*Just a warning, some sexual implied scenes. This applies to the rest of the story as it carries on.*



Sasuke's POV

I was focusing on the words on the page so intensely but they continued to look back in their foreign, cryptic language that held no meaning to me. Some woman was rambling in the background and I could feel a headache creeping up. I've been staring at these words and figures for so long that they have began to merge with each other in my vision, enhancing my confusion.

"Oi Kid! Are you even listening?" I looked up, "The bruise on your jaw has almost healed nicely however an ointment will be needed for that gash. Kakashi has been told to suspend certain training activities due to..."

Losing interest, I looked back down at the document that I've been unsuccessfully attempting to decipher for the past hour. Listening to those pointless meetings on land and the economy seemed more appealing at this point. A finger lifted my chin up.

"Nothing to worry about, nearly healed." smirked the blonde woman and I held back a scowl. "Listen kid. You may be a somewhat genius from all those private tutoring lessons but this is some high level politics here. No one is expecting you to get it. Ask him."

I turned away from her. After a moment she began to pack her things up. "Oh by the way, sorry about that night. I was in the middle of a... life threatening operational procedure."

The snort escaped from my mouth before I managed to hold it in. Tsunade's fierce eyes set on me, threatening. My body stiffened. "Although, it's good to see that you can take care of yourself."She smiled in an unnerving way and turned towards the doorway but paused momentarily before reaching it. "Take care of the less fortunate one." she sighed and I inwardly smirked at the worry in her eyes. I knew who she was talking about. Naruto must have had a close relationship with her to put that worry there, especially since the Legendary Sannin was known to be quite hostile at times.

"Thank you for tending to my injuries." It was her turn to snort, "It's my job kid. Oh and don't forget," I was about to put my attention back to the document. "Just ask him."

Sighing I looked up with what I hoped was a blank expression. The woman laughed, patted me on the back and turned away with a wave, her curvy body swaying as she walked away. Was she really that much older than she looked? Once again I glanced down at the piece of paper in my hands. Fuck this. Slamming it on the desk, I stuffed my hands in my pockets and walked out of my room and downstairs towards the castle dungeons. There was a way of figuring this out, without his help.

Naruto's POV

"Agh!" I yelped as my hip accidentally collided with the sharp wooden bed stand. He wasn't kidding when he said the dungeons. Dropping the laundry on the bed, I clutched my sore hip. Well technically, my room was just outside the dungeons which are used as storage units now. That meant that this room was previously the guards room. Sasuke had assured me that the ghosts of the victims still hung about this part of the castle. Great. But I wasn't really complaining (about the dungeons, the bastard I still complain about) since the dungeons were pretty cool with their early gothic medieval look. If only it wasn't that spooky or cold down here. There was this constant chill running up and down my spine. Uh, why did he have to mention the ghosts?

The room was ordinary and small but significantly better than the prison cells. That place still gave me nightmares. I liked this room, it was one of the best that I've ever had though it did need some colour. I draped one of my orange tops on the bed stand as a table cloth. Someone knocked on the door so I went to open it.


"Well hello to you too teme." he let himself in and made himself comfortable on my bed, in my room. Technically speaking, this room also belonged to him, and everything in it. I cringed at that last bit.

"Hn." I crossed my arms and glared at him. He wore a fine navy shirt, that I could probably never afford, with the first few buttons undone to let the crystal gem rest on his pale collarbone. Jerk. "I hope that you're not making yourself too comfortable here."

My eyes narrowed. So far I was forced to do the gardening, the dusting, polishing his shoes and even scrub all of the palace toilets for a whole day by myself just because I refused to obey an order. What the hell? Does anyone even know how many stupid toilets this big-ass palace has? I lost count after the first floor. Anyhow, the maids had to redo it in the end because apparently I didn't do a good enough job. Guess, there was some truth behind that.

