Chapter Four

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Archie sat in the library at the school he taught at. Summer break had started and he was very bored. He knew he should have offered to do summer school, but he didn't. He stared at the book he had read a million times or more. The Iliad and it never changed. He knew this inside and out, course a certain god of war never let him forget it. Ares was always more proud of Achilles than he was for Archie. It had always made Archie feel unwanted by his mentor.

Achilles wasn't afraid of anything. Archie used to be afraid, no, terrified of water. He wasn't afraid as much he used to be, not since he faced Scamander the river god. He was the reason of Archie's fear. The fear that his friends always picked on him for. Scamander was angry at Achilles for defeating him in his home. But he couldn't get revenge on the dead hero, so he went after his descendent. There was another reason for not as afraid as he used to be, is because of Atlanta. She had taught him how to swim. He was still nervous though.

He misses Atlanta. He always cheered for her, when he watched her on the Olympics. He didn't just miss Atlanta; he missed all of them, even Neil, Theresa, and Jay who annoyed him. He dreaded the day they all left. He remembered the poem he had left. He wondered if someone had found it yet.

Probably not,he thought as he shut the book. He stood up and put the book back in its spot. He began to leave when a new book caught his eye; it was by a new author. Someone he had never heard of.

"Thalia Muse." Archie read out loud. He then read the back of the book in his head.

'Cronus, the time god escaped his prison in Tartarus after being in there for four thousand years, forced to be there by his son Zeus. Now the Oracle has processed that only seven heroes can defeat him. Can they do it? The seven heroes are merely mortal teens. Teens with normal lives, and normal friends. But that all changed on New Year's Eve, when the planets aligned. Now the seven must be found and they must stop the god of Time from destroying the world.'

Archie couldn't believe it. This book, he knew, was about him and his friends. He took it to the front desk.

"Hey Mrs. Mack, I need to check out this book," Archie said.

"Why? Mr. Waters, since when do you read fiction?" Archie looked down, away from her icy blue eyes.

"It seems good, please."

"Oh all right. Here you go." Mrs. Mack handed it to Archie. "Enjoy."

"Oh, I will." Archie said and left with a goodbye. Carrying his bag, he went to his sliver car. He had traded his motorcycle in for a car. What kind of teacher arrives at school on a motorcycle? Archie started his car and drove home.

When he got home, he pulled into the garage. He turned off his car and went in, shutting the garage door. He set up some coffee to drink and then sat in his favorite chair with the book. His eyes landed on the framed photographs on the table next to his chair of his friends. There were a few. One was of all his friends, the gods took it. It was right after they had defeated Cronus. Hera wanted a picture to hang in the secret wing so they would always remember the seven heroes that saved the world.

The next photo was Archie asleep with Atlanta, also asleep on his shoulder. Archie acted like he was mad at Theresa, but once they were alone, he had asked Theresa for a copy. Theresa had smiled and nodded, then went to try and talk to Jay into a movie. He remembered muttering to her "Good luck". Theresa was really the only one who could make their leader smile and laugh.

Archie saddened at the thought of them all leaving and soon losing contact, Archie sighed while looking at another picture. It was one of everybody, gods, he and his friends, satyrs, nymphs, even the ancestors. Also other heroes like Orpheus, and Atalanta and Calypso was there too. It had been a big party. Hades had even joined bringing Thantos, Charon, and stopping death for a while. He remembers hearing from Persephone said there was back up. Well that is what happens when you take the ferryman away Minos did get a break on judging the souls after trillion of years of saying "I sentence you to an energy in Tartaus!"

Archie had always wondered if he sent everybody there, how to the good guys get to the fields? Another one of the god's myrtles. Archie got up to get his coffee and then sat back down, he opened the book. It was called "Class of the Titans" and all those years ago of telling Neil and Herry that no one would know their story.

Oops, he thought. Archie began to read the prologue, which explained Cronus escaping. The first chapter was the first three heroes being found. He was in the middle of the part when the fourth hero arrived when his phone rang.

"Awe come on, it was getting to the good part."Archie picked up the phone.


"Archie," said a voice, it was Carol.

"Hey Carol, something the matter?" Archie asked his girlfriend.

"Yes. No. Yes. Well maybe for you."

"Explain please," Archie said setting his book down.

"Well— you see I uh found someone else."Archie was silent.

"Archie, You there? Please forgive me, but he is good."

"Do you love him?" Archie asked now his ex-girlfriend.

"Of course not! I just met him, but Archie we have so much in common. While you and I don't. Listen Archie, you are a good guy. You'll find someone, but I think Sam is the guy. You understand don't you?"

"Strangely I do," Archie said, his eyes traveling to Atlanta's face.

"Oh good, can we still be friends?"

"Of course."

"Thank goodness! Thank you Archie, I hope you find your girl. Bye."

"Goodbye Carol." Archie hung up.

"I found her Carol. But I lost her," He muttered. He knew Atlanta wasn't married. She was an Olympics star. Everybody knew everything about her, except that she defeated an evil god and has super speed.

He went back to his book; the chapter was called Chaos 101. He read every part and remembered it perfectly. It was perfect, every detail. He was so caught up in it that he didn't hear the doorbell, or the knocking. But he did hear the yelling.

"Gods of Olympus, Archie Waters! Open the door!" Archie jumped at the familiar voice.

"Hermes?" he asked himself as he got up to open the door. It was weird. He was at the part where Hera was introducing the fifth and sixth hero.

He was enjoying that part, of course that was after he 'left'. Archie opened the door to see a young man, about Archie's age in a business suit.

"It's about time. Gods Archie, I have other messages to run. It's about time, for Zeus's sake! I almost made your door explode!"

"Sorry Hermes. I was caught up in this book. See?" Archie showed the god the book.

"Ah, I see you found the Muses' book. Thalia, the head, put her name because it sounds more mortal."

"You mean it's our story, but it is fiction?"

"Well Archie, if the Muses had put it nonfiction. Every mortal who had read it would go to New Olympia to visit us. We can't have that."

"Good point. Anyways what are you doing here?"

"Ah yes. Message from Ares, he wants to see how you are, at this age, at fighting?"



"Then I'm not going."

"Please!" Hermes begged.

"Fine," Archie said.

"Good. Come soon, like a couple of days, two to be exact." With that Hermes left. Archie went to pack and then set back down with his book and coffee.

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