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Meeting Her Needs
Chapter: Two

I drove my sleepy beautiful dancer to her dorm. When I pulled up to the building, I find myself strangely upset to see that the door was still open. As I look around, I see a lot of people around, and it appears as if they're having a party. There are cups and apparently drunk college co-eds everywhere. I let out a sigh knowing that there must have been a party and it's now winding down. I wonder if Bella knew about this, or if this was this all a part of her dorm-mates plan.

I look at Bella and push her hair from her eyes. "Beautiful, sweetie you're home."

She moans at me in response. I unbuckle myself and lean over her speaking softly in her ear. "Beautiful, my sweet, you're going to have to wake up so I can get you inside." Unable to stop myself, I place a soft kiss on the side of her face and watch as her eyes open slowly, looking into mine. "There you are, Beautiful, and just like sleeping beauty, you needed a kiss to wake up."

I watch as a smile, and blush come over her face. "Thank you, for the lift home, Edward."

I nod my head at her. "Can I have your cell number?" I look right at her as I ask.

I watch as her beautiful blush deepens on her face and she nods her head at me handing me her cell. I take it from her putting my number—well all my numbers in it, before calling myself so that I have hers.

"I don't have very much time on my phone, it's pre-paid and I plan to put some more on there after I get my next check, but if you call I'll answer."

"Beautiful, I would really like to see you again and take you out for dinner. I've enjoyed our talk." Her blush deepens even more and she bites her lip.

I chuckle at just how red she has gotten, when I hear her clear her throat. "I'd really like that, but I am working this weekend at Starbucks, the one down from the college. I'm at college all week and work there also begins this week. Most of my free time will be taken up with study groups and tutoring, but I am free Wednesday night and next Friday."

I smile at her. "Okay, I can work around that. I'll give you a call and arrange something special."

I'm already making plans in my head to see her at her place of work. "Stay there, please," I say before jumping out of the car and opening her door. I help her out and she goes to take off my jacket.

"Beautiful, keep it on, I'll get it from you later."

She shakes her head at me. "No, um ... my things go missing or turn up ruined around here a lot. I think it's because I'm new, but anyway ... I'd hate for anything to happen to your jacket. I don't have the money to replace it."

I frown at her, taking the jacket. I look toward the dorm and I'm angered over my thoughts. I'm positive that the party was her dorm-mates doing. I'm sure they wanted her to come home and see the party. This was no surprise party; this was to show Bella that they were excluding her. My brain is quickly trying to work on how mean these girls are to her. She's only been here a month.

I feel her hand touch mine and I look at her. "Thank you, for tonight."

She stands on her tip toes and places a soft kiss on my cheek. Before I can respond, she's moving away from me. I keep my eyes on her the whole time. It saddens me to see her almost curl into herself as she moves around the stragglers that are still outside. For the next few minutes I fight the strong urge that I have to run in there and take her home with me. I calm myself before getting back in my car and driving away.

I arrive at my home and head straight to my office. I pick up my phone and call Jenks, he picks up after a few rings.

"Hello, Jenks here." I can hear his tired voice on the other end.

"Jenks, its Edward Cullen here. I want you to check someone out for me."

I hear him moving around. "Yes sir, I am ready for the details."

"Swan, Isabella Marie. Date of birth is September thirteenth of ninety-four. Attends UW, but just transferred from Harvard, where she attended classes in 2010 and 11. Father is Chief, Charlie Swan of the Forks City Police Department. Step-mother is Sue Swan, previous last name unknown, they married in 2011. Birth Mother Renee, unsure of last name is remarried as of 2008 to a minor league baseball player. His name is Phil and I am unsure of what team. Isabella works at Starbucks and does tutoring and on campus work. She has a partial scholarship, but at Harvard she had a full ride. There was an altercation with a student whose parents are high up on the food chain around Harvard, which pushed her to transfer. That is all information I have, I want you to find out everything on everyone."

I hear a few hums. "I should have everything for you early next week."

I let out a sigh. "Just get it as soon as you can, Jenks." I hang up the phone and rub my face.

It isn't long before my painful erection is really bothering me. To become a good Dom, you must start off learning both sides. As a submissive you learn to hold off your pleasure and control your orgasms. I pride myself at being good at holding off my pleasure. Even when it has been most difficult I'm able to overcome. But this want for her is so strong. The ache is so different. I'm uncomfortable with the pain now. Standing up, I head for my shower room.

