Blissful love

A cramy oneshot

note: This story is mostly set in the future and so will be a back and forth motion. I own neither show their owners do so with that said let's a go a .

it was a very rainy day in dimmsdale in fact it was so rainy that none of the kids were allowed to go outside, two particular children were having the most boringest day ever. These two children were Tommy and Tammy Turner the son and daughter of Timmy Turner who was busy at the cemetery mourning over the death of his late wife Tootie Turner who he was forced into marrying after his parents signed him up for an arranged marriage contest in which he sadly won, forcing him to marry her while Trixie ended up with Sanjay. Remy unfortunately ended up with veronica (I do ship ChesterXVeronica but I thought it would be slightly interesting to have veronica end up with Remy so no flaming on that part) Tommy was staring out the window gloomily. "you think that my beloved is having fun, Tammy?" he asked the girl besides him. Tommy was raven haired like his mother, and very intelligent, so intelligent that even Tammy envied him, actually everyone did including his own father who wished that he had been as naturally intelligent as his own son. He usually wore his dad's old shirt and pants plus a Jewish hat that he had mysteriously been given to him as a young child he remembers that before the fateful day, he had to wear his dad's old hat and he had gotten sick of wearing the thing. "i doubt it, Tommy the weather man said that it was scheduled to rain in like every single world" the girl besides him responded. Tammy was a brunette just like her dad, she's not as intelligent as tommy is though, she knew that he had gotten that intelligence from their mother. She usually wore a white blouse with a pink skirt she had gotten this from veronica it used to be her old uniform but the D eventually faded so she had bought a sharpie and she had simply drew on all the lines on the skirt. Tammy had in her hair a headband, this particular headband head been trixies in high school. "oh well, I tried Tammy" Tommy told her

In a different town in a different state, a small boy was also looking out the window this boy was Craig Tucker, a 10 year old boy, and Tommy Turner's love interest. Everyone in his house was sleeping. "I hope Tommy's having fun, even though it's raining out" he told himself quietly. He was trying not to wake his sisters or family for that matter as they did not know nor did they need to know that Craig was in love with another boy from not only another town but another dimension, in the future in fact only his friends knew no one else did not even the grownups or teachers knew. He wondered why he wasn't sleeping since it was only 12:23 AM

but in reality it didn't matter to him infact the only thing that really mattered was his love life. Craig was very tired and didn't feel much like going to his room so he bunked out on the couch. Soon it was day out, but Craig's family still wasn't up, plus it was still raining out. Craig decided to go up in his room and spend the rest of the day in his bed thinking about Tommy. "I hope the day will come where gays will be allowed to date" he asked himself. "I mean gay marriage was accepted so I guess that's the closest we could get" he added. "but I guess we can't be together anyway do to time differences and dimension differences" he said. Craig was a raven haired boy who wore a deep blue Peruvian hat that had a yellow puff on the top. His jacket was a deep blue as well. He was always flipping everyone off, everyone except Tommy. He didn't know why either probably because no one swore in Dimmsdale, he didn't know why that is either. But he did know one thing and that he was in love, in love with Tommy.

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