Fuck. I already hate this.

You can say that again.

*Ahem* A salute to the Awesomer Army. My name is The Awesomer, and we have an announcement to make.

After much consideration, arguing amongst ourselves, and much, much, MUCH thinking through, we've come to a regretful decision.

We've decided to—officially—put Faded Gold on hiatus.

Sadly, we have all lost inspiration to finish this story at the moment, and we've already wasted so much of your guys' time just waiting for updates on a story that might not even be finished before I'm out of high school. So, we are putting this story on hold until we can figure out where we can go with it.

We are deeply sorry for those who were waiting for new chapters of this story, but we can't bring ourselves to finish this. We desperately want to, but we can't really force ourselves to.

We have put much time and energy in a different story however, which we will instead put our focus on posting. We hope you guys can support our decision.

The story is for Markiplier, and we need help with something: The name.

If you guys haven't already noticed, the name for the new story sucks. If anyone has an idea of what the name could instead be, please put it in the reviews below.

A final salute, and I'll see you guys in the next story. I'm the Awesomer, signing out, for now.

-The Awesomer