judgement of friends

sailor scouts:

serena tsukino : age 18 (princess of the moon) princess serenity, sailor moon, neo queen serenity of future neo tokyo

ami mizuno : age 18 (sailor mercury)

mina aino : age 18 (sailor venus)

rei hino : age 18 (sailor mars)

lita kino : age 18 (sailor jupiter)

trista meioh : age 24 (sailor pluto)

amara tenoh : age 21 (sailor uranus)

michelle kaioh :age 21 (sailor neptune)

hotaru toemo :age 10 (sailor saturn)






dareien shields : age 22 (prince of earth) prince endyminon, tuxcedo mask, king endyminion of neo tokyo

malcom knight : age 23 ( general malachite)

jay stone : age 22 (general jedite)

zack hydras : age 22 (general zoisicite)

nick forest : age 22 (general nephrite)


rinni shields : age 9 ( future princess of earth and moon) small lady, neo princess serenity of neo tokyo, sailor mini moon

helios : age 13 (pegasus) guardian of elysion, protector of dreams, rini's suiter and friend.

seiya kou : age 19 (sailor star fighter) lead singer in the three lights, member of the sailor starlights

yaten kou :age 19 ( sailor star healer ) member of the three lights and sailor starlights

taiki kou : age 19 ( sailor star maker ) member of the three lights and the sailor starlights

kakyuu : starlight princess

molly baker: serenas friend

melvin umino: molly's boyfriend and serenas freind

andrew foreman: owner of crown arcade and both serena's and daren's friend

lizzie foreman: andrews little sister

rita blake: andrews girlfriend

chad kumada: rei's and grandpas helper

greg urawa: ami's friend

saeku mino: ami's mother

grandpa hino: rei's grandfather

takashi hino: rei's father

risa hino: rei's dead mother

ilene tsukino: serenas mother

ken tsukino: serenas father

sammy tsukino: serena's brother


serena has just finished hgh school but the inner scouts have been ignoring her for months not wanting to be around her. Darien also has been to busy with school thinking everything is fine with serena. but not knowing how the girls how the girls have been towards her. so serena decides to leave and go off on her own. With the outer scouts and her cat guardians she sets out to train and better herself. Along the way she encounters new and old friends and meets long forgotten allies.
but what will happen when she is needed to return to tokyo where angry inner scouts await, along with a worried darien?