Chapter one: Serving the Queen

Prompt: #1 Introduction

Universe: Medieval AU

Rating: T

A/N: Part 1 of my 'reincarnation' series.


Different locations, different eras, different personalities... they met in different ways. But they never fell in love with different people. No matter when the time, when the place or who they were, or their status, they loved each other. That never changed, not when she was the regal queen of an empire and she her lowly servant; not when she was a commander on board a space ship and she her loyal first chief; not when they were born with an age gap, different genders or the same. The result was always similar.

The story of a queen and her servant.


"Absolutely not!" a woman exclaimed, slamming her fists on her throne's armrests. Seething, she dismissed the man with a snap of her fingers and crossed her legs, pushing her blond hair behind her ear.

"B-but Milady," the man stuttered, struggling against the guards, "you must be wed soon, you must provide heirs!"

"I will decide when it is time to provide heirs; is it not my body? You are dismissed, and do not bring this subject to my throne room ever again. If you do, there will be consequences," the Queen threatened, examining her nails.

The guards hid their smiles behind their gauntlets as they heard the man yell in outrage, demanding that the Queen marry his son. The man was none other than the father of Sir Steven Stone and a high-ranking noble in the land of Hoenn. His son, Steven, was an archaeologist, specializing in the extraction of rare gems and jewels, propelling the Stone family into prosperity. However, the Queen would have none of it; she was plenty rich already, and she was not interested in marriage at the moment... she had other preoccupations.

Namely, a certain blue-haired individual.

The Queen smirked as she thought of her little vixen, most likely tired out from last night's activities... she was always easily worn out, something the Queen found highly amusing.

"Milady," a soft voice interrupted the Queen's train of thought, "if I may... offer an opinion?"

The Queen smiled at the servant, uncrossing her legs and leaning back. The young lady in front of her was dressed in a maid's uniform, her blue hair tied back into a ponytail. She held a silver platter against her chest as she spoke and kept her blue eyes glued to the base of the throne.

"Of course, Dawn," the Queen airily replied.

Dawn blushed and took in a shuddering breath. "Well, I don't think it was wise turning away Sir Stone's proposal..." she trailed off at the look of fury present in the blonde's eyes.

The guards winced and tucked further into their armour to brace themselves.

"And who do you think you are, telling me what is or isn't wise?" the Queen demanded, enraged.

This time, Dawn gathered her resolve and stood her ground, dropping her platter and putting her hands on her hips. "You've refused fifty offers already, and you're almost thirty!" she yelled, glaring angrily at the Queen and making eye contact. The Queen looked shocked, but Dawn knew it wasn't because of what she said, but rather the sadness and disappointment that showed in her eyes. Dawn softened her voice and continued, "you need heirs, Milady, or the line won't continue and your ancestors' efforts will have been for naught."

The Queen remained silent, watching Dawn tighten her ponytail. The servant dusted off her uniform and picked up her platter, hugging it to her chest.

"The starly will not be flying today," Dawn murmured, glancing away from the Queen. Her Majesty's eyes widened and she stood up, confusing the guards who heard Dawn.

"They will, whether you like it or not," she retorted, glaring at Dawn. Dawn sighed and nodded, performing a curtsy and exiting the throne room.

The guards watched their Queen sigh, and for the first time, saw her resolve break. She looked extremely old, sitting on the throne with her eyes full of sadness and regret. She may have been wise beyond her years, but she looked vulnerable to her protectors. One guard stepped forward and kneeled in front of his queen. He was Sir Riley, the head guard, and the Queen's closest friend from childhood.

"Milady, I think you should go back to your quarters and rest. You've had a long day," he offered, extending his hand. She rolled her eyes and stood up, leaving the room and ignoring his help.

"Everyone seems to be offering their opinion today," she remarked, walking down the hall. She observed the servants running around, bowing to her or cleaning, and greeted them. Despite her bad streak with nobles from different regions, the Queen was a very good ruler. She always made sure her people were happy and healthy, and though some detested her for her refusal to get married, they appreciated her dedication to the throne.

She sighed as she entered her lavish room and closed the door. Shedding her formal attire, she donned her nightwear and laid in her bed, hoping to get some rest as Sir Riley kindly suggested. Just as she closed her eyes, her door opened and a figure entered, shutting the door behind them. The Queen knew who it was before they even spoke, recognizing their soft, shy footsteps from anywhere.

"Milady, Sir Riley told me you'd be here," Dawn explained, sitting on the bed beside her queen.

The Queen sighed and opened her eyes, rolling them. "Dawn, you know how annoying it is when you call me that in private, so stop."

Dawn grinned. "I know, just wanted to bug you," she giggled.

They sat in silence, staring at each other. Dawn reached her hand forward and pushed the Queen's hair back gently, cupping her cheek.

"I'm sorry for yelling at you, Cynthia," Dawn murmured, leaning forward, "I just... I don't want you to live your life without children or getting married."

Cynthia sighed and sat up, embracing girl. "I know and I understand but I love what we have... I don't need a husband to rule a country and I'm pretty sure I don't need a man to have children."

Dawn laughed and she flicked Cynthia's forehead. "Of course you do, silly, but what we have... we can't have it forever, you know," she solemnly replied.

Cynthia frowned and placed her chin atop Dawn's head. "Don't talk like that," she muttered, undoing the girl's ponytail and running her fingers through her hair. She moved the younger girl to her lap and pulled her close, resting the girl's head on her breast.

"Well, we need one reasonable person in this relationship," Dawn retorted, rolling her eyes.

"...I'll take it," Cynthia sighed, closing her eyes in defeat.

"Take what?" Dawn whispered against her lover's neck, eyelashes fluttering against the Queen's collarbone.

Cynthia moaned slightly and pushed Dawn back, refusing to meet her eyes. "Stone's offer; I'll take it. We need a bridge between us and Hoenn anyway, so this is our best bet. Besides, I've met Steven before and he's... pleasant, if not a little preoccupied with his damn rocks."

Dawn smiled, but it was bittersweet and horribly morose. "I'm glad. I guess I'll have to move away now, won't I?" she asked, blinking back tears.

"No. I won't allow you. You will stay and continue to serve me, is that clear?" Cynthia harshly whispered, shaking the girl's shoulders.

"But... we can't have relations like this anymore when you get married. It'll be illegal and wrong and do you know how much it'll hurt watching you with someone else?" Dawn cried, wrapping her arms around the Queen's neck.

"I don't care, I can't live without you. The minute I saw you at that market six years ago begging for a job I knew I wanted you forever. Maybe in another life we'll be together happily, but I want someone I can trust to watch after me and my children if we go too far deep," Cynthia explained, gripping her lover to her possessively.

Dawn eyes watered with emotion and she burst into tears, crying into her lover's neck. She sniffled as Cynthia tried to calm her down, soothing her with her voice. After an hour of sobbing, the couple calmed down and simply laid next to each other, eyes closed and in an embrace.

In this life, it simply was not enough to love and be loved. Status and gender had torn them asunder, and they were left with broken pieces of the love they shared. Dawn grew old and remained the caretaker of the Queen's family, well into her hundreds, while Cynthia died prematurely in her late forties due to poisoning during a visit to the Orre region.

As Dawn lay in her deathbed, surrounded by the children of her dead lover, them now old with children as well, she shed a tear, closing her eyes.

"In another life..." she whispered, before succumbing to eternal sleep.