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Tony has a bad feeling the moment they arrive at the lake the next morning.

At first glance, everything seems fine- the pier is intact, the hillock stands proud, the sun is shining warmly down, and Tasha and Clint are relaxing on the grass.

However, the source of his uneasiness is quickly discovered, when Tasha urgently beckons them over. It turns out they are not relaxing at all: Clint is lying in the grass, groaning softly, his skin tinged a pale green. His forehead is beaded with sweat and he is shivering violently as Tasha holds a cold compress to his head.

"He's been like this since last night," she tells them, worry clouding her eyes. "I think there was something in that lake water; he started throwing up around two in the morning, and now... well, look at him! I can't get him to hold down solids, and he feels really hot but I don't have a thermometer, and I can't go nick one because I don't want to leave him, and-" she takes a deep, steadying breath, composing her features and her voice, which had been steadily rising as she spoke. "Do either of you know anything about medicine?"

"I do," announces a little voice. Tony spins around to see Steve and Bruce, who had been sneaking up on them until they saw the state of Clint. It shows just how panicked Tasha really is, if she didn't even notice them. "And by the way, I told you so."

"Now's not the time for sassing, Bruce," mutters Tony, but Tasha looks like she could kiss him.

"The most dangerous thing is his fever," continues the younger boy, ignoring Tony's comment. "Tony, can you and Pepper go to town and get me two ice packs, a thermometer and some ginger snaps? Try and make the ice packs reusable ones, if you can."

"Ginger snaps?" asks Pepper, eyebrows shooting up. Bruce, who is on his knees feeling Clint's forehead, nods distractedly.

"Yeah, we're too young to buy medicine and ginger is good for nausea. Oh, I'll need some bottled water too."

"Come on, Tony," says Pepper tugging his arm urgently, and Tony crushes the urge to say but we just got here, and it's, like, half a mile, and can't Mr Good Guy Steve do it? because he's the one with the gold credit card and he's the one they're relying on right now. The thought terrifies him; he doesn't want to be responsible. He wants to show Bruce his lab, and he wants to beat Tasha at bullshit, and he wants to hear Steve swear. Little things, things that would keep him happy for a day, maybe even a week, nothing grand, nothing extravagant. The small things in life.

But Clint's lying ill, and Bruce has a worried frown rumpling his features, and Tasha looks scared, and so he takes Pepper's hand and walks with her down the lane, hoping that perhaps he'll get one of the little things tomorrow, because it certainly doesn't seem like it will happen today.

They bump into Thorki on their way out of the woods, and explain the situation. Thor immediately bounds ahead, anxiously calling to Loki to hurry, brother, friend Clint is in dire need. Loki mutters that he doesn't know what use he and Thor will be, but trails behind anyway, telling Tony and Pepper to hurry back.

"So why do two kids need icepacks and a thermometer?" asks the cashier suspiciously and she scans their items. Tony opens his mouth to tell a smooth lie about mother and a knee joint, and since they're on a medicine run anyway, may as well get a thermometer, but Pepper beats him to it.

"My dolly is sick," she says without missing a beat, blinking her huge eyes up. "She needs to have 'pendix out, like I did last year. Don't tell," she lowers her voice to a conspiratory whisper, "but the ginger snaps are a treat for when it's done. My mummy bought them for me when I had my 'pendix out, because they match my hair. But it's a surprise, so shh!" The cashier smiles warmly.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I won't tell anyone. Tell your dolly I hope she gets better soon, okay?" Pepper beams.

"Okay!" With that, Tony pays, and they leave.

"Do you even know what an appendix is?" he asks her one they're safely out the store. Pepper shrugs.

"I know that, like, half of everyone gets it removed. Didn't need to know more, did I?"

"That was smooth," he admits, and she laughs, bouncing along the pavement. The laugh dies in her throat, however, when a man in a suit rounds the corner. Tony freezes, and the man quirks an eyebrow and comes over.

"Hello, again; I don't know if you two remember me, but I'm Phil Coulson, with social services."

"We remember you," the young prodigy mutters sullenly, Pepper nodding next to him. Mr Coulson smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes and he studies what Pepper's carrying.

"Do you remember what I asked you about?"

"The fugitives." Anything to distract Coulson from their sparse medical supplies. The adult laughs, and it makes the hair on the nape of Tony's hair stand up. Pepper is meeting his gaze and studying him every bit as earnestly as he is studying her, and how she is doing that Tony hasn't the faintest idea, but he wants to be able to do it to.

"They're not fugitives; they're simply lost children who we're trying to bring home. Now, what would two children need with ice packs and a thermometer?"

"I think they are fugitives. I think they're spies, and I think that the boy used to work for you, and you sent him to kill the girl, but he fell in love with her, and that's why you want them both." Coulson gives him what Tony supposes is meant to be an endearing smile.

"They're simply lost children who we're trying to bring home. You know, I've heard that ginger is very good for curing nausea. Did you know that?"

"Phil-" begins Pepper, but Tony gives her a hard nudge.

"He's not Phil, he's agent! Agent Coulson, okay?" he grits out.

"Phil-" Pepper says again, completely ignoring her cousin, "I know your secret government work is very important, but my dolly is sick, so we need to-" she trails off when the man holds up a single hand.

"Hiding them is one thing; but if they're sick, then you need to let us help them. You're not doctors, you're children, and this is a serious adult matter. I'm going to ask you again- where are they?"

"I wasn't aware that child services cared for sick dolls," says Tony coolly. Pepper frowns at the adult.