Standing under the water I allow the images of my beautiful girl dancing fill my mind. The way she gracefully and smoothly moved, swaying back and forth. The way that her hands lightly stroked the air around her, it's like I can feel her lightly stroking my cock. I envision myself moving back behind her. I love the feel of the weight of her leg as she puts it over my shoulder. I bend my knees and push my cock deep inside of her. With a hand on the wall behind her, I balance myself enough to thrust my seed deep inside her tight pussy. I scream out her name and watch as my seed circles with the water going down the drain.

Bella is still pretty much on my mind still today. She was on my mind all night and I even had to jerk off again this morning. Like last night, the images of Bella took me to a place I've never felt before. After another shower I send Bella a quick text.

Hello, Beautiful. How are you this morning? Please take some Tylenol with a full glass of water. Edward~

It's a few minute later when her reply come through, I find myself smiling as I open it.

Good Morning, Edward. I'm taking the Tylenol and water right now, thank you. Other than a small headache, I'm fine. If I didn't say it last night, I'd like to thank you for a good night. How are you? Bella x

I reach my car and get in, I send off one last text before heading to work.

Glad to hear it, Beautiful, hope your head clears up soon. Take the Tylenol every four hours until it stops hurting. I'm well, and off to work now. I Hope you have a good day, Beautiful. Edward~

I don't look at my cell again until I'm at work, and I am happy to see that Bella has texted me again.

I'm pleased to say that after taking the Tylenol, I had a bath and something to eat. The headache seems to be wearing off already. However, I will take some more at my allowed time. I hope you have a good day at work too, Edward. I am heading off for my morning class now, so I will have to switch my cell off. Thank you, again for last night and this morning too. Bella x

I smile at my phone. This girl just keeps intriguing me more and more. I know she's not a submissive, but her replies via texting are better than some people who've been submissives' for years. My bottom lip curls over my teeth, as I try not to over think this. Right now, I need to be her friend and gain her trust. We can get to understand more about her natural submissive behavior later.

It's Sunday and I am heading to my parents house for Sunday dinner. Bella and I have been texting, but I haven't spoken to her since Thursday night. I've driven past her work and it was hard to not just to go in and talk with her. But I decided to keep away, 'til Jenks came back to me with the information I asked for. It's been surprisingly harder than what I thought it would be.

I arrive exactly at four o'clock, and as I walk to the door, I see my mom standing there.

"Hello, Mom," I say hugging her and placing a kiss on her head.

Mom moves to the side and lets me in. "At least one of my children knows good time keeping skills." I look at her and laugh. I have never been late a day in my life, it just isn't something that I can do.

"I take it I'm the first and only one here so far?" my mom nods her head at me as she walks to the kitchen. As soon as she gets there, she beings multitasking.

"Mom, what can I do to help? I'm your humble servant." I take my jacket of and roll up my shirt sleeves, as mom laughs.

"See, this is why you're my favorite." She passes me the salad stuff and I begin chopping. "How has your week been, any word on a new sub?" I smile a little.

"No, not yet, just," I let out a sigh. "They're all pretty much the same. The truth is, I don't know what I am looking for ..." I shake my head as Bella face comes to mind and I know fine and well that it's her I want. "Well I met someone on Thursday, she's not really a sub but ..." I trail of unsure how to say what I feel.

"But what, do you want her to be your sub? Or do you want more with her and think your lifestyle will scare her off?"

I look at my mom shaking my head, trying to calm her before mother bear comes out. "She came into the club, she knows what I am. She doesn't know much about the BDSM lifestyle, but I know that she's not scared off by it."

As I look at my mom, I see she's frowning. "So what's the problem? If she was at your club then ... maybe it's something she's interested in."

I close my eyes and shake my head. I proceed to tell her almost everything from the moment she walked in, 'til I had her in my arms. I even told her of my unwillingness to let her go and all our texting since.

"Oh, honey, I'm sure it'll work out for you. She sounds like she has her head screwed on right, even if her life seems more than a little unsettling."

I stop what I am doing and look at my mother. "But she's a virgin. I've never been with one. Shouldn't someone's first time be with somebody they love—someone that loves them the same? Isn't that what every girl dreams about?"

My mother blushes a little over the territory our talk has lead too, but still she gives me her mom smile. I know she'll answer anything I ask of her, no matter how embarrassing it is.

