The Lost Girls-Neverland's Secret

Chapter One ~ Laura and "What's a Boy?"

By NerdyLittleCray

Laura Rosemont a beautiful 16 year-old was down by the creek. She was washing her brown hair in the clear water below trying not to get her blue jeans wet. Her white and gray striped long-sleeved shirt and blue converse fighting in well with her outfit. Sure they had hot springs back at "The Hideout" but she needed to think about some things. She had a tugging in her stomach saying that she wanted something, needed something. She just didn't know what. She trusted her gut and she was familiar with the feeling but she just couldn't grasp what it was. 'I wonder-'

Suddenly a twig snapped. Laura wiped her head around to see what it was. "Hello who's there?" She asked in a Canadian accent pulling out a silver bow and loaded a arrow. She as walked towards the sound she suddenly realized she should had followed her orders.

"Never leave the Hideout." "Never leave the Hideout." "NEVER leave the Hideout."

Why didn't she listen? She asked herself. A rustling sounded behind her and she whipped around and fired.

Just an inch from the arrow was a brown adorable bunny. She smiled and walked over to the bunny. "Awwww. You're so cute!" She went to pick him up when she got a gut feeling. She felt something hit her in the back of her head and all she saw was black.

Peter was pacing back and forth. The Twins had found a girl. A GIRL! There hadn't been a girl on this island (besides the Indians and the mermaids) since Jane and that was 230 something years ago! (Not that he kept track of course.)

He looked at her and realized something. She was definitely pretty but more of a follower not his type (Not that he had a type anyway). She looked about 16 he guessed.

When she started coming through and the first thing she did was laugh her eyes still shut. 'Weird girl.' He thought and called the boys as they crowded around the bed. "Real funny guys. Sneak up on me, knock me out then pull me to Ne-" She jumped and scrabbled to the back of the bed, which was the blonde haired Peter's.

"W-who…Wait what are you? You are you girls too? If you are you are the weirdest looking girls I've ever seen." She said with head motions. The boys snorted in disgust. "No, we are not girls." Curly said annoyed. "If you are not a girl…Then are what are you?" She asked incredulously. The boys snorted. "We are the Lost Boys!" They all posed in pride. "What's a boy?" The boys gappedat her. "They are the opposite of a girl." Peter explained.

"Oh…Where are my manners? My name is Laura Rosemont. Do 'boys' have names?" She asked them. "Yep! My name is Peter Pan. I'm the leader!" Peter did a pose. "I'm Curly!" The boy smiled at her "We are The Twins." They said in unison. That might have been creepy if she wasn't used to it. "I'm Tootles." The cute Bunny one said.
"Will you be our new mother?" Tootles blurted out. "WHAT?!" She screamed. "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. WHOA! I am way too young to have children and besides if anyone is going to be your mother is my mother. At least she reads stories, and cooks, cleans, tucks me in, clean me, gave me 'The Talk'." She grimaced in disgust at the words. "Taught me to read, draw and write, gave me this bow, plays with me, raised me, kisses me on the forehead and loves me." She smiles. The boys' wide-eyes looked at her. "Would she be our mother?" Curly asked smiling at the thought of a mother like that. "Maybe but she already had me and my sisters. I don't know if she would…"

At that exact moment seventeen year old in a fox head on his well, head and fox pants walked in with a stag on his shoulders. He dropped it and wiped his hands. "Well hunting's done now. So where are you guys?" A deep familiar voice called out.

"Slightly!" Laura brighten up significant and ran out the room. The boys follow as they heard a thump and saw a tiny bit flushed Slightly with an over-hyper Laura straddling his hips. "What are you doing here?" He asked softly as he noticed their position. He seriously hoped the boys didn't notice his slight…predicament. "Well these 'boys' as they call themselves took me here when I got knocked out." She shrugged. "And how exactly did that happen?" Tootles suddenly made a disappearance. "You have to go home-oh no." He looked towards the window. A big lightning storm was on its way to Neverland. "You have to go NOW!" Slightly said writing a note in an ancient language. "Take this and MOVE!" She heard the thunder and nodded pecking him on the lips (which made him blush even if he didn't admit it and had done it many times) and left out the window sprinting threw the trees.
"Slightly what just happened?" Peter asked confused which made him irritated how he didn't know of what had just happen. "It's a secret." Slightly said sadly surprising all of them. "It's a secret as old as Neverland itself so you will not know until it tells you." No one notices the now clear skies besides Slightly who let out a sigh of relief when he went outside for the secret was safe. Neverland was safe…

She was safe.

Rule 1-Never go off by yourself. You might not come back…

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