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"W-What do you mean Liech?" Hungary questioned nervously, palms sweating as if she had been caught reading smutty doujinshi.
"You know...the usual..." Liechtenstein replied in a wispy girly whisper.
"What's up?! How have you been, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THAT CLOSET?"
Hungary panicked. "Umm- uhh... Well... OH I FORGOT SOMETHING IN MY CAR!" Hungary turned to bolt back out the door.
"Nope, Lizzy; it can wait." Hungary heard two boulders smashing against each other- no, wait!
"Of course, Ukraine is here,", Hungary thought. "Ugh fine I'll talk!" She finally gave in. Hungary knew she was dealing with two of the most stubborn nations in all of Europe.
"YAY!" they both cheered as Hungary sat down and Ukraine plopped down to the right of Hungary after she closed the door, bounciness heard all around the place. "Well...what happened with you and Romania?" Liech giggled excitedly, Hungary's eyes widened.
"w' k's'd." Hungary mumbled into her hands, and blushed.
"What!?" her best friends questioned, feeling like they understood, but weren't quite sure.
" WE KISSED! OK?!" Hungary blabbed in an outburst larger than Ukraine's coconuts.
Flopping back with a sigh, her friends exclaimed," WHAT!"
"SHUT UP!" Hungary screamed. And her friends' cascading streams of questions ceased like a sudden fierce drought occurred. And Hungary breathed- inhaled and exhaled in and out deeply, and began. " Yes, no, I'm not sure, yes, and I think... I dunno!"
Ukraine and Liech shared a look, nodded, and smiled " EEK OH MY GOD!" they screamed. "IT'S LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET!" Liech squealed, "OMG SO UNEXPECTED AND NOBODY CAN KNOW!"
Ukraine swooned,"IT'S SO ROMANTIC!"
Liech paused- and had a look of realization.

" I KNOW WHAT TO CALL IT!" she screamed.

"What?" Hungary and Ukraine questioned.

"IT'S LIKE... A HIDDEN AND UNEXPECTED ROMANCE!" Liech's eyes were burning bright. Hungary twitched.

" VERDAMMT!" Hungary screamed in German.

Romania's Story... Or POV...

"OWW MAH HEAD!" Romania groaned as he sat up,

"Romania! What happened in that closet that almost got you killed?" England growled, placing a wet cloth on the Romanian's forehead, which was stitched with 800 stitches. (COUGHexaggerationCOUGH)

"WOAH! WHEN DID YOU GET HERE?!" Romania was scared shitless.
England rolled his eyes in annoyance.

" Ugh. Someone had to drag your sorry- passed- out- arse home!" England retorted.

"Oh haha! Ya... Well, you really want to know?" Romania questioned.

"Yes, I do." England replied,

eyes shining bright green like Hungary during a serious fanfic moment.

Romania glanced around."Nobody else is here right?"

"Not unless you have a butler."

Romania took a deep breath before breaking the news. "Hungary and I kissed."

England's eyes widened with surprise. Hungary?"Whot. The. Fruk."

Romania chuckled. "Ya, and we tried to hide it by making her punch me."

England shook him hard. "Well you did a good job of it you git!" Then he paused. "So there's a chance that your childhood crush that you shared a first kiss with likes you back."

Romania shook his head "I think so, Artie."

England scowled. " Don't call me that,, wanker!"

Romania chuckled "Ok, ok so only your American love Alfred can call you nicknames?"

"YES!" England shouted, then groaned when he realized what he had said. "TELL NO ONE!"

Romania laughed in response. "Ditto with me and Hungary."

England sighed in relief. "Deal." Then the dudes did their secret-magic-hand- Harlem-shake.

The next day in the world conference,...(Hungary's POV)

A new day, a new meeting in...Romania...FFFUUUUCCCKKK!

"Are your nervous ?" Liech questioned me with a giggle.

"Tell no-one Liech, you too Ukraine." I begged, with a pleading tone and down on my knees. They looked at each other and nodded.

" OKAY!" I breathed out. "Thank you." and we walked into the room. "S'up Hungary. Do you like my BEAUTIFUL country?" Romania asked with a smile...like a devious one.

"No." I said my eyes narrowing.

"Aww, but yours is worse than mine; how could you not like it?" He said, with feigned innocence.

"I'll cut your throat." I mono-toned- and everyone else shivered- cold sweat dropped as the temperature in the room dropped ten degrees- even Russia and Belarus got the cold, icy shock of it all.

"O-okay LETS GET STARTED! " he shivered, trying to avoid my icy stare with precision.

"Umm, America, you're first."America stopped his trance and smiled a HUGE grin the size of the Rockies Mountains. " OKAY DUDES!" And he stood up. " So my idea stop Global Warming IS TOTALLY GONNA WORK! FIRST WE NEED TO GENETICALLY ENGINEER A SUPERHER-." And cue-ing my tuning out, my gaze wondered lazily around the room and then I saw Romania. He was staring. Right. At. ME. WHAT THE HELL?

'What?' I mouthed to him, and he replied, 'I am soooo bored!'

And my eyes narrowed, and I then mouthed 'Why are you staring at me?'

And he took a quick glance to make sure nobody saw talking "talking" so to speak, and he began, 'Because I can.'

I then scowled. 'Well STOP!' I mouthed, and emphasized "Stop."

He then snickered.

"AMERICA SIT DOWN THAT'S A STUPID IDEA!" England yelled. And my attention was brought back to a defeated America plopping in his seat, and England took a deep breath. " Who's next Romania?" He questioned, and Romania's head snapped towards him. "Ummm," he looked down.

" Uh, Hungary." He slouched.

" You upset that I broke your nose, still? " He scowled, and lightly touched his nose, and winced. "Yes, actually."

And I grinned. "Too bad!" And I skipped to the podium and started my presentation.

Magic time skip by Random Toria~~~~~


England got up. "One more announcement, please." He asked, and Germany stepped down from the podium.

"Of course, England." And the country came up to the podium.

"Yes, thank you. The annual ball this year will be in London, England. The theme is masquerade. You will

get letters in your mail boxes with more information after you read this "letter." If you

have any further questions, please contact me." And he left the podium, and as everyone left

the room, my yaoi senses were tingling.

"Yaoi." I whispered to Liech, and Japan, and they followed me. We then peeked into a separate room, and we could hear whispers, and saw

two people.

" What are you doing?" A giggle.

" I'm asking you something important!" The voices were very distinguished; England and America's.

"Whot is it America?" said the British country as he breathed in.

"Will you go with me to the ball?" and England giggled at the question- GIGGLED!

"Of course poppet!" We looked at each other and internally squealed when America kissed England smack on the

lips ((I feel bad for the Fruk fans...)).

"My god." I whispered as we all pulled away from the door before the other two countries left the room. I felt something in my pocket, I slipped into the bathroom and took out the small object. It was a necklace- a gold cross with an intricate design on the front-with four small diamonds on the points of it, and in the center was a sparkling emerald. On the back, it was a completely smooth surface... Except for an engraving that spelled out: "Tu ești lumina mea, viața mea, totul pentru mine, te iubesc - V. L." I couldn't make out what it said, or the language was, but there was a typed note attached it said:

"Show the engraving to no-one and always keep this on your person." I gently slipped the

note back into my pocket, and put on the necklace. It matched perfectly with my complexion.

As I walked out of the wash room, I whispered a small "Thank you."

I touched the necklace with a small smile and made my way to my car.

How can I find out what it says?

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