the situation. She unlike most of her kind had truly been blessed with the almost unique nature of her birthplace.

"You said you wanted to add one more. Does that mean you want to recruit her daughter?" Thalia said almost excitedly changing the subject.

"I am truthfully not against the idea. However, the choice is hers to make and would obviously likely depend on Delia." Harmony said looking across at the giant serpentine figure amongst the other frozen girls.

"Which brings us back to the previous point." I remarked gazing at the more distant redheaded figure.

"Indeed. However back to the two of you, I would like you both to assume the position of Lieutenant. Thalia you will represent the Greek demigod girls and Zoe ironically enough you will represent everyone else. Furthermore, should the pair of you agree on a difference of opinion against me I may choose to even acquiesce to your judgement... within reason of course." Harmony explained leaving all three of listeners jaws on the floor.

Not the whole two Lieutenants thing that was completely fine but her offering to be rational and listen to others opinion on a matter was whole new level of unheard thinking.

"I am marrying you and I don't get conditions that good." I protested playfully.

"Yes because you get absolutely nothing else out of our relationship." She responded sarcastically whilst glaring at me.

"So hypothetically if we both agreed that we didn't want the hunters to have do chores. What would happen?" Thalia asked curiously.

"Then they wouldn't, the Lieutenants would have to do all the chores." Harmony replied smiling.

"Ok fuck that idea then." My cousin bluntly responded.

"Better example: I suggest we go to New Rome and you both say No. To which I then remember that I too have a working brain and think it is a terrible idea." Harmony explained.

"I can work with something like that." Thalia said smiling.

"Or I could possibly turn a certain Daughter of Ares into an opossum and run her over with the Moon Chariot." Harmony said louder than before as I finally realised something I had missed since the beginning.

Unlike the others, Tania was never completely frozen by me. She had been frozen by Harmony and at the time she still had her senses, she just didn't have control of her body. Sure, she was far enough away towards the back of the larger group, and we had generally been talking quieter, but she must have still heard a fair bit.

"What if we had a better idea?" Zoe asked looking at Thalia who after staring back at her for a few seconds and then turning between the Tania and Aika a few times turned back towards us.

"Oh, I wonder what you could be suggesting?" Harmony said theatrically.

"Easy your idea is stupid and therefore you should leave it to the people who are better at dealing with unruly hunters." Thalia said stepping closer.

"Besides with all due respects to you and Delia, Delos is about much use to us for training as Percy is at teaching Archery. Fortunately, there is apparently a hidden island covered in untouched forests that would be much more useful." Zoe explained.

"Tania says she is better, well then why doesn't she show us?" Thalia finished.

"Seems like a good counter argument, but with one short coming. You both lack the authority to challenge my judgement." Harmony remarked before twirling the twin diadems around her fingers.

"So, does this mean I can get days off now? I mean even Percy does." Thalia asked.

"That depends on whether your counterpart says you can have a day off, so I would probably be for the best if you got on with each other then. Besides I will have you know, Percy works very, very hard on those days." Harmony said grinning as I closed my eyes and tilted my head back.

"Oh, I am sure something is hard sis." Thalia teased as Zoe simply sighed.

"Please just take the damned Diadems." I cried out in exasperation.

Thankfully at long last the two stepped forward before taking a knee in front of the goddess.

Standing up Harmony first placed the Diadem in her left hand upon Zoe's head whilst commenting that it still suited her.

With the first out of the way she stepped to her right and looked down upon Thalia.

"Thalia rise and look at me." Harmony commanded causing my cousin to stand straight albeit still having to look up at the taller woman in front of her.

"Thalia Grace do you. Oh, to Hades with it, you know the score. Do you say no to men, wait I need to take that bit out now as it is a bit hypocritical. Anyway, Thalia, do you want to be immortal if so, do what I say and join the Hunt." Harmony said sounding really dysfunctional, in fairness Thalia wasn't helping matters because she was no longer a maiden either.

"Wow sis, way to go screwing that up." Thalia teased.

"Keep it up and every second you waste will be a cup size." Harmony threatened coldly.

"I Thalia Grace, pledge myself to the great goddess Harmony, turn my back on men, accept eternal sisterhood and join the Hunt." Thalia suddenly said with barely a break in between words. Clearly taking her threat to heart.

Even so I caught the very important change of terminology stuck in the middle of that oath. I mean Harmony and I knew about her and Reyna, but Zoe didn't.

"See how hard was that? I accept it-." Harmony said rolling her eyes before Thalia almost instantly hit the floor unconscious. I could still sense her, so she was still alive at least. Actually, come to think of it, maybe the sisterhood was not the most important part that she had changed. Names have power after all.

"Did she just pledge to you as in the current you." I asked Harmony who was now holding the spare diadem in one hand and pinching the bridge of her nose with the other as Zoe too looked at the other girl on the floor.

"Apparently so."

"You don't seem overly concerned milady." The other newly reappointed Lieutenant asked curiously.

"She is still alive that much is obvious. I would be lying however if I said I was less concerned and more curious of the consequences." Harmony said before reaching across toward the abandoned tray of donuts from earlier.

"You want one, my Lieutenant?" The goddess said picking the box up and offering it towards the demi-Titan who nervously took her up on it even as Thalia lay beside her.

Still of the many powers that Harmony had acquired with her transformation, patience was not one of them.

So, by the time the sugary tray had been cleared by the three of us. (That was to say, Zoe and I had one each and the goddess had eaten all the others) Harmony had gotten bored of waiting and instead chose to dump several hundred gallons of water on the unconscious girl. Whom was initially crushed to the barren floor by several tonnes of liquid before the sound of coughing and sputtering signalled a return to consciousness. Zoe had wisely chosen to get the hades out of the way before Harmony had dropped the fluid.

Slowly but surely, she climbed off the now muddy floor and got onto her hands and knees.

"What happened?" The soaked daughter of Zeus asked her divine sibling whilst looking into her eyes. For a few seconds there was silence as the pair of us in front of her looked back in shock at the now silver pupils in the centre of the electric blue eyes of the other girl.

"Well, it appears that you have become the first Hunter of Harmony." I said simply turning towards the goddess.

"I go back to my earlier statement between you and Tania, you cause me so many headaches." Harmony said groaning.

"Whoops, my bad." Thalia said nervously chuckling at the unintentional change.

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