"That doesn't have to be a problem. Honestly, it's good to hear that a young girl of twenty-one still has her virtue intact. I know nowadays, most never wait until marriage or they find their true love. I have a feeling you may care about her already, Edward. You know to find a true love at her age isn't unheard of, but it's not a common thing either. I know that I was one of the lucky ones. But you know if she was to be with you that way, I'm sure that you'll make it wonderful—a first time worth remembering."

I swallow hard. I'm a little rattled by talking to my mom about sex. Then I feel sadness come over me, when I realize she doesn't know that my beautiful girl is only eighteen.

"She's only eighteen, Mom," I say as I look down. I'm unable to see what she thinks of me wanting such a younger girl.

I feel mom's hand touch my face. "I know my boy, I know you well enough to know that you are a good person. From what you've told me, she may be eighteen physically, but she is much older in maturity. She doesn't sound like she's had much of a childhood, even worse than what I first thought. I trust you and if—when she becomes part of your life, if it be a friend, a submissive, a girlfriend, or all three, I will stand by you. I may not fully understand what you do, but I do know that you would never hurt anyone. Even more so, you are my son and I love you just the way you are."

I smile at her and hug her close to me.

"Right now, I want to get to know her. Getting to know her as a friend first is important to me. There's a large part of me that wants her as my submissive, but the need to know her is greater."

My mom lets me go and begins to work on the meal again. "That sounds like a good start, son. You do need to get to know her. Show her there are other sides of you, beside the Dominant you are. Help her become an independent and strong woman. Maybe then she will become what you want and need her to be."

I smile at her again and hear the front door open as some of the others have arrived ... one hour late I may add.

"Thank you, Mom," I whisper and she gives me a wink.

"Hey, Mom, I am here where's the food. How long until dinner? And what can I eat now?"

Mom rolls her eyes. "Emmett, stop shouting. Dinner will be ready in half an hour and, NO you can't have something else to eat until then. You'll have to wait. If you were here at four like I asked you to be, you would've been able to have some appetizers, but you weren't, so tough."

I laugh as Emmett pouts at the kitchen door.

"But, Mommy, it was Rosie, she took ages to get ready. I told her," Emmett whines in his childish voice, but is cut off by Rose slapping him.

"It's Mom, Emmett, not Mommy, you're not three. How about we let Dean be the baby, besides it was you that held us back. You wanted to watch the game." Emmett glares at Rose, before leaving the kitchen mumbling to himself.

"Sorry we're late, Mom, hello, Edward." Rose smiles at mom giving her a kiss, then walks forward giving me a kiss on the cheek too.

"How are you, Edward?"

I smile at her. "I'm good, Rose, thanks. You?"

Rose nods her head. "I'm good, but before you ask Dean is not here tonight, he is with my parents. Oh, and I heard a rumor about you," she says coyly.

I look at her frowning. "You did? What was that?"

Rose grins at me. "Well, word has it, that you had a stunning young woman in your office all night on Thursday. She arrived early and didn't leave until closing time—with you. I don't quite believe it, because I was also told she was beautiful. They said she could very well be compared to the likes of my beauty, and we all know that's not possible."

I shake my head at Rose's, kind-of-joke. Rose is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met, and most men and women feel this way. A few years ago, for some unknown reason, she got the whole mirror, mirror, on the wall, evil witch tag. Rose being Rose, found it funny, and now plays into it, so the rumor is in full swing.

I look back at her. "Heidi?" I ask with a raised eyebrow and Rose nods her head at me.

"Yep, she was mouth wide open at the salon, with her fan-club of bitches in heat, all paying rapt attention. So who was she? Better yet, when do we meet her?"

I shake my head at Rose. "She's not like that, I was helping her out. Her dorm roommates sent her to my club as a mean trick, and it was her birthday."

Rose frowns at me then smirks. "Sure, she may not be like that now, but I'm more than sure you'll work your prince charming charm, and," Rose snaps her fingers, "she'll be your new friend. I want warning if you're brining her here and for the love of God, warn her about me. I really can't deal with another crying episode."