"Feeling useful yet Naruto?" the prince asked tauntingly, his dark eyes gleaming evilly, matching the brilliant ruby gleaming with pride on his pale finger. I bit my lip in anger, feeling a vein pop out in my forehead. There was no way that Naruto Uzumaki is cleaning any more toilets!

"Naru-to." he beckoned me with a finger. I wasn't a dog. Me refusing to obey him seemed to irritate the raven more than it would with normal people and it made me snicker. The other boy stood up stiffly and stalked towards me but I stood my ground. We glared fiercely, eyes never leaving the others, until we were literally standing nose to nose. Then he smirked that infuriating smirk and tilted his head slightly. Dammit, why was he slightly taller as well?

I felt hands groping their way from my arms to my shoulders where they squeezed tightly. I tensed. Oh god, not this again.

Sasuke's POV

He was so tense, I could feel it under my finger tips. Those eyes were still glaring their fiery, intense blue but there was some uncertainty behind them as well. Maybe even panic. I wondered if the idiot realised how easy it was to read the emotions running through those eyes. My right hand slowly traced its way upwards, fingers entangling themselves into blond locks. I gripped them tightly.

"Bastard!" hissed Naruto. Automatically a fist flew and I quickly blocked it with my free hand.


"Get your hand off my-"

"We have training with Kakashi."

His jaw dropped.

Normal POV:

'Unfortunately, I have some serious matters to attend to and will not be present for todays training. As you may already know Sasuke, Naruto will be joining you today in your training. Please refrain yourselves from using any weapons as Tsunade has instructed me to suspend any intense training. This would be a great opportunity to explore each others Tai-jutsu fighting styles (although I am sure that you are very familiar with each other from what I've heard). - Kakashi'

The two teens blinked at the note.

"Is he allowed to do that?" questioned the blonde.

Sasuke's eye twitched, "No."

The blonde laughed, "You gonna tell the king?"


"Wonder what 'seriouse' matters he has to attend? Maybe a lot of lives are in danger."

"I doubt it." said the prince casually as he walked over to the weapons stand. Naruto followed.

"He is one of the best knights in Konoha. What if he is tracking down a wanted criminal?" asked the blonde excitedly.

"Then I hope that he isn't the one who gets caught first." the raven fiddled with the smaller weapons.

Naruto folded his arms. "Pfft, Kakashi never lets his guard down."

"What about you?" a kunai was sharply pressed against a tanned neck. "I hope that you don't let your guard down during your little night raids?"

Naruto twisted his body and kicked the other boy on the chins, bringing our his own shining kunai. The other blinked. 'When did he?'

"Disappointed? Your highness." smirked the blonde, eyes challenging.

The raven returned the smirk, getting into a fighting stance. "Not yet."

Somewhere behind a tree and some bushes

"They make good dual partners."

"They do."

"You're making exceptions?"


"He is a prisoner. Is it really the perfect punishement?"

"Sasuke does have a sadistic side."

"Oh?" one eye curved upwards.

"He was getting bored."

"So you decided to get him a playmate?"

"You could say that."

"Hm, he is the perfect dual partner. From past experiences on the street with him, Naruto tends to be quite a hassle."

"Indeed he is."

Back to the training grounds

Both teens stand facing each other trying to catch their breath. Sweat glistens on their skin and muscles clench, ready for another attack.

"Not bad.", they both turn to face a masked figure with only one eye visible reading an orange book. His grey hair was spiked as if permanently on static electricity and he wore a proud, senior ranked knight's armour. Grey with the Konoha leaf symbol engraved onto the chest plate.



"Kakashi-sensei! Kakashi-sensei!" yelled the hyperactive blonde teen, "Did you see our fight?"

"Unfortunately Naruto, I was preoccupied with other matters." A gloved hand flipped a page.

"You were watching us." deadpanned Sasuke.

"Now what makes you say that Sasuke?" The raven turned away from the silver haired man who cast a casual glance at the kunai's that both boys were wielding.

