Hiya! This is my second fanfic!

A warning. This has some boy/boy implied.

None of these characters belong to me, they are Masashi Kishimoto's creations.

I only created the fanfic. Enjoy. :)

Stolen Jewels

Normal POV:


His eyes flew open. The yelling of the palace guards followed shortly afterwards in the background.

"He's over there!"

"Block the exits!"

The young boy rubbed his eyes and groaned. What was up with all this commotion? More sounds of crashing and objects breaking joined the heated voices of the guards. His eye twitched in annoyance as the raven attempted to block the noise out by pressing the soft pillows against his ears. Who the fuck woke him up at this time of night?

Smack! Thud.

"The Butler's out cold!"

The pillows were no help at all. 'Whoever is causing all this noise is going to be very sorry.' he mentally growled.

"We need help!"

Thud. A high pitched scream.

'Oh. My. God.' A fist punched the bedside table. Someone yelled:


Shit. First the old butler, now a maid. Couldn't they move out of the way? The thief swung his leather rucksack to the floor above. He couldn't use the grand staircase because it was too obvious. Grabbing hold of the banister, he hoisted himself up and attempted to stay in the shadows. What a massive palace this was!

'I'de better get out of here before more guards appear.', thought the young thief to himself as he crept through the shadows. 'If a knight appears, I'm dead.' Unfortunately for our young intruder, he never quite mastered the skill of staying quiet for too long. All of a sudden, a black boot got caught at the edges of a fine embroidered carpet.

Crash! Thud!

'Naruto you clumsy idiot!', groaned the boy and picked himself up. 'Not another one.', he thought.

The remains of a beautiful vase lay scattered in jagged pieces across the carpet. Not wasting time, Naruto rushed to the end of the corridor, hiding behind pillars or curtains whenever a frantic looking maid or guard appeared. These guards were tricky to avoid and the blonde thanked the lord that he was small enough to hide in places such as behind a statue or a curtain.

The hallways were becoming dangerous. He needed to get to the roof in order to get over the castle walls. Maybe if he went into one of the rooms... Blue eyes widened.

'That's it! If I can find an open window, I'll climb up the castle from the outside.' grinned the thief to himself. Although the climbing idea made him nervous, he'd much rather fall and break his neck than get caught and punished.

Sasuke's POV:

I never really took that much notice at the patterns on the ceiling. The hypnotising swirls of the spiral-like design would usually put me to sleep almost instantly. Right now however, no matter how much I concentrated on the curves and the arches of the three comas, I couldn't sleep. (1)

"Check the lower levels and upstairs!", shouted a distant voice.

Thump! Thump!

The noises still haven't died down. To be honest, at this moment I really could not be bothered about some troublesome intruder. 'As long as they would keep it down.' I thought with a sigh.


I froze.

Thud. Thud.

Light footsteps padded slowly and quietly across the carpet. I kept very still. My ears were alert. I could hear the quick intakes of short and shallow breaths. No movement. The yelling in the background seemed to have dissapeared. Light footsteps picked up again. Shit. Someone was in here.

Listening intently, I could hear the person moving towards the open balcony that I was facing. Why was the thumping of my racing heartbeats so loud? What if this intruder heard them?



The seconds ticked by in an agonising long pace. A thumping had appeared in my head too. It was loud. As the figure moved across my bed chamber and stood facing the balcony, the rays of moonlight shone, outlining the slim silhouette. He or she had a small figure like mine, maybe a bit smaller. I exhaled a breath that I did not realise I was holding. To my horror, the figure froze and slowly turned around. I held in a gasp. Two brilliant bright sapphire jewels shone in the moonlight. Absolutely captivating...

Then it all happened too fast.

The figure broke into a run towards the open balcony. I launched at them. The collision sent us both to the floor in a struggling heap. A punch. No two. And kicks here and there. Blunt nails dug into my arm. I growled and shoved the body against the bed. A groan. I smirked, they must've hit their head.

A blinding pain shot across my jaw as a fist connected. Ouch, shit, that hurt! Seeing the figure struggling to stand, I brought a powerful kick to the abdominal.