I shake my head and roll my eyes at Rose. Around the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I had a submissive, Gianna. She was nice, but she was a little on the dim side. She was twenty-six and had some strong views on poverty. Rose had enough, and when Gianna said that there was no reason for people to be given hand-outs, it made Rose angry. Gianna didn't stop there, she also stated there were a lot of jobs people could get and do. She claimed everyone should pay their own way, even if took three jobs. Rose lost all patients with her and bluntly told her she had no idea what she was talking about. While that was putting it nicely, Gianna end up in tears. It was the following weekend Gianna and I brought our time together to an end.

I move away from the memory and start to set the table as my dad, Jasper, and Alice all arrive.

"Sorry, Mom, there was a sale and I just had to go. It was amazing, you really should see what all I got." Alice bounces into the kitchen, I real don't understand why the hell she can't walk like a normal person. I swear, I've known this girl my whole life and I still don't get her. She and I are twins, but we are polar opposites of each other. We are like Yin and Yang. I look at Jasper as he walks in kissing mom on the cheek.

"Jasper, I'd like a word in private, if you have the time?"

Jasper looks to me and nods his head. "Jeez, Edward, you've known Jazz for years now. You don't have to be so polite all the time."

I frown at Alice.

"Seriously, would it kill you to go, 'Hey Jazz, my man, yo, need a word, pronto'?" I hear the others laugh at Alice's imitation of a hip-hop gangster voice.

"I tell ya da four-one-one, Ally-Bally-Bee-Rad, I'll bez talkin like dis fo one month. Alls ya gotsta doez is hands me over all da credit-cards an cash to Rosie to looks after and ya can'tz be goesin shoppin fo one WHOLE week?"

Alice looks at me and slowly pales. "Fine, but it will need to be at the end of the month, next week Neiman Marcus is doing their big clearance sale."

Rose laughs. "Alice, that week is when Bloomingdale's gets there autumn clothes in."

Alice taps her mouth with her finger. "Yeah, that is right, okay, I'll get back to you about what week will work for me."

I nod my head and smile. "Yes, Alice, you get back to me."

I see that the others are trying hard not to laugh at us. Alice is completely oblivious to them chuckling behind her and begins to make small talk with Rose.

Mom and I finish setting the table as everyone else takes their seats. Once we are done, I pull her seat out allowing mom to sit. I look around the table and see that the rest have already begun to eat. I frown, handing my mom the dish with the potatoes in it.

"Would it kill you to at least wait until everyone is sitting, before you begin eating dinner?"

Everyone turns looking at mom and me.

"Sorry, Momma, it's just your dinners are so good, and you know Rosie can't cook. I have to wait a whole week to eat your great meals. You know, if you cooked my dinner for me each night, I would wait on Sundays for you to sit." I look to Emmett who talks while continuing to stuff his face the whole time. I roll my eyes as mom pats my hand, as I feel Rose lean toward me.

"Don't worry, next Sunday Emmett will be last to start eating." I turn my face a little to her, seeing she has that evil glint in her eyes. I chuckle a little knowing that Emmett's non-filter has gotten him into trouble with Rose, which in turn, means no orgasms for Emmett. Rose has the whole sex punishment thing down great now, if she was a Domme she be a damn great one.

We all eat the dinner and talk a little. After getting the okay, I take Jasper in to dad's office to talk to him about Bella.

"I wanted to ask about a student that attends your college."

Jasper looks taken back by my statement. "Edward, I can't discuss a student with you, you know that."

I hold my hands up. "Jasper, I just wanted to ask your thought or rather opinion on her that's all." I pull my hair and let out a sigh. "She came into the club on Thursday. She's a transfer student and it was her birthday. Her roommates thought it would be fun to send her to my club."

Jasper looks at me confused.

"Jasper, I swear, I was just going to tell her to go, but fuck, she is so beautiful. I found myself asking her questions. When she told me she just turned eighteen, I should've told her to leave, but I couldn't. I wanted to know ... know why she was so ... sad. I think she's having a hard time with her roommates, and Jasper, I don't think she's the kind to complain about it."

Jasper closes his eyes nodding his head. "Just a smidge over five foot, real toned, long brown hair, Isabella Swan?"

I nod my head at him.

"I talked to her, it was a requirement. That girl has been through a lot. I knew they had picked on her when she was in high school ... there was this one girl ..."

I look at him holding back a growl. "Jessica?"

Jasper smiles and rubs his face. "I still don't get how you do that. How you get me to tell you things I'm not meant to share."

I shrug my shoulder at him and he lets out a breath.

