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Mycroft was furious.

As most who ever met Sherlock would agree, his constant urge to show off his brilliance with his cutting deductions could get him into a big load of trouble.

Such as it has now.

Except it wasn't him in trouble as much as Mycroft and a super secret protective agency. OR according to some, a super secret boy band.

Which of course made Mycroft furious, as now he had to face the director for a sabotaged mission that ended in a lot of unnecessary violence, disrupting civilian lifestyle, all because his brother couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Sherlock, had to go deducing a 'couple'—in public and in the process blew their cover, violating one of the mission's main objectives to keep civilians out of unnecessary violence.
Now there was conflict with Russian embassies as well as American.
Not the best combination, but it certainly could be worst. Of course Mycroft couldn't afford to think that way as he had a country to protect and try to maintain some global stability.

He managed to make a deal with the director; as compensation for sabotaging the mission, Sherlock would be enlisted to help out on the next 5 missions. Whether he liked or not. And while behaving. Also, he had to follow orders, he couldn't just do his own thing and solve the case. He had been thoroughly warned and given precaution that failure to comply would leave him at the mercy of their new drugs with which they could use to make him behave in a more cooperative manner.

If there was one thing Sherlock hated most of all, it was losing control of his own mind. He would rather die. So basically for him it was behave or die.

Shouldn't be too hard if the case isn't too boring.

Apparently, the mission was to capture or interrogate three scientists or find out who they were working for, or what the idea behind their creativity was—also to make sure they know what they were doing.
They were involved in making a new solution that could increase any metal alloy's level of radioactivity, and engineer it to also help reflect/emit gamma wavelengths, once a beam of it had hit it. Thing is, this is the most common type of metal. Pure metal is rarely found, so this metal alloy—which is commonly found just about anywhere in the world—especially in highly populated areas, would conduct these wavelengths with utmost ease, and if not controlled properly, would broadcast all over major cities, countries, basically most of the world—since everyday objects, pins, pens, knives, cars, jewelry, anything could suddenly become a 'satellite for radiation'.
Of course it sounded serious, but the mission itself was just plain ridiculous, and in fact he was sure it was just a great bluff, as he doubted they had access to that kind of technology, and it was a very poor strategy if they were even trying to accomplish something worthwhile.

Since they were fairly well accomplished scientists, thankfully in other works, they had been invited to a gala celebrating great minds, where other people who have done great things for the world in science or innovation were invited to.

The mission was also relatively easy to set up, undercover agents would all attend, and simply find a way to get to these scientists. In fact as most of the agents on this case had some degree of recognition, they mostly all were able to get in without any hacking necessary.

No violence was necessary, in fact it should have been one of the smoothest assignments to take place over the last 2 months.

Sherlock Holmes was mostly put out. At first he relished the idea of a new challenge—a 'super secret' mission. But once given the assignment, which turned out to be absurdly simple, he was once again bored. And put out, because now he had to follow orders which meant they would most likely drag this mission out for as long as possible, following all kinds of protocol and being overly cautious. They even forced him to wear a tie. He knew he was much more capable of finishing this mission within a few minutes, he proved it when he tried to 'surprise John' upon his return to London, but naturally this was his dear brother's way of torturing him. How he must be enjoying it.

As for the gala itself. Well he didn't even need to be undercover, as he had already been invited—apparently his work as a consulting detective had earned him recognition in other less criminally active communities. That was a bit of a relief. And it was mainly aimed towards smart-ish people, not that that gave much consolation, he was still convinced they would most be idiots.

However this did seem like a perfect place for a catastrophe.

Although that thought was certainly a double edged sword as there was equal threat of incineration and radiation-if that was even real (he was more convinced that it could be more of a distraction than an actual plot-as he himself had said only lies have detail) as well as the consequences of Sherlock losing control of his tongue, but fortunately he wasn't stupid enough to do that and had more self control than one gave him credit for. Maybe two years of painstakingly eradicating Moriarty's network had instilled this new patience and discipline.