The figure sprawled on the bed groaning and growling. It sounded like an animal. More punches flew. This time I managed to catch one of those sapphire orbs glaring hatred at me. Now closer up, I could tell that it was probably a male since I had never encountered a woman with such an aggressive fighting style. He was also wearing a mask that covered most of his head and face.

A leg kicked me hard on my knees causing me to roll over. The position was switched but I still had a deadly grip on his arms. I kneed him on the abdominal again sending the male crashing into the head board of the bed. Wasting no time I pinned my slightly larger body against him. His back and rucksack was facing my chest. I glared. Heavy, Harsh breaths and pants filled the air.

"What do you think you're doing?", I whispered menacingly into his ear. He shivered and I smirked.

"Bastard!" a loud voice yelled.

Without warning, an unbearable pain shot through my head, giving me an instant headache. My grip on his arms lessened for a moment before I squeezed him again.

'What the...?'

The room spun in my vision and I saw double. Shaking my head confusingly, I attempted to control the struggling body between me and the headboard. As the room started to stop spinning, I realised; the little bitch had head butted me! And it hurt. A lot! Muscles clenching in fury, I grabbed the back of his head and slammed it forcefully against the headboard. Hard.

The body went limp but its owner was still conscious. 'Dizzy and in pain too.' I smirked, proud of myself. Before the male had time to recover, I grabbed my duvet and wrapped it around the figure. Grabbing my bed covers too, I attempted to tie his limbs in order to trap him or something.


"Your highness are you alright?!"

"There he is! Grab him!"

Two pairs of hands snatched the duvet bundle off me, dragging it to the floor. In the doorway, light shown through, outlining the figure of a tall silver haired knight. I raised my eyebrows. Kakashi looked bored.

"You alerted us because of this little rat?!"

I turned my head around. Ibiki, captain of interrogation and head of Konoha's torture force stood against the wall eyeing the scene in front of him. An expression of anger and utter annoyance was on his face. A fist slammed the wall, "You couldn't deal with this thing and you call yourselves the Royal Palace's guards!"

I looked past Ibiki to see two palace guards looking nervous. Between them they held a boy with his head down. Blonde spikes first caught my vision but when the boy looked up, my mouth fell open in shock. Two wide sapphire orbs gleamed at me with evident fear in them. It was the thief.

"You alright Sasuke. I trained you well, hm?" I heard Kakashi say in an amused voice. "The maids, ah here they are, have been ordered to bring in new bedsheets and a healer will look at those bruises."

I barely heard him. My focus was on the boy in front of me. He looked no older than I was, maybe slightly younger. There was blood dribbling down his forehead and nose. I smirked in delight.

"Get him to the cells immediately!" barked Ibiki. All four men immediately straightened themselves up and left the room, dragging a struggling blonde boy with them.

"No wait! Please, I can explain!", I heard his voice fading as they dragged him out of my room. Hm, interesting.

"Are you alright?, a smooth deep voice reached my ears as gentle fingers settled on my head, massaging my scalp. Since when was he in the room? To my surprise, the maids had almost finished changing the bedsheets. A worried looking brunette woman, still in her sleeping gown, came in carrying a bag full of supplies.

"Shizune, where do you want him?" the smooth voice asked quietly.

"On the chair please."

I sat on the comfortable chair, suddenly feeling very tired. The healer checked me over and applied attention to the bruises. I felt drowsy and my headache was beginning to fade away with the gentle fingers that seemed to work magic.

Shizune smiled, "All good. Looks like you know how to take care of yourself."

"Hn, thank you.", I murmured. She bid us goodnight and left along with the maids. I yawned and made my way to the awaiting soft covers. The bed dipped on one side and gentle fingers came back to sooth my head. I was beginning to drift off.

"You want me to stay with you?", the deep voice asked quietly.

I groaned, "Fuck off Itachi... not a kid."

A chuckle. The sensation of the massage was releasing the tension in my muscles.

"Goodnight to you too little brother...", the voice drifted off somewhere in my drowsy state. I thought I heard a door quietly opening and closing shortly afterwards but I wasn't sure. All I know was that I easily drifted off into a strange and comfortable sleep, haunted by brilliant blue sapphire orbs.

(1) The design on the ceiling was the Sharingan.

I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you thought of that. ;)