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I'm not sure when it happened the first time. Maybe it was when he first explained who he was; explained that he saved me from Hell. Or maybe it was one of the many times he saved me and Sam from yet another life threatening situation. But I really think that it was when he admitted that he was wrong and ultimately helped Sam.

It was brave of him to completely take Sam's insanity. To become one with the Devil as Sam was. I saw how Sam was. Slowly being broken down, unable to eat and sleep. Then he saved him. He pulled the memories into himself and allowed Sam to live. It almost killed him, and that in itself was scary enough. If it almost killed an angel, what would it have done to a human. Granted the human had demon blood inside him, but still.

Now, though, he seems to have been completely healed. The memories are still there and he still sees him. I think he just got stronger, was able to contain everything more. He changed after he took the memories though. Got a sense of humor and lost the cool, bland way he spoke to people. He is no longer so oblivious to things, he is much more observant.

It's the little things about him that make me glad that I chose to be with him after all this time. Sam wanted to leave again, he is always leaving. But my angel simply told me to let him and is now the only company I keep for more than a day. It's impossible to keep other company, really. We share an apartment, share a room, and share a bed. I never would thought that this was what my future would bring.

Not only had I always swung towards women, I had simply thought of him as my friend. Most people don't start serious relationships with their best friends, although we aren't exactly most people. Everything that we have been through, I'm just grateful that we have each other. When everyone around us leaves or dies, it's nice to have an angel to come home to.

We were able to rebuild Bobby's house and we turned it into the salvage yard and office that it was once meant to be. I mean, sure, when we want a break from the big city, we go on weekend excursions to the house and relax. He gets to go on his long walks and I get to fix cars. And we both get the lake visits that Sam and I used to treasure so much while we stayed with Bobby while Dad was on hunts.

I think everyone we used to call family would be proud of us and what we were able to create with the shreds of life that we were given. Sam was finally able to go back to school, last I heard. He isn't big on talking to me anymore. I suppose that the stress of the life finally got to him, or maybe he fell into another relationship. God knows the kid could never stay in a relationship as long as I was around.

But I think as long as I can lie in this bed and hold my angel close to me that life is as good as it's going to get. I used to dream that Mom and Dad were still alive and that Sam still had Jess. And it used to keep me up at night, along with the nightmares. Sometimes it feels like the life is never really behind us, I keep expecting some big, bad monster to show up and start a whole other mess.

As the night gets later, I slowly climb from the bed as not to wake the sleeping angel and walk around the apartment, checking the devil's traps and the salt lines. After making sure all the windows and doors are shut and locked, I check my phone to finally find a voicemail from Sam calling to tell me that he is doing fine. As I walk back to bed, I think that this is finally the apple pie life that Sam and I deserve after saving the world for so many years.