The Lost Girls-Neverland's Secret

Chapter Two ~ How do you lose something you never had?

By Nerdy Little Cray

As the months went by the boys began to forget about little Laura. They continued to fight, play, and basically all the stuff boys like to do. The bad news was that they were getting bored. And boredom did not suit them, not at all. So in a desperate effort to do something Peter took the boys exploring ignoring the signs that said "SAY AWAY!" "TURN BACK!" "ARE YOU AN IDIOT!? CAN YOU NOT READ?!" as they explored new territory.

Peter was pleased with himself. He had discovered that there was gold, and rubies, amethyst and diamonds, but mostly there was silver, tons and tons of silver behind the waterfall that he found. "Look so much treasure! I claim it in the name of Peter P-"

An arrow had nicked his cheek and from that arrow poisonous gas leaked out. The lost thing that they remembered was being dragged from the waterfall.

Peter woke up with a start finding himself and the boys in a clearing. "Who are you to trespass on our lands?" A deep musical voice called out and only then did he realize that he were surrounded without any weapons with a giant metal hawk moving towards them. Peter patting himself for his sword realized that he left it at the tree-house.

"I asked you a question. If you would be so kind to answer it." The voice sounded polite but menacing. "My name is Peter Pan. Savior of Neverland." The voice finally showed its self. With their face covered by a great cloak they scoffed.

"You are savior of no one but yourself. But even someone has saved you before. Remember. Neverland never belonged to Peter Pan. Never was, never will be."

Peter jumped up to defend himself and his title. "That's a lie! I am the great Peter Pan. I saved Princess TigerLily. I defeated Captain Hook! I saved Pixie Hollow! I restored the Forever Tree! How dare you say that I have not saved anyone or Neverland! I have been here since my beginning how can you say I do not own it!"

The figure shook its head. If he could see their eyes he would see pity and sadness for him and what he had become.

"Peter Pan you are arrogant and foolish. You have so much pride. You were never great. You did not let the Indians stay here. You did not let the Princess be born. You did not let the Pirates dock here for they were hungry. You did not create the first speck of Pixie dust. You were not the first baby to laugh. You did not plant the Forever Tree nor did you restore it. You have done nothing but protect yourself and your friends. Once you find the real Savior of Neverland you will be reminded off what a kid is. Remember Peter Pan. Remember that Neverland never belonged to you."

If Peter was not so frustrated or furious he would have thought about how familiar those words might have seemed. He would have noticed how the sky seemed to darken and clouds rolled in. He would have seen how much those words pained the speaker to say. But poor selfish Peter didn't.

But as the words rolled over in his head he screamed to the figure, "I HATE YOU!" He didn't know why he said it but it made him feel wrong inside like he had just lost himself. The figure mounted the metallic hawk and flew away past the second star to the right and straight on till morning as the rain poured down hard to express its sorrow for Peter Pan and the mysterious rider.

Rule 2: Never be proud and arrogant. It may cause you to lose something you didn't know you needed.