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Beca stayed in bed all morning the day after the riff-off. She hoped that maybe she had dreamt the whole night before, but when she received the text from Stacie saying to expect her around 4 so they could discuss it, she knew she hadn't.

Jesse had been unusually quiet that day and Beca knew it was out of fear. Her reaction the night before, one of shame and anger, was probably not one he wanted to see. Beca wasn't dumb; she knew he had feelings for her. And maybe she felt the same, but last night was the final night she could deny it to herself. Now she had to do something. She could either accept her feelings and leave the Bellas to be with him or she could ignore the feelings more and completely shatter Jesse's heart. Either one left something to be desired, so Jesse's silence meant a lot of free time for her to think. And thinking was one of Beca's least favorite things to do. She would much prefer a blank mind as she relaxed in bed.

She finally crawled out of bed and moped her way down the hall to the bathroom. If she was going to have to face Stacie in an hour, she was at least going to feel clean and comfortable.


A knock at the door alerted Beca to Stacie's arrival, and when Beca begrudgingly opened the door, she was shocked (and slightly frightened) to find a certain redhead standing with Stacie.

"Seriously?!" Chloe said as she pushed past Beca into the room.

Instead of responding, Beca immediately turned on Stacie. "You told her?!"

"I didn't know what to do! I never expected that you would be the one to break the oath!" Stacie shouted back.

"I can't believe it either. I figured Stacie was more of a threat than you," Chloe said. She quickly glanced to Stacie. "No offense."

"None taken. I get it," the statuesque brunette said in agreement.

Beca shook her head and plopped down on her bed. "Look, I know I screwed up. I never planned it, it just happened, and then it just… kept happening."

"When did it start?" Stacie asked.

"Initiation night. We were both drunk and I didn't think the oath was actually serious until Aubrey kicked out Cory and Mary Elise that first day."

Chloe threw her arms in the air. "Then why didn't you just toss it aside as a fluke and stop it when you knew it really was forbidden?"

Blushing, Beca shrugged. "Because I didn't want to."

Stacie smiled. "He's good, then?"

"The best."

With a smirk, Stacie muttered, "Go Swanson."

Chloe rolled her eyes at the two brunettes. "I'm happy for you, Bec. You guys are a cute couple. But that—"

"Hey, whoa," Beca interrupted. "We're not a couple. We're just having sex."

"Oh get off it, Beca. You obviously have a toner for him."

"Yeah, I could tell you guys liked one another the first time I ever saw you two interact," agreed Stacie. "It smelled like Tijuana every time you two got close. I just wasn't expecting you were acting on it."

Beca suddenly got very shy and crossed her arms. "I never said I didn't like him, just that we weren't a couple."

"Then what are you waiting for, girl?" Stacie exclaimed.

"Relationships don't work! If we started dating, I would run as soon as things got comfortable."

"That's so stupid. So you're comfortable enough to fuck him, but not enough to be his girlfriend?"

"Oh, that's rich coming from you, Stacie. Your hunter goes around fucking anything that'll stand still long enough without dating them, but it's stupid if I do it with one guy."

"Those guys know what it is. Jesse, on the other hand, is head over heels in love with you and gets trampled constantly by you for kissing the ground you walk on."

"Love isn't real! Besides, he doesn't have major ass feelings like those. He's a guy."

"And you're a bitch."

Chloe clapped her hands to distract them. "Ladies! Stop fighting. We have more important stuff to discuss right now," she said. "Beca, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, but that won't suddenly make Aubrey okay with you disregarding the oath. You know how much I wanted you on the team and how much I had to argue with Aubrey to convince her to bring you on despite your alternativeness, and if we suddenly lose you because you couldn't control yourself around Jesse, we won't stand a chance this season. Regionals are in two weeks and we won't get passed on if Aubrey kicks you off the Bellas. You might deny it, but you're talented, Beca. We need you."

"If I'm so important, then why would Aubrey kick me off?"

"Because she's stubborn. The oath has been intact our entire time on the team and she'll be damned if she drops it now. If she can't act on her love for Unicycle, then nobody can for anybody." Chloe's eyes suddenly got very wide. "Oh my god, Aubrey swore me to secrecy that she loves Uni. Shit, I said it again! Ignore that. It's supposed to be a secret."

"Yay, a blabbermouth knows about me and Jesse. Thanks, Stacie." Beca rolled her eyes.

Stacie glared at Beca. "Don't turn this on us. You're the one who broke the rules and is gonna have to deal with all this shit."

"Then what should we do? What's the solution?" Beca asked.

"First thing first: don't tell Aubrey. Stacie and I will try to keep your secret—"

"Wait, try to?" Beca said.

"—so that you can stay on the Bellas. But this thing that you're doing with Jesse is wrong if you're not going to make anything official."

"But things are fine the way they are," Beca whined, not liking the idea of change.

"They might be to you, Bec, but you know Jesse wants more and if you continue keeping him at arms length, you're just gonna keep hurting him. Either date him secretly, or drop him altogether." Stacie shrugged, finally delivering some tough love.

"Neither of those sound very appealing," Beca said with a grimace.

Chloe said simply, "Those are really your only choices. Otherwise… stuff is gonna get too messy."

Beca stared off into space. This was never how she imagined things ending up. She thought that throughout the year, she and Jesse could continue their… whatever it was. Then, come May, she could leave, go to LA, and leave it all behind. And now, she would either have an attachment in the future or lose the one she has now for fun. "But what if he—"

A knock at the door interrupted Beca's idea. "Come in," she called out.

Jesse swung in through the door like a 90s sitcom star, holding his laptop in his arms. He stopped short when he saw the two other Bellas in the room. "Hello, ladies. How are you?"

Chloe lifted an eyebrow. "Fine, thanks. We were just going. We'll leave you two to your… evening." She got up and looked to Beca. "Talk to you tomorrow."

"Don't do anything I would do," Stacie added with a wink. She glanced down to Jesse's pants. "What're we talking? Seven? Eight?"

"Stacie, get out!" Beca quickly got up and pushed the other girl towards the door to follow Chloe.

"Oh my god, nine?" Stacie yelled as the door shut in her face.

Beca turned to see a genuine look of confusion on Jesse's face. "Seven or eight what?" he asked.

She smiled coyly. "Inches, Jesse. Inches."

He blushed as he put his laptop down on the bed and took a DVD case out of his jacket's inside pocket. "Ready for movication?"