Author's note:Here, I added few new character,It was Dasy,Trace,Toby,Joe,Teran,Spector,Yuma,Dale,Batter a,Draco & Drace! Remember,That i do not own PoM, but I DO own draco and others. Okay, here's goes Nothing!

First location: Park Lake: 2200 hours

Draco: Welcome To the Truth and Dare show! I'm Draco, the Host of Nothing! With my twin Sister, Drace, we will brought a very good Show!

Skipper: *pushed table in the front of Draco* And now, Scooter Alvarez, for the highlights and lowlights..

Draco: Security!

2 Security: *draged Skipper away*

Draco:By The way Skip, Thanks for the Table!

Drace: Okay, so... who the first dare?

Trace: Ooh, me,me,me,me,mee! I dare Skipper gets Injected 10 Times in a ROW!

Skipper: Wha?

Drace: * holded Needle in her paw* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAU!

Skippper: NOOOO! * escaped through window*

Drace: *chase him*

Draco: Okay, NEXT DARE?

Toby: I dare Kowalski kiss Hans.

Kowalski:Ack! I better kill my self than kissing that puffin!

Hans: Whats your Problem ha?

Rico: ya must do it caz its a dar!


Toby: Curse? Just Try.*Pushed Kowalski toward Hans that accidently cause Kowalski to kiss Hans*

Kowalski:*Pushed hans away* YUUCCKKK! *Tackle Toby*


King Julien: Eeh..Excuse me, who making that screaming?

Skipper: *Slammed the door,crying*Mommy!That hurt!

All:*Laughed sarcastically*

Skipper:*sobs* I'm gonna kill you all!

Drace: next dare,please.

Dasy: I dare Private burns his own Lunacorns! *smirked*

Private: not my LUNACORNS! *crying loudly,flooding the park*

Drace & Draco: Shut it! We can die!

Draco: if you won't stop Crying, I'll burn that sucking thing alone!

Private: *Won't stop crying*

Draco: All right, I do it then. *fly toward the penguin HQ,opened a cupboard that wrote: Private's Lunacorn toy & accecories,drag it out from the HQ and burn it into dust*

Private: *Cry even louder*NOOOOO!LUNACORN!

Drace: Next dare?

Yuma: I dare Skipper sing a lullaby song.

Skipper: What?you know if I sang a lullaby, I will fall asleep!

Yuma: Yeah, whatever.

5 minutes after Skipper sang the song, everyone on the park falls asleep, Including Skipper it self.

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