"I can't talk about what I see and hear when doing my job, but I can tell you what I've seen or heard when I've been off duty."

I smile and nod my head at Jasper, knowing that he's giving me what he can.

"Isabella is quiet and keeps to herself. She doesn't seem to have much passion about college or anything related to college. It's like someone held a gun to her head and forced her to attend. She's smart, really smart. A lot smarter than what she thinks she is. Her teacher's all rave about her and the level of work she turns in. She's polite, well-spoken, and does everything that is asked of her, nothing more. She seems to be a complete loner. However, I saw her last week and she was helping out the youth group that Alice donates time too. She was entertaining some of the younger teenage kids. She was really different there; more alive than I ever saw her at college."

I nod my head again, and think over the one thing I want to know. I doubt he'll tell me, but his reactions alone will tip me off. "Do you think she has been abused and neglected?"

Jasper's body language screams to me as he clears his throat and looks to his hands. "So, was there anything else that you wanted to know that I can answer?"

"Nope, that pretty much sums up what I already knew and thought."

I arrive at the club a little after nine. I get there to see Mike and Katie in the middle of their performance. I stand and watch their scene. I nod once to the bartender and he sends Tanya over to me with a glass of Scotch. I take the drink from Tanya without looking at her.

"Sir, I was wondering if I could have a word with you in private at you earliest convenience?"

I keep my eyes forward. "What's it about? Do you need time off?"

I hear her clear her throat a few times, but I still don't look her way. "It's a private matter, Sir, and it will only take a few minutes.

I clap as Mike and Katie wrap things up and then I turn looking at Tanya. "Come with me now. We can talk in my office." I walk ahead of her and open my office door. I walk around my desk taking off my jacket. "Please have a seat Tanya, and tell me what is on your mind."

I look at her again to see the she has a flush to her face, and is wiggling in her seat. I groan knowing what she is thinking and is about to ask me. Tanya takes on her submissive role and looks to the floor.

I decide to play stupid and hurry her up, so I can get her out of my sight. "Tanya, either tell me what it is or leave. I don't have time to try and read your mind."

Tanya closes her eye then opens them. "Well, Sir, I see that your name is up in four weeks to do a scene. I also noticed that you have yet to put down the name of your submissive. I was wondering ... I'd like to do the scene with you. I thought that we could take the next four weeks to get to know each other, and then maybe you'd see how submissive this girl could be for you. Maybe you won't want to let this girl go."

I rub my face, letting out a sigh. "Tanya, I've told you before that I don't do scenes with staff."

I see her smirk and she cuts me off. "Then I'll quit. It's not like I need this job."

I hold back the anger I feel, that she has interrupted me. Her interruption alone is proof that she is not the submissive for me, not to mention her attitude. I've had to turn away many people who've needed a job and for her to simply act so arrogant. The fact that she states she doesn't need her job, may end up backfiring on her.

"Tanya, if you'd let me finish what I was saying." I give her a look that would silence even the dumbest person. "I do not do scenes with staff, and even if you were not a staff member I still wouldn't do a scene with you. Where I know that the Dom's you've been with do speak very highly of you, I don't think we would mesh well together. Furthermore, if you'd like to quit, put in your two-week notice now and I will get to looking for a suitable replacement. I'm quite sure filling the position won't be hard, so I could actually have you relieved of your duties before then if the need arises."

Tanya lets out a small huff. "No Sir, I would like to keep my job. Sir, I just know we could be so good together. I really like you, Sir. I've kind of had a crush on you, from the beginning. Since I've gotten to know you, my feelings have increased. I'd really like to serve you. I can be anything you want me to be, just tell me how you want me to act. I can look young and even be like that plain little girl child, you took an interest in the other night."

I push the seat away from my desk. "That right there, Tanya, is exactly why we'll never work. I want my submissive to be who they already are. I don't like it when someone pretends to be something different than which they really are. You should be happy with whom you are Tanya, not try to be someone or something you are not. I would not be a good Dom if I forced you to completely change. The fact is, we just won't work. Where I'm flattered that you've taken an interest in me, I'm sorry to say that I don't return that interest in you."

