Faster and Furiouser-er 8: Beyond Fast, Beyond Furious

In the hills of coastal Spain, in a villa not far from the shores of pleasant waves and pitter-patter of tourists, sat a man in a yard. Blonde short-cropped hair, blue shirt, medium build. Just by looking at his face you would know he was hard as nails, but soft as well. In his hands, a Corona. Beside him, sat another man.

This man was the definition of man. He was bald, tattooed, muscled and always scowling. But, if you got close enough to him, you'd find that he is the most loyal friend you could ever wish for.

"Man Brian... I sure am glad we stopped racing and stealing things and breaking the law." Dom said, taking a sip of his Corona.

"Yes, Dom, it sure is great to have settled down and pursue the family life." Brain said, taking a sideglance of a photo of him and Mia, along with their child.

"We are never racing, or stealing anything, or something crazy like that ever again." Dom said, standing up and shaking off some sand from an earlier swim.

"That would be fantastic." Brain said, shaking Dom's hand and leading him back into the villa.

But everything changed the next week...

Brian, clad in a pink "Kiss my Posi-Trac" apron, was cooking for his family when he heard a loud, throaty V8 roar up close to his villa. Seconds later, his front door was busted in.

"BRIAN!" It was Dom.


"Ok." Said Brian, dropping the glass plate of cookies and shedding off the apron.

Dom and Brian walked out of the villa, with Brain putting on his sunglasses as he walked to his lightning blue 1970 Nissan Skyline, while Dom walked to his signature 1970 Dodge Charger.

"Let's do this." Dom said, looking over to Brian as he revved his engine.

"Let's go kick some ass." Brian replied, gunning the engine as he and Dom ran down the road, with Mia looking forlornly out of the second story window.


"Brian! Get Letty!"

"Goddamnit Dom, we don't have time to play hero! It's over!"

"Why don't you love me anymore?!"

"HAHAHA! Guess who's back in the house, bitches! Hide yo' panties and get your asses ready, cause we're comin' in HAARRDDD!"

"Brian! Tej! Get down! NOOOOSSSSSS!"

Better buckle up, and grab onto your e-brakes, cause we're going redline in the next chapter!