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Chapter 67

Year 2008

Lexi's view

The sun was shining brightly outside the coffee shop. In the corner of the shop, I had papers sprawled out on the medium sized table. With a pencil in my hand, I graded the thirty-seventh paper. Five years after graduating high school, I was once again part of the high school community. Only this time, I had come back to high school as an English teacher.

Tapping the pencil against my bottom lip, I re-read the conclusion. The girl's paper was decent. I marked it as a "B".

"I knew I would find you here."

I looked up and smirked wryly. Jason Waters approached me. He slid smoothly into the seat next to me; leaning forward, his lips met mine briefly.

"Good morning." I smiled at him.

Jason was one year older than me and going through his third semester of nursing school. I had met him in my first semester of college in English. Somewhere between then and now, we had decided to try dating.

"And what is my lady doing here?" He asked.

Looking down at the papers I was supposed to be grading, I sighed. "Grading papers. This wasn't how I thought I'd be spending spring break."

"Why didn't you just tell the kids that they could turn it in on Monday?"

I groaned. "Because I have had these for two weeks already."

His green eyes became dramatically sad. "Well, I had come by to see if you wanted to go out."

"I am out." I quipped.

"I meant, if you would want to go out somewhere with me on a date. Remember those?"

I rolled my eyes. We had just gone out on a date two days ago. I get busy one time. Grading papers is time consuming.

"Where would you like to go?" I asked him raising my eyebrows.

"Well, there is the art gallery… only if you're interested."

A huge smile came across my face. "I can grade papers later."

He helped me pack up the papers. With a backpack hanging on my shoulders and my fiancé's hand in my own, we walked out of the coffee shop.

Leah's view

Ever since Sam dumped me six years ago, all I had wanted to do was get out of La Push. When I phased into one of the Quileute wolves, it only increased my desire to get as far away from the reservation as possible.

I was able to leave thanks to Jacob. Who knew the kid would be the key to getting me out of La Push. But when he left, he gave me the permission to leave La Push.

I made a new life in Austin, Texas. The city was busy and fast. No one paid attention to the freak with anger issues. I almost felt normal; I had only phased once since leaving La Push.

The evening was turning to night. The air was just beginning to cool slightly. I turned a corner into an alley way. What could hurt me? I used to kill vampires for crying out loud. The thought of someone trying to jump me was almost comical. So, I didn't care where I went in the city, and I didn't care what time of day it was when I went out.

A heart was beating behind one of the dumpsters; the person's breathing was slow. The person sounded like they were waiting for something.

As soon as I passed by the dumpster, a kid, no older than thirteen, jumped out with a knife. She moved in a way that told me she was trying to stab me.

My hand whipped out and gripped the wrist that held the knife.

"Let go!" the kid shouted.

"What do you think you're doing, kid?" I sighed.

Her eyes flashed and she kicked me shin. Yeah. That was going to make me let go.

"Who are you," I asked her.

"Let me go!" She yelled again. I noticed a few things about her. Like how she looked like she hadn't changed clothes in weeks, or how thin she was.

I raised an eyebrow. "I'll make you a deal, kid. Drop the knife and then I'll get you some food."

Her eyes lost some of their hostility. I could see her think about it.

"Fine, but I want to go somewhere good. No McDonald's crap."

I rolled my eyes. Bossy much? I was the one helping her out.

"Come on, kid."

That was how I became a mom.

Ew. That makes me sound old. The kid, Chastity, was really more like a little sister then my daughter.

But yeah, I adopted her and we were each other's family.

We were happy.

Christi's view

Happiness and pure bliss is what I would describe my life as. Elijah was the perfect mate. Melissa was the perfect best friend. Every other week or so, I called my mom. She was in the dark about what I was, but I was happy that I could still talk to her. I had my family. I was happy.

We were moving away from Alaska. Melissa had ever so slyly suggested La Push. There were more werewolves like her there. They had been keeping contact for the past three years. Now, she wanted to meet them in person.

And so we were moving to La Push. There were some vampires that had lived there named the Cullen's. The coven had Alice and her mate; the ones I had met almost six years ago. They left Forks only a few months earlier. At least there wouldn't be any conflict.

I beamed over at Elijah; he was driving. Trees rapidly passed us as he went just above one hundred sixty miles per hour. I wish this car could go faster.

He leaned over and kissed me, brightening my mood even more.

"Hey! Don't you dare crash this car!" Melissa yelled from the back. "You may be indestructible, but I can still feel the pain of being smashed into a tree!"

Chuckling, Elijah apologized and leaned away from me. I smiled and looked back out the window of the car.

Happiness and pure bliss.

Melissa's view

We settled into our home in Forks quickly. It had been time to move on from our town up in Alaska.

Over the past three years, more voices appeared in my head besides the one named Sam. Sometimes listening to their thoughts was like watching a movie series. Chasing down rouge vampires seeking revenge, defending their lands from newborn vampires with their allies the Cullen's, and not to mention the huge stand up to the vampire police who called themselves the Volturi.

Well, now I was going to finally meet my fellow werewolves in person besides Sam. There were fifteen wolves I was meeting. Jacob and Leah had left the reservation. Jacob went with the Cullen's and Leah had gone to Texas. So, I was meeting the other ones.

"See you guys later, guys." I waved at Christi and Elijah.

I shifted and ran to La Push. The scents of the other wolves were easy to detect.

Hey, do you smell that?

Yeah, it smells like . . .

Sup, pups. I'm here.


Three huge wolves jumped out of the bushes. That sounds like the beginning to a bad joke.

I looked towards the silver one, Embry. Our eyes met.

The beginning of a love story always happens like that, doesn't it?

Well, we imprinted on each other. I guess life still had a touch of craziness left.