Tanya shakes her head. "But you don't know me. If you would just take the time and stop running from me ... look, I know that I'm one of the hottest females in the club. I can see that alone has you on edge. If I was with you, I'd be true, I wouldn't fuck anyone else. I can handle the media that surrounds your life, and with me on your arm, the photos would be hot. Every guy would want what you have: money, looks, and a sexy woman on your arm. I could complete you. I'm not asking you to love me, I'd be happy with what you can provide for me. With you as my partner, I would have the Cullen name, the access, the money, and you get me, the best submissive and sexiest, beautiful woman around. I'll do whatever you need me to do. I'll be a fulltime submissive for you."

I shake my head at her. It seems that the bitch doesn't get it. I have no idea why she thinks she can speak to me in this manner, but she is hanging herself. "Tanya, I said NO! I tried to be nice and that hasn't worked. So hear this and hear it LOUD AND CLEAR! It is plain, simple, and harshly to the point—ONE ..." I shout holding up a finger. "I don't like the media or having my photo taken. I would like the person I am with to support and understand that. Two ..." I say holding up a second finger. "If I was to marry, it would be for love, not for what I felt my wife could add to me. Three ..." I say holding up a third finger. "I don't want a fulltime submissive. If I was to marry, I would want the whole person not just a part of her. Four ..." I say holding up a fourth finger. "You bore me—to tears half the time. I cut off your voice, because it annoys me. I would fall asleep or fire you if I didn't ignore you. Five ..." I say holding up a fifth finger. "I'm sorry, but I don't find you sexy—at all. I would say you're pretty, but quite honestly, that's pushing it. Six ..." I say as I hold up a sixth finger.

Tanya holds up her hand sniffing. "I get it! I get it, but you went with Gianna and she's stupid"

I roll my eyes at her. "I said that you bore me, not that you're stupid, Tanya. Where Gianna may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed at times, she didn't bore me. I could talk with her a lot longer than I could ever talk to you. There's a lot more for me to list on why I will never have you as a submissive. Shall I tell you them?"

Tanya shakes her head at me and gets up walking out of my office. I'm hoping that has put her hopes to an end. I really don't want to fire her, even though she just pissed me off beyond belief, she does draw in a crowd.

The rest of Sunday and Monday came and went. Tanya stayed away from me and has moved on to Stefan it seems. She made a point of letting me know this, before I left work today. I'm on my way to Jenks' office, he called earlier to say that he's gotten most of the information I requested. I arrive at his office and he leaves the file for me to look over as he personally gets me a cup of coffee.

Opening the folder, I start scanning through the papers inside.

Name: Isabella Maria Swan

D.O.B: September 13th, 1994

Work: Starbucks – average of 25 hours a week $7.50 per hr.

Dom: None known

Bank: First Direct - Balance as of September 17th, 2012: $103.82

Convictions: None

Arrests: None

College: UW transferred from Harvard.

Medical History: Allergy to peanuts.

Notes regarding college and medical history: There really was not much on the girl. Most professors say that she is a hard worker and is really quiet.

Isabella doesn't seem to know many people here in Seattle. The few that did know her by name, didn't have very nice things to say about her. My personal feelings, they were being cruel and thought of her as boring or geeky. It seems to all come mainly from a girl she went to school with, a Miss Jessica Stanley, in Forks, Washington.

At her last College, Harvard, there seems to have been an event that caused a lot of uproar. The board and others seem to have eliminated almost all traces of it. It involves another student named Paul Lahote. His father works for the Massachusetts Board of Education, and is pretty high up in the standings there. I'm still looking into this, but Isabella's medical records show that she was badly hurt. She had some broken ribs, a cut to her face, and some other minor scratches and bruising. Things turned a bit ugly for her and it looks as if she was the victim of bullying after this injury. I'll send you the information as soon as I have it.

Mother: Renee Lynn Dwyer

D.O.B: April 23rd, 1974

Work: None

Married to: Phillip Mark Dwyer

D.O.B: March 1st, 1987

Work: Minor League Baseball player for the Suns.

Salary: 6,752,000 with endorsements and stocks in club.

Married on: September 14th, 2011

Bank: Wells Fargo

Balance: $28,849 in available funds plus several stocks, bonds and securities as of September 17th, 2012.

Father: Charles 'Charlie' John Swan

D.O.B: November 5th, 1974

Work: City of Forks, Chief of Police.

Salary: $96,364-yearly

Married to: Suzanne Annette Clearwater-Swan

D.O.B: August 22nd, 1975

Work: Newton's Dinner

Salary: $400 per week, Works Monday through Friday 6am-2pm.

