Only she can be this perfect: A Generator Rex Story

This story does contain romance and César Salazar ramblings!

" " means speaking

' ' means thoughts

Cesar POV

Blonde hair. 1 blue eye, one green. That Body. She was so amazing even I noticed her perfection within seconds of seeing the breath taking smile she sent me, she was like an angel that had been misplaced by God. Well that was if God is real and we can prove the theory of his ex- 'Damn, getting off task here' my thoughts interrupt my in head rambling.

I was transported here two days ago after the providence French branch had minor issues with some escaped evos, injuring some of their scientist which were stationed here. On my first day I hadn't me her yet, but that night I had gotten a weird feeling at the bottom of my stomach, before I went to sleep. My morning started off as usual, wake up, get dressed, some minor portion of food for 'breakfast'…. Then I walked to the lab I had been allowed to use while I was here and I had found her standing at the back of my lab, unnoticed by my appearance until the door closed with a small 'click', making her turn around to face me.

Back to the present. I and the fallen angel where having a minor stare down from opposite sides of the lab, trying to decide who would talk first.

"Hey, I'm guessing you're Dr. César Salazar?" She questioned me with a smile in a sweet, unsure voice, approaching me then holding out her hand for a formal shake. 'She's absolutely gorgeous' I thought in a kind of trance. The top of her head reached my eyes, making her a couple of inches shorter than me, she was skinny and had curves in all the right places, long blonde hair that reached the back of her knees in a slightly wavy style and 1 blue and 1 green eye. She was simply breathtakingly beautiful. She wore a skirt which had a slit up the side, showing off her sun kissed skin and wore a white blouse which had no sleeves and had small ruffles near the surrounding the buttons and chest area. 'She's H.O.T' a voice that sounded like Rex's shouted from the back of my mind, making me blush a light pink over my cheeks. 'I hope she doesn't see me blushing.' I thought while swallowing deeply.

"Ummm…. Yes. Just call me César though" I reply while grasping her hand and shaking lightly ,giving a huge smile. 'Her hands are so small and soft. Damn it César, keep it together!'

"Okay then César, my names Jessica Rose, head of the science department here, but you can just call me Jessie or Jess for short. I find it weird when people use my full name." Sh- I mean Jessie replied with a small smile and a pink blush adorning her cheeks. 'Awwww…she's so cute when she blus- wait…. Did I make her blush?' I thought as my smile got slightly bigger. Jessie walked to the door, giving me a small and apologetic wave, "I'll come check on you later and if you need anything my contact information is stored on the main computer if you get into any serious problems, sorry I have to leave so fast" she told me, giving a small smile before fast walking through the sliding, electronic door with a sway of her small hips.

The door closed with a small 'click' leaving me in the middle of my 'new' lab, trying to get my thoughts together about what just happen between me and the angel. 'Maybe me staying here won't be as boring as Rex had said, considering I'm not alone as I thought I would be' and with that thought I got to work on the projects and assignments the scientists had left me to do with a smile on my face, waiting for the angel to come visit me in my lab again.

'Damn….. I've fallen for her'.