"I am too a doctor! I have a certificate from the bear factory that says so! If my dolly dies because you held us up, I'll sue you! Do you understand?" Coulson stares at them for a long moment, blue eyes like anti-freeze, chilling Tony's blood. Then he stands up and steps to the side, allowing them to pass; Tony can feel the man's gaze boring into the back of his neck all the way down the road.

"Come on, Pep," he mutters, grabbing her hand. "Let's get these to Clint."

They trot back up to the clearing, aware of the time lost while talking to the shady government official who doesn't even own a badge, but apparently it's not fast enough.

"What took you so long?!" Tasha all but shrieks when they arrive. Pepper hands the stuff over to Bruce and gets to work helping him with whatever he was doing. Tony takes the opportunity to explain what happened, more than a little perturbed by Tasha's actions- he's never seen the normally calm girl so worried before, and for the first time he wonders if he did the right thing, lying to Coulson.

"They can take me to hospital when I'm dead!" calls Clint from where he's lying, only to be shushed by both Bruce and Pepper simultaneously. They are busy erecting some sort of downsized Native American tent out of blankets left over from the disastrous camping trip, long branches, and magic, because Tony knows physics and that thing should not be staying up. Survival Steve flounders, unused to their witchcraft, and eventually backs away under the hard stares of Potted Banner when he accidentally knocks it over the second time.

"I do not like the sound of this son of Coul," announces Thor as Steve sheepishly trails over. "He is too willing to pry into matters he shouldn't! In Asgard, we leave the orphans free to roam the streets how they please!" Loki rolls his eyes and Tony thinks he may be the only one to hear the quietly muttered

"That's not generally seen as a good thing, Thor."

"In fact," the older boy continues, completely oblivious to his brother's comment, "they make the orphanages as unappealing as possible, to encourage the orphans to return to the streets from hence they came instead."

"Yeah, the orphanages here do that too," snarks Tasha.

"Technically," Bruce wanders over, rubbing anti-bacterial gel over his hands, "there are no orphanages in America- at least, according to the government. What we do have is juvenile institutes or homes for troubled children."

"Where did you get anti-bacterial gel?" asks Tony, disregarding what the younger boy said in favour of sating his curiosity. Bruce simply widens his eyes at him significantly before turning back to the others.

"His temperature's down a bit, and I've put him in the shade. Make sure he drinks lots of water, make sure it's all bottled water, and check his temperature every half hour. A normal temperature is about 36-37 degrees Celsius; he's at 38 at the moment, but he's better than he was."

"Speak English!" Clint calls from his new tent. "No one knows what Celsius is!"

"I do," call back Tony, Loki and, rather surprisingly, Thor. The older prince catches the confused stares levelled at him and shrugs.

"We use metric in Asgard," he says simply. They nod in understanding and turn back to the rather more pressing issue.

"How do you know all this stuff?" demands Steve, still staring in awe and confusion at the gravity defying structure. It is Bruce's turn to shrug.

"I like medical journals. This is like being a doctor in a third world country, only, well, it's America and he's just got a bug, not dysentery or something like that." Tasha drops to her knees and wraps him in a hug.

"Thank you," Tony hears her whisper. Steve's gaze drops to his feet, probably not wanting to intrude upon the touching moment or something stupid like that, while Loki and Thor turn positively green with envy.

By the end of the day, Clint's temperature is back to normal, and though he is still feeling weak, Bruce gives him a clean bill of health. Tasha hugs him again, and Pepper gives him a kiss before darting away to hide behind Steve, who chuckles in that grandfatherly way of his. Tony mentions in an undertone that, if he ever needs the money for medical school, the Starks have an awful lot of spare cash lying around, and Bruce nods gratefully.

They emerge from the woods as a cheerful, chattering group, Clintasha safely in the hillock. As they approach the town they prepare to part ways, but a tug on his arm from Pepper stops him dead. Coulson is leaning against a car on the road that they're on, watching them closely. When he sees he's been noticed he pushes himself up and walks towards them.

"You're really creepy," announces Tony before the adult even has a chance to speak. "Seriously, are you following us or something? I should call the police."

"You seem awfully fond of the outdoors," remarks the man mildly, eyeing the direction they just came from. "I can't say I see the appeal myself- care to explain? I thought your dolly was sick."

"She's in intensive care because of you," growls Pepper, and the angry, annoyed expression she's wearing looks out of place on her delicate face. "I'm going to write a letter to your boss!"

"Yes, I'm sure Fury will be thrilled. So, why the woods? Awfully dangerous, aren't they? Bears, wolves, getting lost and starving; why go?"

"I'll admit it," announces Loki, stepping forward and shooting them a panicked look over his shoulder. "I'm sorry friends, but I can't hide it anymore. The guilt of this secret is weighing down on me, and I just can't continue to put people at risk." Tony feels his heart miss a beat- surely Loki wouldn't? Why? Why would he do this? The princeling draws in a deep breath, his expression pure remorse, and he flings a dramatic hand out. "We're all fishing addicts! There, I said it! That's why we have the fishing rods, the picnic baskets and the bait bucket, and that's why we've been in the woods. I'm so sorry, Mr Coulson; you can arrest us now if you'd like." The man doesn't even blink.

"You're all comedians, aren't you?" he asks. "I will find out what you're hiding. This is very important; but please, try to remember- we are the good guys." And he turns, climbs into his car and leaves. They watch him drive off in stunned silence.

"You're right," says Bruce finally. "He's definitely a spy."