Death is something I have come into contact with many a time, being a country and all that jazz. I was a war base, that was my purpose for being built, but that was way back in World War Two. Now, I am a rusting pile of metal in the ocean, I have declared my independence from England. Nobody has really recognized me as a country, I don't get why. I am here, I am a country and I will convince them, one day, that I am a country.

They all tell me the life of a country is too hard and I'm just a little, innocent child, and war is too harsh for me, things like that. I am FAR from innocent and as for war being too harsh, as I said before, I am WAR BASE! I was built for war and yet they say war is too harsh and that I don't understand it. Pfft, I was built during one of the worst wars, I watched the fighting. I watched the plannings for both the Allies and the Axis while sitting in a chair at the table. I think I might've inherited some invisibility power from big brother Canada.

The whole invisibility thing is both good and bad, good being for spy stuff and bad being not recognized as a country. I will rule the world, I already rule the world, it's just nobody knows it yet. It's like when you say you and the popular girl are dating, she just doesn't know it yet, yeah, it's that kind of thing.

I've been thinking of starting a war between the three super powers, America, Russia, and China. I was planning to drop a few bombs in America then leave a note saying "Love, Russia". Then drop some bombs in Russia and then leave a note saying "Love,China". And then drop some bombs in China then leave a note saying "Love, America". It would start an all-out superwar.

In the end, they would all destroy each other, leaving the smaller countries wondering what happened. Then I shall take out the next threats, Germany, England, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, and Egypt using the same technique. They would then destroy each other, leaving the weakest countries. I would then take out the ones who look like the biggest threats with the same technique. With all, but the weakest of the weak countries left, I will gain my proper rule over what remains of the world. It will be beautiful.

And you know the best part, if anybody finds this, no one will think of me, Sealand the piece of metal in the ocean, the forgotten war base, the 'innocent' 'war-is-too-harsh-for-you' country-that's-not-yet-known-as-a-country, is a threat. They will see this as some joke. It's perfect, I will rule the world in forty-years time.