Sasuke faced his only moments ago dual partner. "You seem to know a lot of people here?"

"Believe it or not. He creates quite a commotion in the streets."

Naruto scratched the back of his neck and laughed nervously "I do don't I?"

"Typical." stated the other boy.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Quieten down you to." said Kakashi calmly, "You two do make the perfect dual partners after all."

"It's the spirit of youth!" a creature clad in green bounced up to them, flashing a blinding smile with the classic thumbs up. Everyone sweat drops.

"Oh hello Gai. What are you doing here?" questioned the silver haired knight, eyes never leaving his book.

"I am going to dictate the spirit of youth to these young ambitious souls. Ah, one of the simple beauties of life." the creature stood on their tip toes, hands clasped together in a heartfelt moment and eyes watering dramatically. A pose that one should only ever execute when under the influence of substances that heighten emotional distortion. One does not simply show admiration for such ordinary topics like youth, according to the rest of our characters, unless they are-

"Gai-sensei! Look deep into my eyes and accept my sincere apology for interrupting this training session. Also notice my handsome manly features while you're at it." The maids giggled at the corner as they polished the weapons. Yes, ambition presents itself in such interesting ways.

Naruto looked in wonder, eyes sparkling with joy, "Woah! You get the privilege of two knights with such amazing reputations training you."

The prince looked wearily at the two men in front of him. "Actually only Kakashi trains me." 'Thank god.' the raven did not think that he could survive Gai's over ambitious spirit for a day, let alone a minute. His head had already turned into fuzz as it attempted to filter out the high levels of absurdity in the scene.

"With hard work and strength, you shall be able to acquire a similar result such as myself." winked the creature and flashed another one of his smiles, perfect teeth shimmering in the sunlight. Of course accompanied with a thumbs up. "Just remember to awaken that spirit of youth inside of you Sasuke. I can see young Naruto full of it!"

"Yeah teme, maybe you should sleep more or eat a better breakfast. Your face is especially pissing off to look at this moment."

"Not as pissing off as your face every moment."

Naruto gripped his fists, "Why you-"

The green beast laughed. "How splendid! They're getting right into it. Don't you think Kakashi?"

"Hmm...sorry...did you say something? I think it's time for a lunch break."

Gai gritted his teeth but laughed it off "Ah Kakashi, my rival. You still have a lot to learn. Me and my splendid student, Rock Lee, have yet to finish our training of one thousand push ups, five hundred squats..." and the list continued as the knight walked off - er jogged happily towards further training grounds up ahead.

"Looks like it's time for a lunch break." and with a poof of smoke he disappeared.

"What the? I still can't figure out how he does that. Sasuke, do you? Sasuke!"

The Uchiha was already walking away.

Inside the Prince's Royal Suite


Blue eyes blinked in astonishment. Sasuke dropped his body onto the bed and faced away from the door.

"Er...do you always get these moods?"

Silence. Followed by some cricket noises.

One step. Nothing...

Two step. Nothing...

Third step. An evil cackle came from the bed which suddenly had a dark eerie aura surrounding it.

Naruto turned to make a run for it but a hand gripped his shirt collar and dragged him into bed. His was body slammed down on the mattress, head bounced slightly on the plump cushions and arms pinned down on each side of his head. He couldn't see Sasuke's eyes but his mouth had that smirk on. Grabbing one of Naruto's hands, the prince placed it on his stomach and slowly manoeuvred it upwards, palm pressing hard on the smaller hand so that the other teen could feel everything underneath the thin fabric of the shirt. The blue eyed boy flushed crimson. The hard bulge of muscles created a bumpy journey for the hand. It kept moving upwards until it reached the pale collar bone where the necklace resided. Wrapping tanned fingers around the gem, the raven never let go of the hand for fear of it pulling away and claiming the prize.

"You like this don't you?"

The blonde bit his lip. "It's pretty. You mentioned it before."