Needless to say, that did not, in any way, stop him from deducing several guests in his boredom, trying to see if he could find out who else might be the undercover agents working on this caseas while they had already been briefed before the start of the mission, he didn't really get to meet them, he only met Agents Ward and May, so he watched other people trying to find who was on the team and make sure they were somewhat competent.

There was Agent Ward,who most definitely would not be on the scene unless violence ensued or a little bit of extra muscles were necessary. That left the freelance Skye (he still snorted at that ridiculous nickname), another agent that had something to with a chivalry or cavalry or whatever, and an astrophysicist who slightly reminded him of Molly. They were informed there might be another former agent in on this case with their own freelance but nothing else been stated of the matter.
A particularly interesting fellow came in with two women on either side. It would be a perfect cover especially if he's the agent. Out of curiosity and habit, he began deducing him,Trauma to knees, back, evidence of torn muscles, broken ribs, anxiety, has some sort of a guilty complex, possibly due to an unfortunate childhood, probably ties in with his big secret. He is quite rich—he can't have come by that by just being an agent, this must be some sort of family inheritance, again tying back to the unhappy childhood. He has two women by his side, he actually genuinely cares for them but in slightly different ways, the one on his right is more intimate with him, possibly his lover, the one on the left is most likely some sort of support, friend -or mistress—or cover.
Both are petite, brunette, perhaps he is trying to show that he has a certain type .his lover is extremely athletic and active, possibly a gymnast, she is also not afraid to kill ,perhaps trouble with former partners in crime or gangs. His mistress or cover or maybe friend on the other hand is more calm and collected and has a more steady occupation. Some crucially important skill involving her hands, as she constantly holds them and executes everything with sharp, steady, yet delicate precision, as if she often forgets she's either not on duty or not at work. The lover keeps trying to tuck hair behind her ear even though her hair is already in place—some sort of nervous twitch, either trying not to bring attention to an earpiece, whilst trying to make sure its still there, while the friend is pointedly avoiding such contact, instead acting much more casual—or rather—normal, as one can't really be casual in such a formal setting. The other woman intrigued him, he desperately felt the need to look and observe her face, but every single time he only got the vaguest side profile, and it really irritated him. Other than that, his observations made him certain that the man and his friend must be the agents—considering if a former agent was returning-with their own freelance, then evidence of all this man's past injuries and morality would indicate that he must be this experienced former agent, and with his own freelance would look suspicious so he brings two- and at least one would be properly instructed, to make sure every aspect of the act was perfect. They soon disappeared into the crowd and then he resumed searching for other possible agents.

It had been almost 3 hours, and Sherlock felt like he was dying of boredom. He couldn't access his mind palace because that would look weird in public, and specific directions were given to not draw attention whatsoever. Not that it stopped that Sky girl. He inwardly grumbled.

He had managed to sneak in and 'attend' a movie presentation by some hopeless scientist who really thought he could make a difference in space travel. Not really his area, and so having to sit through something of which he had absolutely no knowledge on was also bloody infuriating.

And then finally, FINALLY, there was some activity.

"Heellooo," a voice began in all earpieces, slowly and softly until gradually increasing in volume, "Sorry for that weird start, but I wanted to make sure none of you get startled by suddenly yelling orders into your ear," he smirked, just a little impressed by her consideration, "but anyway, back to business, this would be former Agent Morrigan, reporting as head of this mission, directly under instructions from our beloved director," Agent Morrigan? There was no mention of such a person on their mission. SHE'S the former agent? How could I have been wrong again? There's always something. "I am just going to run through a quick diagnostic and make sure everyone is present and none of our technology is malfunctioning. Ladies, when called please 'adjust your earring and tap it twice with your nail, gentlemen, or at least I hope," he inwardly rolled his eyes at her attempt at humor. It actually reminded him of someone, as well as the quality of the voice, since it was obvious she was putting up a fake accent. "—please tap the area behind your ear, whether behind your lobe or at the junction of your neck and jaw."
After successfully running everyone through the diagnostic, satisfied, she continued "Good, so that's everyone. This is a ridiculously easy mission, I can't be fired because technically I haven't been re- hired," That explains it, but then still, why is she here? At least she's not incompetent and knows just how elementary level this 'mission' is. "—so if you guys manage to muck this up, especially on my holiday, then let's just say Director Fury will be the least of your worries. Hey that rhymed!" At this he visibly rolled his eyes. Apparently there were others in agreement as at least 3 people groaned at that. "well aren't you guys a bubble of sunshine. Okay, Skye and Kyle, I think you both know what to do, you both only get one each, is that understood? Does anyone want to take down the third? Ward? I'm sure if you try to woo him, this mission could be a full out succ-"

"ABSOLUTELY not" There must be a background story to that since she suggested something which is quite obviously something a man like him would definitely not do.

