Chapter twelve

Elana stepped into the bedroom and saw Harry standing there waiting for her. He held out his hand, she walked over to him than they were wrapped around each other kissing passionately. Their kisses were hot and wet, their bodies against each other and for both of them they were heating up with desire.

Elana couldn't get enough of Harry, she loved him so. She loved his touch, his kisses, his love making. Harry could never get enough of Elana, he was madly in love with her. She had an innocence around her, a shyness and her inexperience with sex was something Harry loved. He was slowly showing her the wonders of making love properly, how to please him just like he pleased her. After her initial tentativeness, her awkwardness and her shyness, she finally started to use her hands, her mouth, her tongue and her body when she made love, which they did all the time, neither of them could get enough of each other.

The following morning after another enjoyable meal that was full on excited talk about the party coming up and their shopping trip. The older kids, or young adults, James, Albus, Sarah and Oscar all helped clean the dishes, again surprising Harry and Elana, but it also pleased them. Then Elana first, James after her, then one by one they all flooed to the Leaky Cauldron with Harry and Lily going last. Just like other times, everyone stared at Harry, but now they not only stared at him, but the woman he was now with and all their children. The people in the Leaky Cauldron all smiled at the large Potter family and they received smiles back as they made their way through the pub and into the back. Harry tapped the wall and they headed up the cobble street to the large white building at the end. Harry had all the kids stay with Elana while he organised vaults for Sarah, Oscar, Kevin and Sally, then because there were so many of them, just Harry and James headed down to the vault to get some money.

Harry and James stepped out of the cart, Harry looked at the goblin then handed him his key.

'When you see inside, you will be surprised,' Harry gave his son a small smile then watched as his son stared inside the family vault.

'Blimey, this vault is as big as the great hall and it's full, so much stuff.'

'Yes it is, I have the inventory of what's in here, but I've never taken a lot of notice. Let me get some money and we can go shopping.'

Harry pulled out a bag, then started to fill it, then stepped back, waited until the goblin sealed the vault again and handed him his key. They got back into the cart and headed up to join the rest of their family.

The nine of them headed into lots of different shops, buying clothes, shoes, some normal running type shoes, others to wear out or for the party. Elana knew Sarah was a little hesitant, but finally got her daughter to buy herself something really nice to wear to the party, also shoes to match but some other every day clothes as well. Lily was helping Sally with a few things to make her room her own, so they were picking out different curtains, cushions and pictures to hang on the wall. The boys, Oscar and Kevin didn't know what they wanted, so between Harry, James and Albus, they got their clothes, their shoes but also things for their rooms. James bought himself some nice clothes, Albus did after a bit of pushing from his father because all he wanted was more books. After a few hours of shopping and they were laden down with bags, they all headed back to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch. Tom came straight over to Harry, even with being quite old now, he still moved fairly quickly. After shaking Harry's hands, he put three tables together so the whole family would fit, then took their food and drinks order.

Like always, Lily sat beside her father who was sitting next to Elana, then it was James next to Lily with Sally on his other side. The opposite side of the sat Sarah, Albus, Oscar and Kevin, Albus and Sarah talking to each other. The two boys talking excitedly about some of the things they bought, but the whole family were having a great time with people smiling watching the very large Potter family. After paying the bill and thanking Tom, Harry got his family to the fireplace and one by one they flooed home.

'Okay, go put your things away,' Harry called then laughed as the younger ones ran up the stairs, Sarah giving Harry a smile as she took her bags up the stairs and naturally Albus was with her.

'So even though you donate a lot, you still have all that dad. Blimey that's hard to digest,' James said.

'It is and I try not to think about it.'

'So mum heard that, before you were married?'

'Yes, she did.'

'Can I ask you something about mum?'

'Anything James, just because I'm angry with her doesn't mean I won't tell you things, she is your mother.'

'I'm angry with her. You said you were together, you resumed your relationship, this was before you asked her to marry you, right?'


'Did she say how she felt about you at the time, before that day at Gringotts?'