"Yes, but you rea-lly like it, don't you?" his voice drawled on.

"Um..." the other hand twisted the pinned arm harshly. A pained gasped escaped the other teen's mouth. Naruto could now see Sasuke's eyes and they didn't look right. The pupils were diluted and his eyes had a tinge of red.

'Wait, what?' Naruto shook his head. it was just his imagination, people's eyes weren't red. The prince seemed to find his reaction quite fascinating. When the older boy's face started to lean forward the blonde looked away and started to squirm, heart beginning to beat faster as panic started to settle in.

"I want you to wear it." said a voice in his ear. What? All movement stilled.


"Because since you are so fascinated by it. I want you to wear it for a little while. Of course, this would only be temporary. I think it would look just as good on you as it does on me. You have the eyes." Sasuke said thoughtfully. The other boy blinked. Why did people always refer to his eyes? There was a good long pause for both teens to think things through.

"For what price?"

"A favour."

"What kind?" Naruto pressed on.

"Oh, I don't know."

"I'm not stupid. Why do you want a favour? Don't you make me do enough of them already?"

Sasuke chuckled, "You have to do it properly."

Naruto growled. "If this is like that sick joke you pulled on me last time, forget it!"

"I was only playing. Don't tell me that you've never done that with a girl before?" mocked the older teen.

"O-of course I have! But it was different because you are a boy."

The raven tched, "That's why it was a joke. You're not a girl, dobe. You're not pretty enough."

"Hmph. At least I'm not as pretty as a girl."

Sasuke scowled and put all his weight on top of the blonde boy "Do you really want to go there?"

Sensing the danger, Naruto shook his head. "So what's this favour?"

There was a momentary pause.

"Back massage."

Sweatdrop... "A what?"

"There is this thing called a back massage."

"Eh?! But why?"

"I'm tense." That's all. Because he was tense.

'What about me?' thought Naruto in despair. All of this pressure was making him too paranoid to sleep properly at night. "Fine."

Immediately Sasuke got off him, threw off his shirt hastily and lay down on his front, head buried into a cushion. Something was muffled but all that Naruto got was 'lotion' and 'drawer'. The blonde sat dumbfounded before shakily reaching over to retrieve the lotion. It was strawberry scented. Who knew that the prince of Konoha liked strawberries? Well there you have it.




"Uh Sasuke?"


"I've never properly done this before."

"You can learn now."


"Shut up."

"Fuck you." The younger teen looked re-approachful but with a confused curiosity similar to a fox's. He expected an attack or something from the other teen. When nothing happened, he shifted nervously next to the pale back. Squirt. That earned him a hiss. 'Alright Naruto, calm down. This is easy, it's just a back massage." He gulped. He cautiously rested his hands on the other's back and spread the lotion. Then he waited...


"You're not very good at this."

"Shut up! Like you've done it before."

"Squeeze and find the muscles that are knotted. It's common sense."

Hands roamed around clumsily. When Naruto found what seemed to be a lump, he rubbed circular motions experimentally. Eventually he managed to, what he assumed, free it as a sigh came from the raven haired boy. Ok so he was doing something right. Repeating the same steps he found many in that upper half, especially next to the neck. "Jesus teme, you're a prince. What do you have to worry about? Everyone does stuff for you."

"Mmm." 'Finally the dobe is doing something right.' The raven was in bliss. He felt all of his limbs relax automatically as if a heavy weight was lifted off his shoulders. It made him feel light and very sleepy. After a while, Naruto found himself very uncomfortable as he had to twist his body which was not very nice after the violent spar earlier on that day. Looking worriedly down at the pale shiny back, he decided that the other wouldn't really mind.

Sasuke's eyes snapped open at the heavy weight that settled on this lower back and sides. Heat rose to his cheeks. "Comfy?" came the sarcastic retort.

"I should be asking you that." The prince snorted at that, forgetting about everything as soon as those hands returned to his back. One particular large knot went loose and he let out a moan.


