Chapter 1

I had been searching for the past month. I hadn't found anything since I saw the picture of her at grandma's funeral. She was only 15 in the photo. If she was still alive she would be 64. The websites that popped up were almost all purple because I had searched those. I clicked on all the blue ones. But I got nothing.

I had searched everything from her name to nursing homes. I looked at images that might have a picture of her. But everything turned up blank. I found nothing.

Yelling picked up from across the house. Looks like dad came home. I sighed and tuned out the names he called mom. And the accusations mom threw at him.

I put my headphones in my ears and turned up the music. After I saw a car drive away from the garage it was safe to pull them out. Mom knocked on my door.

"Christi, I'm sorry you had t listen to that."

She started sobbing. I got up and hugged her.

"Mom, everything will turn out o.k. you'll see," I said.

Mom took a deep breath and hugged me back.

"How are you not yelling at me for ruining your life right now? It's what any 17 year old would do."

"I'm not any 17 year old girl. I was raised by you," I say

My mom grins at me.

"Let's go make some dinner!" I suggest.

We had mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and corn. It got quite so I started conversation.

"So I've been looking for your sister."

"How's that going?" mom asked.

"Not so good, I have looked up everything that could tell me where she is, and there is just… nothing. All I have is this picture of her when she was like 15."

"I do wish I could have met her," mom sighed, "but she was sent off to an asylum before I was even born. My mom told me she was dead. I believed her until I read her journal."

"Mom! You read someone else's private thoughts?!" I faked shock.

She laughed at me.

"Well, maybe if I have time I'll help later," she said.

Mom didn't really believe her sister was alive now. Being that asylums were very cruel. But something told me that she was alive.

Someone knocked on the door.

Mom sighed and looked at me. my eyes pled so hard.

She gave in, "fine you can go, but be back no later than 2! Understand!"

I jumped up and grabbed a coat and my ice skates. I ran to the door and smiled at Melissa.

"I'm ready!" I say.

We run to a frozen lake where everyone else is waiting. The joy of winter in Alaska is free ice skating!

The rest of our little group of friends were putting on their skates. I plopped in the snow and did the same.

"Sweet! Everyone is here!"Maggie said.

There was Maggie, Mary, Lizzy, Merett, Melissa, Leona, and me. We had all been friends since the beginning of high school.

After we all had our skates on we stepped onto the ice. Ice skating was awesome under a full moon because its light enough see and the ice and snow almost glowed blue.

At first I had been the WORST skater ever. Lizzy and Merett helped me out a LOT. But now I was actually pretty good.

The skating party lasted until about 1:42. Then we all headed home. Melissa was staying at my place tonight so we walked together.

Right before we entered the house I stopped.

"Wait! It is only 1:57! Mom said no later than 2:00 so we have 3 minutes!"

"Christi!" Melissa laughed.

I held up my hand and waited until it was exactly 2:00.

"Alright! Now we can go in!" I said.

We walked in and mom was sitting on a recliner.

"Hello, Melissa," she sighed.

We didn't even have to ask if Melissa or I could spend the night anymore. If it was after 11:00 p.m. and we were at her or my house than was official.

We ran to my room and talked the rest of the night. Melissa thought it was cool I was looking for my aunt.

"More family to share!" she laughed.

"Just don't steal her away from me!" I joked.

"Well, I'll try not to, but with my amazing personality and great looks I might outshine you!"

"Don't forget to mention the over confident ego!"

"Hey!" she shouted.

"Girls! I'm supposed to be hearing snoring!" mom shouted.

"Yes ma'am!" we said.

We drifted off to sleep after that.

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