'No, Ginny knew I wasn't really one for saying how I felt or showing my feelings. It was the way I was raised. So I'll explain this,' Harry ran his fingers through his hair but sat beside Elana, 'We sort of had this silent agreement not to say anything about how we felt, but we also said we'd take it slow. We got together during a war basically, a very tense and dangerous time. So we agreed to just go day to day. It was a couple of days after Gringotts, if memory serves, it was three days after that Ginny told me she loved me. Even though I still thought we could take it slow, I did love her and for the first time in my life I felt like I was going to have my own family, something I wasn't sure I'd ever have. It never dawned on me that she didn't really love me at all. But after what she did, I sat down with Hermione and Ron, as you know, the three of us were always together and after the war, with Ginny as well. We discussed what we saw, the way Ginny acted, everything we could remember. As an auror we're trained to remember, even things from long ago. So Ron and I remembered a lot of things you're mother used to do or say. That was when we realised she never loved me, but wanted the life my money could bring her. I know the Weasley's never had a lot growing up, I saw it, that's why it never dawned on any of us that Ginny's excitement was really about what she could get out of me.'

'I'm sorry she did that to you dad,' James got up, then bent down and hugged his father before heading upstairs.

Harry and Elana stared at each other, 'He deserves to know the truth, he's old enough to handle it. But explaining this will also make him cautious about telling anyone he has money. I would hate for him to go through what I did, have some girl after him just for his money.'

'Yes, after you explained to me, I do get why you kept it private. I'm glad I never knew, now you know I love you for you, well,' Elana gave a very sexy smile, 'love you for your body and what it does to me.'

'Is that an invitation…baby,' Harry gave his own seductive look before they were in each other's arm, showing exactly how much they loved each other.

On the day of the party, Harry removed the enchantments around the house and property and let all the caterers, waiters and the band in so they could set up, then Harry relaxed before the party that night. The people at the marque rental store turned up and erected a large marque, then a stage was erected before all the tables and chairs were placed everywhere. Lights were hung from inside the marque but also around the property and along the path to the house. As the kitchen was full of people cooking for the party, the kids mainly watched what was going on outside, sometimes they grabbed their brooms and had a fly. Elana was watching everything, she had never thrown a party before, just small dinners and this was large and very daunting to her.

Harry slipped his arms around Elana from behind, kissed her neck, 'Are you okay, you seem quiet?'

'It's just very daunting, seeing all this. The only thing I ever did was the occasional dinners that had been held for Oliver and the people he worked with. Do you hold parties here very often?'

'No, the occasionally anniversary party. We threw one when I became head auror, but no, not a lot. This is the first one in years, four years since the last one. We will have to do the same for Sarah and Albus when they turn seventeen.'

'After you explained about this for James, that did occur to me.'

'Come into my office, I need to speak with you,' Harry removed his arms and took Elana's hand and they stepped into the office, closing the door behind him, 'We talked married, I asked you officially and you said yes and we're going to right after the babies are born, do you still want to wait?'

'Yes, it let's all of us get used to this first Harry, plus we will need to plan it. You know I'm like you, so it won't be big, just close friends and family.'

'Yes, I like that,' Harry sits down beside her and opens his hand, 'It's your engagement ring, but let me explain something before you see it. First you can choose one yourself if you like, but this ring is special to me, it means a great deal to me. You mean so much to me Elana, you are my life, so I would like you to have this ring but only if you want it,' Harry opened the lid of the small box, 'This was my mother's, my father had it made especially for her. As you can see, it matches my eyes, my mother's eyes.'

'Oh Harry, it's beautiful, absolutely beautiful and big,' Elana stared down at the ring, 'I've never been one for expensive things and I can tell this must have cost a lot. But being your mother's, are you sure you want me to have it?'

'Yes, I'm positive, let me explain something,' Harry took Elana's hand, 'All my life I've followed my instincts and that kept me alive, only a few times did that let me down. When I asked Ginny to marry me, I thought of this ring, but I knew straight away that I didn't want her to have it, something was telling me not to give it to her. Now since we're divorced, I know she would have sold it and I would have lost my mother's ring, forever. But the moment I realised I loved you and wanted to marry you, I felt it, I knew this was the ring for you, that it will join us in more ways than we can possibly imagine. I have no idea what that means, but it's how I feel. As I said though, if you would like a new ring or a different ring,' Harry never finished as Elana kissed him passionately.

'I love it, I would be honoured to wear your mother's ring,' Elana smiled then watched as Harry slid the ring onto her finger, 'It's beautiful and your father had very good taste.'