"Hm?" Shit, that wasn't supposed to come out. If this wasn't awkward before, the current situation was filled up to the brim with awkwardness. Knock Knock. Both teens jumped, startled.


"Huh? Wait What?!"

"Don't you dare move." and then a louder "Come in."

"Why the actual hell do I have to-"

"Hello your majesty, I've brought you your-" The maid froze as she set her eyes on the scene before her. Naruto couldn't meet her eye and when he tried to move, an animalistic growled came from underneath him. What the hell was up with this guy? Not bothering to even face the woman, the prince casually ordered, "Put it on the side."

It took the poor maid a moment to regain herself before she moved to lay out the lunch on the other side of the room. Naruto's nose perked, was that ramen he smelled?

"Naruto, why did you stop?" The blonde scowled and continued although this time his movements were jerky. "What is it?"

"C-chicken ramen sir."

"Naruto likes ramen, don't you?" Grumble. The Uchiha chuckled but winced immediately after. "You're doing it wrong."

"Do it yourself then." Sasuke pushed Naruto off and turned to face him. The blonde stuck his tongue out.

"I've brought two bowls sir." said the maid meekly. Naruto perked up at that.

"I don't think we'll be needing the second one. I'm not hungry."

The blonde's face looked crestfallen but he didn't say anything. The prince smirked smugly and lay back on his cushiony pillows. He toyed with the frilled ends. "Unless, someone else is hungry." The look on Naruto's face was so amusing. He snickered darkly. A pillow was smacked on his face.

"Sasuke-kun, I mean sir?" The Uchiha grabbed the blonde by the collar and twisted him around so that the other boy's back was rested against his chest and his body between his legs. Naruto squirmed.

"Let me go!"

"But I thought you liked ramen Dobe?" The older boy wrapped his arms tightly around the other boy.

"Doesn't mean I want it from you."

"Shame." Sasuke bit down on his neck.


"Ramen's nice? Right? Maybe someone should feed it to us?"

Huh? Oh. The blonde realised what was going on. He blushed and gnawed his bottom lip nervously while trying to speak calmly, "Asshole, you know that's gonna leave a mark." The maid was trying hard to look away.


"Did you enjoy it?"


"Your body massage?"


"Oh and I do love ramen. Especially well-cooked, steamy, fleshy raw- er not raw, chicken ramen. You know what I mean. It just gets me."


The prince attempted to hide his amusement but the uncontrollable sniggers over the blonde's attempt to create a sexual innuendo with food was very hard to hide. 'He must be very hungry.'

"I d-deeply apologize Sasuke-kun, s-sir."

"It's fine. You have very good hands for a clumsy idiot, but they are not as good as a woman's."

"Yes I know I have very good hands, especially better than yours but I think that a girl's hands are softer." Naruto looked up at the raven and fluttered his eye lashes in a ridiculous manner. "I especially like your back."

"My back? And why may I ask?"

"The way it goes into an arch..." at that the blonde completely lost it and slid off Sasuke's arms and onto the bed as laughter took hold of him. Sasuke gritted his teeth, pinched his own arm and grasped the other's waist firmly.

'Idiot.' "Yea, I get you." He traced a finger down the blonde's spine and whispered hotly. "Shall I demonstrate what you mean?"

A gasp. Both boys turned to see the maid's wide eyes locked completely onto the scene.

"What's the matter Karen? Don't you give back massages to your friends?"

The redhead blushed and looked coyly, "All the time Sasuke-kun. I've even given you a few times before. Remember?"

Naruto spluttered, "That must've been nice."

"Yes it was, I can give you one sometime too. Naru-to?" She winked and the young teen laughed, scratching the back of his neck nervously and then flashed her a grin. So what? The maid was really cute in that little short outfit of hers which showed off a lot of legs.

"She gives good ones." whispered the raven to the other boy's ear. "Unfortunately, Naruto is quite inexperienced with this whole massage process."

