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So the day started normally for Hungary she went through her things to do. Visit Austria, yell at Prussia, smack Prussia with a frying pan for being an idiot, leave to go clean up her house exc. There was something else on this agenda for her that she was almost excited about, the party Alfred was throwing. She hadn't been to a party in forever.


Her phone buzzed wildly on the table near her. Then she looked at the caller I.D.

… Oh god, she face palmed after looking.

"What do you want?" she mumbled angrily into the phone. "TO SAY I'M AWESOME," Prussia stated, Hungry felt as if she would barf. "And…"she sighed into the phone, "To ask you if you vanted to go to the party together?" Prussia's voice shook softly when he said 'together'. "No Prussia I already made a reservation at the parking area and paid for my parking spot," she stated "and it's too late to cancel, sorry." Prussia humphed into the phone "Fine, see ya at the party." Hungary rolled her eyes "Goodbye Prussia." She stated then hung up. Relief was the last thing she felt when she looked at the clock. "Shit."

7:30 p.m

She gasped, she had 30 minutes before she had to leave. Flinging herself towards her bed room to get ready. She pulled out her low cut black dress with her red pumps for a color accent and a silver necklace and laid them out on her bed with her small chain strap black purse, and then she rushed to the shower.


Finally she finished getting ready and curling her hair she looked at the clock.

7:55 p.m

"Yes five minutes early," Hungary fist pumped "I think that's a new record!" she flopped down on her couch with relief.


She had a text from Italy,

Italy: Ve, Mrs. Hungary are you going to America's party?

Hungary: Yes Italy I am Why?

Italy: Ve, that's great I just wanted to know bieMrs. Hungary!

Hungary: Alright Italy see you there.

She checked the time, "Time to go!" she stated silently, getting up grabbing her keys and rushing out the door.