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"The year was 1984 when the Incubator conspiracy was discovered. Photos were taken, the masses appalled; aliens between us! A Contract was formed and then everything went to hell…"

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Author Notes:

Was about to sleep when this appeared in my mind and don't wanna forget it.

Just an idea that intend to expand upon once I'm done with Judgment. A "what if" the government learned of the Incubator's existence and the Puella Magi mechanics; you thought they would be outraged? Let's find out!

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Chapter 1 – It's a girl.

The tears fell freely from the eyes of Akemi Maiya as she sobbed loudly in the bathtub; she had known the risks and she had taken them fully convinced that no matter what, they would make it through. But now after having lost her husband and learned the truth from Dr. Hamilton, she was regretting it and so she sobbed, unsure of what to do as the words kept ringing in her head and resonating, torturing her with the words "it's a girl, it's a girl…"

"My god…what am I going to do…" she whispered and kept sobbing at the thought of her daughter ending up in Big Brother's facilities. She shivered as her mind conjured the image of a little black haired girl looking a lot like her screaming at the top of her lungs as the agents plunged several tubes and needles directly into her frail body uncaring about her state as they farmed her for all her worth.

She sobbed quietly for several more hours until she was finally spent and back to her unemotional state. She looked around at her bathtub, little more than a squared and cracked concrete box where she took her occasional baths. Not that they bathed all the time, after all water had become a scarce necessity after the 7th or was it 8th? World War had begun and the American Block had decided to release chemical weapons that poisoned nearly 90 percent of the Asiatic Union's water.

So water had become a resource available only to the highest class citizens while the lower class had to scoundrel whatever they could, even going so far as to kill people for the vital liquid. She stared around at the bathroom, a wooden room with peeled white paint that exposed the rotten wood beneath, a cracked mirror by the basin which was little more than a plastic recipient she had managed to buy after her raise and the ever present camera of Big Brother watching her from the corner of the room, the red flash blinking menacingly towards her. She was thankful the bathtub was one of the few places the camera didn't have direct access too as her husband had strategically positioned it so that it would be a small safe haven from Big Brother's prying eyes. Not that there was much privacy, Big Brother punished severely anyone that tried to evade the camera's eye by taking them to the Ministry of Love, where rebellious citizens were 'reconditioned' if they ever returned at all…but thankfully it was enough for them to see the body and so the bathtub enabled Maiya to hide her face and rest a little from the constant grin she had to display to the outside world. It was little but she felt thankful for it.

'I could abort her but…' her eyes filled with tears again at the thought of killing her daughter; the only remnant of hers and Kiritsugu's love. She felt she couldn't live with herself after doing that to a poor and innocent baby, 'but dying like that would be better than living under Big Brother's shadow…' she thought conflicted. She knew she wouldn't be able to kill her and so, sighing loudly, she forced the 'mask' in her face as she became her smiling persona again and got out of the bathtub to prepare for the day to come.

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

14 years later…

"Where did she go!? Must not have gone very far" mused a tall and heavily built man dressed in a gray military uniform. Grey pants, black and heavy military boots with metallic tips which were not just for show as she had learned, painfully. A bulletproof vest in their chest along with black goggles and gas mask as he talked with another equally dressed man. Anyone that saw them wouldn't have noticed anything strange, two men with blue eyes and black cropped hair so similar that they were twins. The truth was much darker…

She stared at every corner of the crumpled storehouse looking for an escape route. She knew that going to the Docks alone was a stupid idea but the news of a huge truck with the merchandise had been too tempting to ignore and so she had come only to be surrounded by agents. To her right was a set of stairs which she could climb if she managed to somehow evade her persecutors and several windows she could break to escape. The danger was that they could have positioned guards on the other side and the noise of the broken glass would alert them and ruin everything. To her left she saw the storehouse's main cargo door from which trucks with the 'imported product' came over to release their cargo; the truck was already there but it had two other heavily armed guards she would need to overpower if she was to escape through that route, that was without considering the armed guards that would most probably be waiting outside.

Sighing she decided to take the stairs; she felt angry at herself for failing to secure the cargo and having to flee like a coward, 'but better that than dying like a fool' she thought grimly as she thought a step and to her horror she knocked a can which rolled through the floor with a loud metallic clank.

"There she is!" shouted one of the men while pointing in her direction.

"Shit!" she shouted as she readied her trusted Beretta M9, a rusty and old model she had 'procured' after beating the living daylights out of a drunk man and that she had served well in her purposes. The gun made a loud clank noise as she threw caution to the wind and shot at the man approaching her general direction. The bullet impacted on his shoulder and he gave a loud groan clutching his arm and falling to the ground.