Two dependents.

Daughter: Leah Michelle Clearwater

D.O.B: September 12th, 1994

Absent Parent: Harry Pear (whereabouts unknown.)

Work: None

Education: Currently a Senior at Forks High School

Son: Seth Clearwater

D.O.B: June 20th, 1997

Absent Parent: Harry Pear (whereabouts unknown.)

Work: None

Education: Currently a Sophomore at Forks High School

Family Bank: First National Bank of Forks

Charles—Personal Account: $13,300

Suzanne's—Personal Account: $8,227

Joint Account: $10,980

Leah's Account: $3,679 (There is a direct deposit made Monthly into this account from the payroll system of the Forks Police Department in the name of Charles Swan, in the amount of $500.)

Seth's Account: $1,678 (There is a direct deposit made Monthly into this account from the payroll system of the Forks Police Department in the name of Charles Swan, in the amount of $500.)

I shake my head, this guy gives money to his step-children, but allows his only daughter—his only birth child to think that he does not have very much money and can't give her anything—not even a gift on her birthday. I sigh before I read on.

Notes regarding the parents: Her mother has life insurance and a will; everything is left to her current husband in the event of her death. Her father has a similar policy, but his beneficiaries are divided between his current wife and her two children. I went to Forks to see the family, and was a little troubled by the fact that the father doesn't have any pictures of Isabella. When I asked about his family and dependents, he never said her name or that he had a child currently in college. The only children he mentioned at all were that of his current wife's.

I have been unable to pin point Isabella's mother, but when I look over all the phone records, it seems that Isabella is the one that maintains and initiates any and all contact with her parents.

I look to the door as Jenks' walks in holding to cup of coffee in his hand.

"Not a pretty read, is it? From what I can ascertain, they have no viable reason to treat her like the black-sheep of the family, yet they do. I'll say this, I am certain a bastard would be more welcome at a family reunion than this girl has ever really felt in her own parent's homes. Sadly, she still strives and is eager to have their approval."

I nod my head at him. "I want to know what went down at the college—find out everything. Keep an eye on her 'family', all of them."

Jenks' nods his head at me, and I finish my coffee putting, down his payment and picking the file back up before leaving.

It's Wednesday and after a restless night of sleep, I get up. Unlike every morning before today, I am unable to jack off. The whole night I found myself becoming more and more angry and sad over Bella's mistreatment by her family. I get up and dressed and head out to find Bella.

The first place I try is the local library, knowing that she spends much of her time here. Through texting I found out that Jessica had, "accidently," spilled water on Bella's laptop. While it was getting fixed, she's had to use the library's computers this week. I walk in and walk around the tables. I can't stop the grin that comes over my face. I see her at a table with her head stuck in a book, and many others laid out all around her. As I approach her desk, I frown at the book she is reading.

"Hello, Miss Swan. I don't think you'll find very much about becoming a lawyer in that particular book. After all, it is purely garbage," I say, pointing to the book in her hands.

She smiles at me, and then I watch the blush come over her face as she shakes her head. "I was having a little break. I want ... wanted to know more about BDSM and you." Bella bites her lip and I can't help but scan her over with my eyes.

"Beautiful, I am pleased to hear you want to know more about BDSM and me. If I'd known you wanted to know more, or read about it, I would've recommended a few books for you. The ABC's of BDSM, is not the best of book to look at. It's filled with inaccurate information and written by someone who is not and never will be good at this lifestyle."

Bella's face becomes sad as she places the book down.

"Beautiful, please don't frown, you have a beautiful smile. This isn't the right place for you to find information on my lifestyle. If you're done with your studying, I could take you someplace where you can find better books about it, and maybe join me for lunch?"

She nods her head and gives me another shy, but beautiful smile. I help her to clean up her books. After putting ones away that she didn't need, and checking out a book she did need, we're ready to leave. I take her books from her and hold them in one hand and I hold out my other for her to hold. I feel tingles as her small hand clasps my much larger one. I wink at her and walk out of the library door with her.

I walk her to my car and settle her in the passenger seat, before dropping her bag and books in the trunk. I get in the driver's seat and smile at Bella. "Ready Beautiful?"

She nods her head at me and smiles. I know, seeing that smile, no matter what, I need her to be a part of my life. There is something about her. I just can't figure out why her parents don't seem—from my point of view—to worry or care about her.

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