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The first time Menma noticed her was when they were little kids, she'd been clinging to her dad as they were entered into the academy. Those eyes of such bright innocence had darted around until they found the fourth hokage's daughter. The smile that lit her face was the first thing that made the beast in Menma purr with pleasure. He found himself watching her curiously as she ran to embrace the little pinkette that smile warming the room.

His feet had him moving, away from his mom's comforting arms and towards the two girls. A bright toothy grin painted on his face while he remembered what his best friend Sasuke always said. Stopping in front of them he tried not to flinch away from the cold stare the hero's daughter gave him.

"Hi. My name's Menma, those are my parents." Pointing to where his beautiful red haired mom and blonde dad where he tried not to blush at his moms over activeness. "What's your name? Oh and where is your mom?" Realizing that he was only addressing the blonde he blushed slightly and added, "Oh and of course you're the fourths daughter right? It's Sak or Sayu something right?"

Menma's last expectation had been for the towheaded female to burst into tears, she dropped her head before quickly turning and taking off. The rosette's nose wrinkled in disgust as she practically spat her words at him, anger rolling off of her in waves. "You idiot! Ino-chan's mom is dead!" Turning quickly she took off after the beautiful girl who's innocence Menma was now sure of, calling out her name.

He wasn't sure how long he stood there, but the next thing he was aware of was two people with hair the color of fine ink standing on either side of him. Despite his lack of a known clan he had grown up with the Uchiha's and Hyuga's fostering a close friendship with both Hinata and Sasuke. Turning his face to look at his friends he knew he probably looked heartbroken judging by the expressions on Hinata and Sasuke's faces.

"What'd you do to Ino-chan and the forehead?" The flame that had dulled inside him since the tears had fallen out of those eyes seemed to roar brightly as he realized Hinata knew the beautiful girl. "You know her? Is she nice? Her friend wasn't very nice..." With a pout on his face he waited desperately for Hinata's response. Sadly for the boy the teacher interrupted calling for everyone to pick a seat.

Seated between Hinata whose hand had latched onto his own and Sasuke, Menma found himself fidgeting and looking for the girl named Ino who had apparently returned her friend in tow. Finally spotting them Menma's electric blue eyes widened amused, they were seated in the front row, just in front of their teacher Iruka with some weird boy next to them. The monster inside Menma threatened to revolt, at the sight of the boy turning to Ino to say something, as her face turned red and he watched her grab onto the rosette shyly he felt himself smile until Hinata called his attention back to her.

"Look Sasuke-kun I'm just saying we're gonna be in class together for the next four years at least, try not to anger me or I will punch you through a wall." Her voice soft even with its rough edges seemed to be caught between amusement and annoyance. "Oh come on Hinata! I'll asked was if you'd help me study. I'm not good at this taijustu stuff sheesh." Menma couldn't help but feel amused by Sasuke's signature pout as if he was truly offended. "Hey Hinata-chan, you said you knew Ino and her friend earlier right?"

"Hm? Oh yeah I know Forehead and Ino-chan we all used to play together before Sakura decided she was too good to play with me." Scowling the heiress shook her head. "I wouldn't get involved with Sakura if I was you; she's mean Menma-kun. Ino-chan's nice though, she didn't used to be so shy but when her mom died…" Groaning softly Menma smacked himself in the head, so what Sakura said was true, Ino didn't have a mom. "Menma how do you not remember her? Itachi used to like carry Sakura around and Ino followed them everywhere." Shaking his head Sasuke laughed softly. It seemed Menma's memory sucked, but then everyone knew that.

Almost an hour later Menma was met by a terrifying sight, even Hinata looked uncomfortable at what greeted them at their table. Sakura sat on the table, legs crossed, book in hand and one pink eyebrow arched, it looked as if she had been waiting for them. "Forehead! Get off the table!" Hinata's voice seemed to bring the girl back to her surroundings as she slid off the table, her bottle green eyes turning onto Menma sinisterly. "Look here, Ino-chan is my best friend-" "Only friend." Hinata's voice cut Sakura's off with pure amusement and dark little smile on her lips as Sakura flushed deeply before continuing. "Best friend and I won't have someone like you reminding her that her mom is dead. So either apologize or leave us alone." Turning Sakura stomped off, though not before Menma noticed that tears had coated her eyes turning them waxy.

At the end of the day Menma finally got the shy blonde alone, his big eyes expressing his sorrow as he smiled shyly at her. "Hey look I'm sorry about what I said before…I didn't know." Looking at the ground he realized how terrified the girl looked and frowned. "I won't hurt you…I just want to be friends but I don't think Sakura likes me so if you don't like me either I understand." Turning to walk away Ino called out to him softly, her words tripping over themselves. "I-I'll be your f-friend…"