Chapter One: Liliana

A freak, a monster, a mistake, an abomination. All of those harsh words have been said many times before to me or about me. You see, I am not normal when it comes to everyone in the 'mythical world' because I am something that was never meant to see the light day or even be created. And yet, here I am breathing and about to seventeen here soon. I am hybrid, my mother was a shifter and my father was a vampire. When I was three, my mother died in a house invasion while trying to protect her and I, mostly me. My father was gone by that time and the only nice thing he did for my mother then was to give us a large sum of his money to buy us a house and pay for us to live there with no trouble and with everything we needed. I never met the man that helped create a monster like me, but I remember my mother telling me that he loves me, even though he is never around. From the moment the police found me in the abandoned house, a week after my mother was killed and was left to rot, I was bounced in the foster homes of Italy and never stayed in a place longer then a few weeks to a few days. Not until my fifth birthday, did someone finally adopt me for good. Apparently, my mother's family has been searching for my mother for years and when they heard about her death and that she had me and I was off alone in the world, they started to search for me. A family friend adopted me as their own and I joined the Black family. Billy became like a father to me and his wife became like my mother. I was accepted into the family, despite my vampire side that was only known by the adults. Jacob and I became really close since we were so close in age and separated by only a few months. He would always spend time with me and then would go spend tons of time with the Swan girl when she came over to spend time with her dad. I envied her being born human and getting the choice to one day what she wants to be later.

When I was thirteen, I finally got to meet my blood relatives, the Uleys. By that time, my name was legally changed and I was quite content on it being that way. Sam and Allison were kind to me when I first met them, Sam mostly. Allison only saw me as the creation of my mother's stupidity and the reason as to why my mother went into hiding and was dead. Sam loved my mother dearly and saw me as another connection to her. He protected me from everything from playground bullies and Allison's harsh words about my existence and my mother. Billy made sure that my diet was mostly human food, nothing vampire related. For years, I ate as a vegetarian to hide it. Jacob always called me a bunny for eating so many vegetables. When Rachel and Rebecca left for college, I felt a little bit alone again. My second mother was killed in an accident and my sisters left to live their lives. Sam went missing for some time before returning a changed man. I could not believe it when he came back and smelled like something that I had not smelled in many years. Then, he changed even more when he started to date Emily Young. Leah was furious and became even more distant around me because of my familial relation to Sam. I will never forget the day Sam came to me about joining the pack he was to create as time went on. It was the greatest day of my life.

I put my pen down and look at the little biography of myself that I wrote for my English class. After a quick stretch and a spin in my chair, I ran out of my room to go downstairs to greet the guys after a long patrol. Sam is laughing with the boys as he walks back to the house and I bounce on the front porch as I watch them walk over. Jacob waves to me when he sees me and makes his way over to give me the first hug. I squeal and hug his neck tight before running to hug Sam. He picks me up and spins me around like I am a little girl.

"Did you start on you English paper?" Sam ask, just like a concerned parent asks.

"I started it while you are gone. It is supposed to be a biography, but I cannot write out my true life story if the teacher thinks it is a piece of fiction," I say with a big smile. Sam asked Billy if I could stay with him and Emily some days, so I spend many of my school days at their house and the holidays and weekends with Billy.

"If the teacher was born and raised on the reservation, they know the story about us and know what some of us are," Jared says, as he ruffles my curly hair. I punch his arm playfully and go inside to help get Emily ready for the boys and their never ending stomachs. The house is soon filed with laughter and I smile at their happiness.

"But you have to remember that not everyone wants to believe the legends are true," Quil says. The boys swarm the table and eat to their hearts content. It is nice to see the boys all together and happy again, after the scary war that just happened with the Cullens. I have not met them yet and I am a little scared to meet them. If their human/vampire hybrid child was the spark of that little war, what will they do if they learn of my existence?

"Liliana, just turn it in and if the teacher tries to cause any problems, let us know and we can all go and fix the problem," Embry says and pulls me into a sideways hug. I laugh and hug his waist.

"You guys are all so sweet and you guys are only being like this because I am related to the two alphas," I tease the boys. The boys exclaim as Jacob and Sam laugh at my truthful comment. One person in particular has caught my eye because he has not said a word since he walked into the door. I know he is new to the family because his scent is new and he is quiet. I look over at him and as I saw his eyes, I knew he had to be mine. Something in me sparked and it made my heart skip a beat. The world around me changed and everything slowed down. All I could see was him and nothing else, as if there was something that was connecting me to him. What is this feeling that I am feeling to him? Could it be...?