"Honestly where does he find you people, back in my day, no matter how screwed up we were at least we had a sense of humor. Jeez. Anyone else up for it? Lock?" He narrowed his eyes
"why are you targeting me?"
"for reasons that are deep within the private history of this organization"

"Morrigan" came Agent May's voice in warning—he remembered her voice, she had escorted him to their giant aircraft.

"I'm not going to explain, as that is not my tale to tell, but I need a decision now, Lock are you up for it or not?" His interest was peaked, obviously this had something to do with agent May's past, he had observed her already, she was a woman riddled with countless secrets.

"very well, give me data, and the destination and consider it done"

"great, everyone, when you have your scientist, god that sounds wrong, sorry," that further reinforced his recognition; she still reminded him of someone he knew, but he just couldn't place it "when you get them, head to the exit at the back of the building, you'll know which one because the 'T' on the 'EXIT' sign will have half of the LED lights from the bottom half not lit up; there's also a rack of wine right by it, once you go outside, head to the big van that advertises a sky diving simulation, that is our undercover vehicle. It's ridiculously easy so I really hope you don't need it, but good luck anyway guys."

10 minutes later...

"Agent Morrigan, this is Kyle, do you copy"

"Hold on. Okay. Fire away"

"We have all 3, unconscious in the van, what now?"

"Wha-? Un-? Hang on I'm coming"

As she pretended to drunkenly make her way out, to get to them

"All the rest of the agents you can either stay and party and join us back later on or come back now if you're bored stiff, its totally your call, you all know where we are" she spoke said into her microphone/earpiece, then turning to Skye and Kyle, "we should probably give them a couple minutes, but anyway how come they're unconscious?"

"It was a bit hard to convince them so we laced their drinks and then 'helped' them out" explained Skye with air quotations. "well that works fine, at least now they can't accuse us of lying to them" she smirked.

May returned right then, to which she gave a little clap and then assaulted her with a hug. She didn't mind much as this was just how it used to be back when they were partners on the team who literally watched each others backs.

Apparently everyone else had been bored to tears as they were almost all back within 5 minutes. Everyone except the Lock guy...which was weird, she'd have to look into that she made a mental note.

"Well that was quick. OKAY, Hello dear agents, so as you can see...mission was a success." She opened up dramatically rolling her eyes. Most of the agents laughed.

"I am former Agent Morrigan, Agent May was kind enough to relieve Coulson of his duties and let me take his place because I was in the area, and face it, Coulson isn't this funny, what with his protocol and all." she said with air apostrophes, but before May could interrupt she continued "no, i'm kidding he's great, you may not find such a devoted leader of a team ever, he will literally do anything for you guys. Its okay, I can say all this because technically I'm retired! So they can't arrest me for treason or whatever they do now..." Skye held up her 'cyber bangle/handcuff' "you mean this?"

"oh that is cruel! You must have REALLY screwed up. And coulson must also see a lot in you" she gasped at first and then raised her eyebrows. "Anyway, I may pop in in a couple hours to see everyone, Agent May I'll hand it over to you, before I go, I can finally drop this annoying American accent, ah that's better, oh and where's the Lock guy? I really wanted to see him!"


"Lock? I've never met an agent 'lock' before. It seemed cool"

"he should be with us if you do pop in to see us. "

"Don't worry I'll definitely be there, after all I can't leave without saying hello to the old son of Coul. Anyway, I have to get back, whatever you guys do, hope you have fun, unless its murder, anyway, see you soon!"

And she ran back inside with Kyle to rejoin Bruce.

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