Harry grinned, 'It is beautiful, now it sits on the finger of a very beautiful woman, the one I love with all my heart,' Harry lifted Elana's hand and kissed the ring.

'I love you Harry, more than you'll ever know.'

Harry smiled but he felt it, deep inside, yes, this is the woman he would spend the rest of his life with. They held hands and went back out to make sure everything was going smoothly.

'Dad,' James stepped over to him.

'What's up James?'

'You are going to do it, aren't you? You did promise when I asked if I can have this party.'

Harry sighed, 'Yes I promised, so yes, I am going to do it, probably shock the life out of everyone. I had it all worked while you were still at Hogwarts. It's going to be good.'

'You're the best, I can't wait to see you,' James chuckled hugged his father than ran back up the stairs.

'What was that about?'

'You'll see, it's a surprise and something only a few people know about me.'

'You do tend to keep things to yourself, don't you sweetheart?'

'Again, the way I was living and raised. I had a lot of secrets when I was young, so it just became part of me. Then of course there was the papers always writing about me, so I tried to keep as much about me and my family private. I will tell you anything, all you have to do is ask.'

'No, there's nothing I need to know, I know the most important thing, you love me and love my kids and we're happy and have a great family which is still growing.'

'That it is Elana,' Harry gently caresses Elana's stomach, 'I can't wait to feel them.'

'A few months my love, have some patience.'

Harry chuckled, 'If you said that to me when I was young everyone would have told you I had no patience. That took a lot of years to learn.'

'Understandable. Even though I didn't know you at Hogwarts, I heard the stories, saw some of the things you were doing or had to do. If I had him after me when I was that young, I think I would have ran. But sometimes you're impatience and rashness back then is what kept you safe and alive.'

'Yes, it did.'

'So this surprise, can you give me a hint?' she smirks.

Harry chuckles, then kisses her neck, 'Nope, you are just going to need a bit more patience before you find out. But we should start getting ourselves ready and the kids ready, let's call them in.'

'Yes, if we don't, Oscar and Kevin will stay in the clothes they have on,' Elana takes Harry's hand and they go gather their children so they could all get ready for James' party. Harry kept thinking about that, his son was now an adult. That still shocks Harry a lot, thinking he had a grown up son, but one he was very proud of. So he wanted to make this night the best he could for James.

Over the last two weeks, the kids got used to having so many around. The Wood children had begun to treat Harry like a father. The Potter children were the same with Elana. Harry and Elana couldn't help smiling, they had the life they always wanted. They hoped, but would never tell the children, that they would eventually call them mum and dad. Harry was the step father to Sarah, Oscar, Kevin and Sally, just as Elana was the step mother to James, Albus and Lily.

Oscar and Kevin would speak with Harry when he wasn't busy, they wanted to know more about quidditch and his time as captain. Sally was still James' shadow, but she now hugged Harry all the time. Lily ended up close to Elana, so much so that she would speak with her, especially about girls things. Even though James was almost an adult, he treated Elana like a mother. He was still very angry with his real mother and it was not just because she cheated on his father, it was the reason she wanted to marry him. Elana wanted to marry Harry because she loved him and James could see that every time they looked at each other.

Harry and Elana got themselves dressed, then helped their young children get ready before they all headed down to greet their guests. First were all James' friends, then Albus, Sarah, Kevin, Oscar, Lily and Sally's friends arrived with their parents of the younger one's. Harry introduced everyone before his friends and the Weasley family started to arrive and the party was underway.

The waiters were passing out drinks, food was brought out to everyone, the band was playing softly while everyone ate. The aurors were all walking around, some close to the marque, others all over the property and even through the house. Kingsley was escorted in, he said hello to Harry first, who introduced Elana to the Minister for magic. Kingsley then hugged James wishing him a happy birthday, but also handing him a gift. Harry had set up a large table at the back of the house for his gifts which was loaded with all sizes and shapes of wrapped gifts.

'James told me what he did when they all left. Did you get slimed as well?' Harry asked Minerva and he couldn't hide his mirth. He did try to keep a straight face, but one look at his former teacher and he just couldn't stop smiling.

Minerva scowled for a minute before smiling, 'Yes, I did, he planned it so all the staff got slimed. Even though we were all shocked and a little upset with James, we did have a good laugh, everyone did. But I'm not looking forward to the next student that wants to make a name for himself or herself. I'm sure they will do similar to what James did, or worse.'