The second man raised his gun and pointed in her general direction. Her eyes widened as she made a run towards another set of wooden boxes just in time as an explosion behind her indicated the boxes had been incinerated.

The fire stopped momentarily as she listened for any indication of attack; the man seemed to believe he had killed her and she sighed in relief. She heard the sound of footsteps. 'So they'll check just to be sure…' she grinned to herself as she got a hold of her clock and pulled a file silvery string from it, almost one meter of silk that she carefully held between her hands as she squirmed while trying to not be noticed. She saw them, two men approaching carefully, dressed in exactly the same suits as the others; one passed close to her, his boots indicating he was approaching, 'closer, just a little more…'. The man stood inches from where she was hiding while she looked at the other man on the other side of the place, obscured by wooden boxes.

She took her chance and before he managed to even turn around she grabbed the string and put it around his neck while pulling. The string bit deeply against his skin as it left a long gash and the man made gagging noises of pain as she turned him around and getting the attention of the other agent that turned to see her pulling a heavily bleeding agent against her body.

Not thinking twice the other agent shot in her general direction as she had expected of them and she let go of her hostage while pushing him in the general direction of the blast. The agent didn't even have chance to scream as the blast hit him straight in the chest and he exploded in a shower of blood. Taking her chance she aimed her Beretta directly and shot the agent in front of her, one, two, three times as the bullets connected in the agent's chest and face. He slumped to the ground dead.

'Three done for, one left' she thought as she waited to hear about the other agent and she saw the boxes covering the agent she had just shot explode in a rain of splinters. 'So he has chosen to blow everything huh' she mused as she made a run for it and running amongst the boxes she made her way towards the agent's back as he shouted nervous on his communicator.

"Code red, repeat, code red" he shouted desperate but stopped after he found a bullet lodged in the back of his head. He slumped to the ground while the girl smirked at her achievement.

Storing the Beretta in her bag, 'only 7 bullets left…' Homura Akemi walked quickly towards the truck. She was dressed in a black leather outfit, combat boots and a leather jacket her most distinctive characteristics along with a belt filled with a wide assortment of tools. She was all black which suited her perfectly to be less conspicuous along with only a delicate ornate square silver clock in her hand which shined to her, indicating information in a runic language which only she could read. To protect her identity, a white and simplistic Fawkes mask adorned her face.

'I don't have much time, the agents will be here in any moment' she thought as she moved quickly to the truck, a huge metal bulletproof monster that reminded her of the ones that used to carry money once, a long time ago…

Taking her clock in her hand she pressed several buttons of the digital display and the clock opened like a jigsaw puzzle, releasing to her a small wire with a connector she plunged to the truck's electronic safe lock mechanism.

"Open" she ordered to her clock and the device started whirring to life as it introduced several sequences of numbers and words until it sat on one. The safe lock mechanism blinked green for a moment and the cargo was released.

Inside the truck were close to twenty girls strapped to several monitoring devices which thankfully weren't as heavily drugged as she had feared. Luckily the area wasn't as heavily warded as the Capitol and as such she wouldn't need to carry them.

Moving quickly Homura grabbed a knife and cut the restraints while doing her best to not touch the devices. Even if her clock had deactivated them, the devices were programmed to kill the host if someone unauthorized tampered with it and she didn't want to take any risks. Instead she reconnected her clock and gave out the order "Release" and the devices automatically released the cargo.

"Who…are you?" said one of the girls while still shivering from the impression and not completely trusting her black haired savior.

"Someone that wants to help. Now we don't have much time, outside the door there are several heavily armed guards but if you go to the northwest you might be able to bypass most of them." she heard the sound of sirens and footsteps which indicated the reinforcements where coming. "Now run run!" she shouted to which all the girls ran as fast as they could.

Homura instead made it to the stairs and broke a window as she threw a black round object that generated a smoke screen that she used to escape. The agents shot blindly at the source but thankfully she managed to get away in time. She only saw from the distance as the girls ran for their lives and the agents shot at them, incinerating those that they managed to reach.

Homura sighed, despite her efforts she knew many wouldn't make it alive and would have to live hunted like animals for the rest of their briefs existences. She also would need to go undercover for several days until the agents stopped coming to the area and the threat was forgotten, she hated to do so. 'But oh well, this is the fate of a Puella Magi…'

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End Notes:

I suppose you already know what happened but explanations are in order…someday.