Chapter twenty-three: Monochrome

Prompt: #31 Colors

Universe: Gameverse

Rating: K


It was dark. It was cold. She shivered, breathing out frost and swallowing crystals. It was blurry, and white and she couldn't see a damn thing! Trembling, she clutched her coat tighter. She wandered aimlessly in the snow, hoping, wishing someone would just find her or a cabin would miracuously appear before her. She even wished one of those annoying, perceptive trainers would spot her and challenge her to a battle. At least it would heat her up and she could ask for directions.

No such luck.

She doubted anything breathed, let alone lived, in a fifty meter radius. What a depressing thought that was, she bitterly scolded herself. Step after step she trudged, boots full of snow and body nearly frozen stiff. She tried not to cry at her predicament, since she knew it'd only be counter-productive; her lashes would freeze and she wouldn't be able to see anything.

It was so dull, so simple. There was white in front, white below, white above... everything was white, even her thoughts. So monochromatic... she wished for something new. A splash a pink, a hint of blue wouldn't hurt. Something lively, unlike this endless stream of white death. She saw a glow of yellow in her thoughts and paused, coming to a stop in the snow. Where was she? Who was she?

'I'm Dawn, best pokémon trainer in Sinnoh. I'm stuck in a blizzard on route 216 with no way out.'

She continued moving and squinted her eyes at the brief flash of steel. She stopped once more, heart thudding against her chest. Why was she seeing things all of a sudden? Was she going mad? Dawn shook her head and continued.

Suddenly, a streak of black shot through and she stumbled back, landing backwards. She gasped at the cold and her face showed her misery. She didn't understand what was going on... maybe the cold was finally getting to her. Her pokéballs were frozen shut, so her pokémon wouldn't be able to help her. She took a deep breath, swallowing icy cold flecks. She stood on her shaky legs and marched stiffly. Step, step, step, step...

A sudden feeling of despair invaded her thoughts and persuaded a sob to claw its way out her throat. What if she couldn't make it? Would she die here, alone, in some unknown pit in the snow? Would she die cold, numb, young and leave her mother by herself? Gritting her teeth, Dawn pulled out her confidence and willpower.


That syllable seemed to echo in her thoughts and bounce around the white background. She wouldn't die, because she had pokémon to take care of, trainers to challenge, a mother to go home to, someone to love...

Her face, already red from the cold, started to heat up and she was glad for the burn. Her teeth clattered against each other and she shut her eyes, preferring the comforting darkness to the dangerous white. She opened them with a start, forgetting that closing her eyes could lead to temporary freezing on her eyelids. She was tired, cold and sleepy. The snow looked soft, and she was already numb to the bone, so why not sleep for a bit?


Dawn nodded to herself and stalked forward. Suddenly, she tripped over something and gasped, mouth full of snow. Pushing herself up, she glared behind her. There was zero visibility, so she resorted to feeling her way around. Her hand came into contact with a frozen solid, and she traced it up. It felt like a beam of some sort. An epiphany came to her, and she put her foot forward, landing on a platform higher than what she was on now.

A smile broke out on her face and she raced up the steps she'd discovered. Bless the souls of the people who built this cabin. She threw the door open and shut it behind her, dropping her belongings on the floor. Stripping her jacket, she ran to the only warm bed and collapsed on it, falling in a blissful, warm sleep.

She dreamed of colours, as far as the eye could see. Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange! Shades of lively colours streaming all around her. They swirled around and she sighed in bliss, falling back into a ball of pink cotton candy. This was better than drab white or unknown black. The colours swirled in front of her vision and she watched, mesmerized, as they formed a shape with long, blond hair and steel eyes. She smiled, a pretty blush on her face. Cynthia followed her everywhere, even in her dreams. Maybe she'd be there when she woke up.

And she was, a worried frown on her face and her warm arms wrapped around the teen. She held on tight to the girl, sharing body heat and the comfort of her fur coat. Dawn peeked sleepily beneath her lashes and grinned lazily, snuggling further into the woman.

"So warm... and.. colourful," she murmured, confusing the older woman.

Dawn slipped into her rainbow dreams once more, and dreamed of frolicking in fields full of flowers.