'I'm sorry Minerva, but at least it was something harmless.'

'Yes, it was, he's not going to do anything like that tonight, is he?'

'No, he asked me to do something to shock everyone.'

'Oh, what will that be?'

'He won't tell anyone Minerva, not even me,' Elana shakes her head.

'Hmm, I wonder what it will be, something impressive no doubt,' Minerva smiles, then spots Elana's hand, 'I recognise that ring.'

Harry lifts Elana's hand, 'Yes, my mother's, it looks good on Elana's hand, don't you think?'

'It does and Elana I can tell you now that Lily would be very proud that you accepted to wear her ring. She loved Harry more than anything, so for him to give that to you, shows how much he loves you.'

'Yes, I know, just as much as I love him,' Elana smiled at Harry before she turned back to Minerva, 'So you knew Harry's parents?'

'Yes, apart from being their teacher and head of house, we were all in the original order of the phoenix together. I even got to hold Harry as a baby, quite often as well. I should say I had to fight to hold him, between his parents, his godfather, their other friends and Albus, it was hard trying to get a hold, but I managed it.'

'Dad,' James knelt down beside his father, 'Since I am an adult now, is it okay for me to have a drink?'

Harry grinned, 'Yes, you can and thank you for asking. But you are an adult, so you really didn't need to ask. All I ask is you take it easy, you're not used to it James.'

'I know, but it's my birthday, I have to get at least tipsy, but I'll try not to get drunk.'

'Yes, try please James, but enjoy yourself.'

'I am, but when are you going to do what I asked?'

'Alright, since we've finished eating, I'll do it now,' Harry shakes his head then watches James run off to join his friends which included a lot of girls who were all dreamily watching his son, 'Okay, you're about to be shocked,' Harry kisses Elana very tenderly, before getting up.

'What are you up to Harry?' Ron asked.

'James asked me to do something tonight, so I'm about to shock everyone.'

'Really,' Hermione's eyes widened, 'You've never showed anyone but us and you're kids.'

'I know, but it's something James really wanted me to do,' Harry shakes his head again before leaving his friends, but he noticed they spoke excitedly to a few people. 'Can I have everyone's attention please,' Harry called from the stage when the band finished playing their last song, 'My son James asked me to do something for his birthday, the only thing he asked me to do, so naturally I couldn't say no. So happy birthday James, just don't ask me to do it again.'

'I won't, but thanks dad,' James chuckled.

Everyone stood there in shocked surprises as Harry sat at the piano and joined in with the band then they were shocked again when he started singing. Everyone was mesmerised as they listened to Harry's beautiful soulful voice and the love songs he sung, but they also couldn't help smiling because he was gazing at Elana as he sang. Then he finished with an operatic piece that had everyone staring in stunned silence but it almost made goose pimples rise on everyone's bodies. When Harry finished the place exploded with cheers and applause which seemed to go on and on, it didn't want to stop. When he stepped off the stage he was surrounded by all his friends and family all hugging him. He then finally got to Elana, he took her in his arms, gazed into her eyes and kissed her passionately right there in front of everyone, again shocking the crowd. Harry normally wouldn't show his feelings like this, so openly. But they could see that Harry didn't want to hide his feelings anymore, that he found a woman that he loved, a woman that loved him, a woman that was giving him everything he ever wanted and dreamed about, a family, a loving family of his own.

Ginny and Oliver arrived right at the end of Harry's performance and they got to see how Harry was being treated, but also how Harry and Elana showed their love openly in front of everyone. When they joined the family, again their children acted like they were invisible, but what shocked them and made them realise that they had lost their children, Ginny's kids called Elana mum, Oliver's kids called Harry dad, one big happy family that did not include Ginny and Oliver. It started to finally hit them what they lost because of what they did. They not only lost their family, their children, but they had lost their popularity and the respect they used to have. If they admitted how they felt early on, things might have been different, now it was too late. Harry and Elana had it all, the love of everyone, the respect, but the most important thing that Harry and Elana had, they had each other, they had their family, a family that was still growing and would grow a bit more over the next few years. So the new Potter family that was already large was about to get larger, exactly what Harry Potter dreamed of when he was young, a large and loving family.

The end: