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"You heard me pal I love you! Love you! Who else do you think has been stalking you night and day, building shrines to you in a closest, filling volumes of books with poems about you? I love you Arnold I have always loved you, ever since I laid eyes on that stupid football head! And from that moment and every moment since I have lived and breathed for you, dreamed about the moment I could finally tell you my secret feelings, could grab you and kiss you and...oh come here you big lug!"

At that moment a very startled Arnold woke up shaking and sweating. This reoccurring dream has plagued his for years, ever since the end of his successful mission to save his neighborhood from the FTi's evil clutches.

Helga's confession. Everything he knew about her was turned upside down in an instant with those fateful words. Thankfully though, she moved away just weeks after that. He was relieved about never having to confront her about what she said and he never had to figure out his feelings about it. He pushed the confession into the back of his mind and began to focus on other aspects in his life. He joined clubs and excelled in school. As a quiet but steady leader he was quickly voted class president the minute he started Hillwood High School. Because of this position he quickly became more popular and even began dating a popular, beautiful, bubbly girl. Her name was Hannah. He will never forget the day he first met her.

Freshman year I was running late to class and I wasn't looking where I was going. I turned a corner too sharply and I heard himself say "Ow" as another more feminine sounding voice replied "Ow!"

I quickly got up, and reached my hand down to help the girl up as I exclaimed "I'm so sorry!" She then took his hand and giggling replied "It's no big deal. I'm Hannah by the way, what's your name?" I wanted to reply but I couldn't stop looking at her. She was short but petite; she had a small nose and long chestnut brown hair with bright blond highlights. Her smile was bright and it lit up her entire face including her striking green eyes. "I'm A-Arnold. Nice to meet y-you Hannah."

From that moment our friendship grew until we eventually decided to just date, Gerald was constantly bugging me about it after all. And who was I to chicken out and not take a shot? I asked her to their freshman Homecoming dance and sparks flew from there. Everything was great for three years of their lives. Being popular meant having lots of fun and lots of friends. Gerald and Phoebe were included in their friend group, especially because Gerald and Phoebe have been dating for years. I always envied their easy relationship with each other. My relationship with Hannah was not easy by any means. The first year was great, but the second and third years were hard. Yes we cared for each other but we had little in common and fought a lot. We had trouble choosing what to do for dates, who to be friends with, which classes we could take to have some time together etc. We really tried to keep things together, despite how many times we broke up and got back together over the last two years. We just wanted different things and had very different plans for the future. She desperately wanted to move to New York and become an Actor. Whereas I wanted to stay close to home and become a teacher or maybe a psychiatrist. Things just were going more and more downhill for us. I will never forget that fateful day, after the last day of school are junior year. We were at a party at Rhonda's house, and that's when everything I ever thought I knew about Hannah and about so called love was flipped upside down...

She cheated on me. I couldn't believe it. I was walking around looking for her when Gerald found me. I saw the look of pain in his eyes and I knew what he said next couldn't be good news. He couldn't seem to speak so he gestured for me to follow him, so I did. He led me to a dark room on the third floor of Rhonda's house. I looked into the room and saw Hannah on top of Curly shirtless, making out with him. My eyes went wide and I gasped. Hannah heard me and jumped off of him quickly. She tried to apologize but I wouldn't listen. She hurt me. She cheated on me. I felt like crap. I can't believe I trusted her. I can't believe I kept taking her back.

Now that leads Arnold to senior year...