Chapter One

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Jay drove through the old town. Well he really couldn't say it was old, still looked the same maybe even newer. But it was old to him. It had been ten years since he had last been to this town. Some things had changed, some hadn't. He drove to the docks where he used to keep his boat. She used to keep her boat here to.

A little motor boat while he had his sailboat. He still had his boat. He wondered if she still had hers. He also wandered where she was. The girl he once loved, maybe still did. For all he knew she was married and had two kids lived in a nice house with a dog and a huge backyard. Had a nice job as a teacher or a fashion designer.

He hadn't heard from her in seven of those ten years. He hadn't heard from anyone from in those seven years. He took one final deep breath breathing in the deep sea air and got back in his truck.

It wasn't as big as Herry's had been, but it was bigger than Theresa's little car. He missed them both a whole lot. He missed them all, even Neil. He drove until he found himself at the next stop. The dorm. He hadn't been here in ever he pulled in the spot where Herry used to park. He pushed through the old gate. The place looked beaten down.

He managed to pry the back door open enough for him to get through. He found himself in the kitchen. Many memories here. Having Athena's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Trying to stop Herry from eating it all. Herry, Archie, and he helping Athena bake cakes while wearing lacy aprons. He left that room and went into the living room. Even more memories here.

Making plans to defeat Cronus. Fights, movies, games. His eyes traveled to the foosball table, or what was left of it. No one had wanted it so it had stayed there. The green couch was worn through, both were. The shorter one, the one that Neil always liked, had a spring sticking out of it. Herry's favorite chair was tipped over, with stings sticking out. There was no power either. He found the stairs. He prayed that they didn't break and climbed them. Luckily they didn't. He went into each bedroom, Neil's first.

It was stripped clean, course Neil wouldn't have left a thing. Not even a cream tube. He left Neil's room and went to Archie's. It was also stripped clean, expect a book. He picked it up. It was worn and the pages were yellowed with age. He carefully opened it to see a poem. Just one, in Archie's faded handwriting.


It was done

They were done

Time was done

They had sent Time back

They were free

They were happy

They were sad

Worst if all

They were already lonely

Why? They had done it

Victory had won

So why so sad?

Cause they all loved each other

Everyone did

No matter the flaws

No matter the bad sides

No matter the good sides

They were family

They were friends

They had won victory together

They all knew this day was coming

But why so soon?

Will they see each other again?

Maybe, maybe not

Who knew? They left

One by one

Luck first

Then the smart

Later the strong

Then the queen

Then the king

Next the fast

And last the poet

It was he who left

This poem here hoping

Hoping one of them will find it

Would Luck find it?

Or the smart or the strong

The queen or the king

The fast, but the poet

Knew it was there

They had done it. All did

They had completed victory


He finished reading it. It wouldn't make sense to anyone unless you were part of it. He knew was the king. He was the leader. Kings are leaders. He knew who the others were. They were his friends. His family. He had to find them. They needed a reunion and he knew just the person or god to help him. But first he wanted to finish what he was doing.

He left Archie's room and went to Atlanta's then Herry's and then Theresa's. Her room still had the faint scent of her perfume, even after ten years. Sighing he then went his room. Just like the others, it was stripped clean. When he looked around his room he was rushed back with memories of all his friends. He sighed once again and went back down stairs carefully. The poem in his hand. He stood in the living room once more, then the kitchen, and even tried to get in to Odie's basement room but the door was jammed.

He finally gave up and took one last look and left the old building and with all his strength he put the door back a got in his truck. He drove to the all familiar school and parked. Since summer had started, no one was here. He unzipped his bag and took out a little blue box, placing in its place the Archie's book. He then got out and went to the front door asks peeked in. There he stood, mopping the floor as always. Guess the floor was never clean. Jay knocked on the door. The janitor turned around and saw him; he widens his eyes at the sight of the descendent of Jason and came to open the door.

"Jay?" Asked the janitor.

"Hey Zeus bad timing?" Jay asked as he hugged him.

"No, not at all. Hera was just thinking about having Hermes call you. Go on through. Still got your pendent?"

Jay nodded and said, "Always."

"Good. Well go on you know where."

Jay nodded said his thanks and left to find the closet. He walked through the familiar hallway until he came to the closet. He pulled his pendent out and put in the lock. The dial turned and the door popped opened.

Jay went in and pulled the switch. The door slammed shut and the blue portal appeared. He walked through to see the hallways of the hidden wing of the gods. He walked to Hera's office. He didn't see anyone he knew during his teen years, while he was training. Not Hermes, Ares, Apollo, Aphrodite, Artemis, or Persephone. Not even Athena.

I hope Hera is here, Jay thought as he pushed open the door slightly. Right there at her desk, petting her peacock was Hera. His old mentor hadn't changed, still her gray hair pulled in a tight bun, light make up and her blue eyes seemed sad.

"Hera?" He called and she has jumped at sound of his voice.

"Who- Jay is that you?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am" he said stepping out so the queen of the gods to see him.

"My you have turned into a nice looking young man. But what may I ask are you doing here?" She asked and Jay told her his plan and where he had been and also about the book.

"A reunion! Yes I love it! It will be good to see everybody again. Tell me Jay, do you still have contact with the others?" He looked away.

"We lost contact with each other after a few years," he said sitting in one of the couches he had spent so much time sitting on.

"I see," she said clearly disappointed. "Well, go to Hermes. He is in his office. Tell him what you want to do. He can go get the others."

Jay nodded and got up and left Hera's office and went to Hermes's.

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