Katara: Zuko, I've just realized. We haven't discussed what to name her.

Zuko: Him.

Katara: Her.

Sokka: Ooh, ooh! I've got one! Name him Sun!

Katara: IT'S A GIRL, Sokka.

Sokka: Then when you introduce him, you can say 'This is my son, Sun'!

Zuko: No. I am not naming my son Sun. That's just… stupid.

Katara: Don't tell me you tried to name Solan that.

Sokka: Suki wouldn't let me!

Katara: Thank La.

Zuko: How about Iroh?

Katara: We couldn't name the kid Iroh. Even if she was a boy. That would get confusing when they both were around.

Zuko: I don't think it would, but whatever you say. …What about Makoto?

Katara: Who's that?

Zuko: No one. I just like the name. It's Fire Nation in origin, but the consonants are reminiscent of the Water Tribe, too.

Katara: So you have been thinking about this! Oh, Zuko the name's perfect!

Zuko: Of course. I'm glad you like it.

Katara: Too bad it's a boy's name.

Sokka: So you're not going to name my nephew Sun?

Katara: FOR THE LAST TIME, MY BABY'S A GIRL! And that's stupid!

Zuko: Alright. Say it is a girl. What would be a good girl's name?

Katara: I was thinking Kya. After my mother.

Zuko: Wait. You can name the baby after your mother, but I can't name him after my Uncle?

Katara: It's different! Uncle Iroh is still alive!

Zuko: But- but it's not fair!

Katara: Don't be a baby.

Sokka: Yeah, Flames for Brains.

Zuko: You've been waiting to use that, haven't you?

Sokka: You better believe it!

Zuko: (rolls his eyes) If you want to name a girl Kya, I get to name a boy Iroh.

Katara: No! I'm telling you, it wouldn't work.

Zuko: Would.

Katara: Wouldn't.

Zuko: Would.

Katara: Wouldn't! And fine, I won't name her Kya, just shut up! …I've also been thinking Akira. It's a Water Tribe name, I know, but I really like how it sounds with our names. Zuko, Katara, Akira.

Zuko: I love it.

Katara: Really?

Zuko: (sweeps her into a hug and gives her a long kiss) Really.


(Katara grins and pointedly gives Zuko another long kiss)

(Sokka runs away screaming)

Iroh: Zuko, my nephew, of course you'll be a good father.

Zuko: But I really don't know what I'm doing. I've never even really been around children. What if I'm awful at it?

Iroh: Just remember your own experiences as a child. You can learn a lot about parenting by what your own parents did.

Zuko: …Don't challenge your son to an Agni Kai, don't burn his face, and don't banish him?

Iroh: Well, in your case it would be your experiences with your honorary father.

Zuko: Oh. Right.

Iroh: Let me tell you a secret, nephew. About parents. (leans in and whispers) None of them actually know what they're doing.

Zuko: …That's reassuring.

Iroh: (laughs jovially) Isn't it? When there's no rules, it's hard to mess up.

Zuko: Or really easy…

Iroh: Now. Weren't you going to have a nice, relaxing cup of tea with me?

Katara: I'm worried, Suki.

Suki: Why?

Katara: Well… what if my child is a waterbender?

Suki: What on earth is worrisome about that?

Katara: Because my firstborn child will one day rule the Fire Nation.

Suki: And…?

Katara: Well, how do you think the people of fire will take it if they're ruled by a waterbender?

Suki: (chuckles) You're hilarious, Katara.

Katara: No I'm not! It's a legitimate concern!

Suki: Katara, the people of fire are already ruled by a waterbender.

Katara: No they're-! Oh. You mean me.

Suki: Duh. There hasn't been a massive revolt yet, has there?

Katara: No…

Suki: There. You see? Everything's going to be fine.

Zuko: Katara, I made you a present!

Katara: Oh! A bowl! Oh, that's so funny.

Zuko: Yeah. Since you were so upset about that one breaking I thought you might like it replaced.

Katara: I've never known you to be artsy. But this is pretty decent work, hon.

Zuko: (teasing) Just decent?

Katara: (oblivious) Well, yeah. I mean, you can still see some small fissures in the clay. And this spot here is missing a coat of glaze, I think, since it's lighter- (Zuko takes it out of her hands) Hey!

Zuko: (mumbling) I'll show you decent…

Zuko: (lying in bed) Katara, make the baby stop kicking me.

Katara: The baby does what she wants. Believe me, if I could make her stop, I would. She's bruising my insides.

Zuko: He.

Katara: She.

Zuko: He. Move over and give me some room.

Katara: (whining) But you make a comfy pillow, Zuko.

Zuko: Aw Katara-


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