Karen stared transfixed at the two attractive boys in front of her, blush adorning her features. "What do you propose we do about that Sasuke-kun?" she asked breathlessly, "You know that I'de do anything for you."

The raven smirked. "We'd like our lunch now please."

She stood shocked and not knowing what to do for a while. Disappointed, the redhead turned to leave but not before shooting back a few suggested looks in case her prince changed his mind. As soon as the door closed and they heard her footsteps fade, both teens burst into laughter.

"Ahaha, she was so turned on. Her face afterwards!"

"The best part."

Gasp. "You really are cruel." the blonde giggled "But it was priceless. How could you?"

"I know, I'm so bad." smirked the prince, stroking Naruto's cheek while snickering.

"Imagine if we did something more, like you sat on my lap or something."

"She's so annoying." the raven pulled the blonde onto his lap. "You didn't say your highness."

"Hah! You wish bastard. You'll have to try harder than that." he blew a raspberry.

"Oh really?" Sasuke stroked the blonde's thigh. "I could hurt you so much right now and you wouldn't be able to do anything. Hm? After all, you're just a prisoner."

Naruto shoved the prince hard and probed a finger on his chest. "Yea right! As if you can handle me. I'm not some pity weakling of a prisoner who will bow down to your stupid wishes like everyone else." A Chuckle. "And I think I should call that pretty maid back. You really are spoiled, you like need attention constantly. Seriously control yourself duck ass."

"Pft, get off me."

"Why? Don't want me so soon?" The blonde grinned cheekily, "Aw poor Sasuke-kun can't handle it when people hurt his pride."

"You're one to talk about pride."

"Well at least I'm not an asshole." The raven pushed Naruto but the boy put more weight onto his lap. "And what's with you? You're such a pervert. I bet you're liking this right now." The whiskered cheek boy wound his arms around Sasuke's neck. "You'd do anything with a face and an ass."


"You fantasise about me."

"Ok. Get off."

"You sick bastard don't deny it." The Uchiha rolled his eyes. "You wanna do me."

A hand clasped tightly onto one thigh, "You're in a very dangerous position here moron." Sasuke whispered threateningly. Naruto laughed.

"When am I not?"

The prince chuckled, "I don't think that you are fully apprehending what's going on. That's typical for someone like you."

"Someone like me? Someone like me is ten times better than someone like you."

"Someone like you?" the older boy seemed to ponder on that statement. Pale hands wound themselves at the back of the blonde's shirt. Fingers dug sharply. "Someone like you is a no one." The blonde stiffened, that comment particularly got to him. "Yes someone like you," the hand creeped underneath the shirt "has no significance," they began to drag upwards, this time nails digging into the skin and leaving marks behind "no purpose" those lips next to his ear continued to taunt Naruto, "and no life."

The blonde shook in barely controlled anger. You could practically see the fumes of hate radiating of his body. "You sick creep. You like toying with people. You like this."

Sasuke sneered, "Yes that's what I like. Knowing that you have nothing," hands gripped the dull shirt's collar "but your pathetic body to pay me with." And he crushed his lips against Naruto, biting the bottom lip hard. Naruto's words were instantly muffled as the raven invaded his mouth, pressing forcefully forward and restraining the blonde's head by his neck. The prince dove his tongue into the sweet cavern of the other boy's mouth, exploring every unique taste that it held. Naruto chocked on it.

"Glad to see that you are enjoying yourself little brother."

The teens jumped out of their skin and Sasuke fiercely shoved Naruto off the bed.

"What the fuck Itachi?!"

"Your lunch is getting cold." And with that the older man silently turned and left. They didn't even hear the door open in the first place. Naruto sat up, banged his head hard on the side of the bed and grasped his head, shutting his eyes at the same time. Shit. The king just saw that.



Well? How was it? I added quite a bit of hate and sexual tension there. That yummy Sasunaru angst moment. ;D x