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Suddenly, I shot up out of bed. I was drenched in a cold sweat and my breathing was fast and short. The memory of what woke me flooded back in a rush. The confession dream. Again. Only this time, it was more vivid and realistic than it had been felt in years. I literally felt as though I was reliving the memory, like she had just kissed me all over again. My stomach knotted up and a chill ran up my spine just thinking about how real that dream had been. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down, glancing over at the clock which read 6:10. Well I guess since I'm already awake I may get up. I stumbled over to my closest and threw on clothes for my first day and gathered my school supplies into my backpack. I brushed my teeth and tried to fix my unruly hair but with no luck. I walked downstairs and grabbed an apple for breakfast. Gerald was coming by to pick me up, but I still had a few minutes to wait. After a few minutes of slowly munching on my apple I texted him asking him where he was.

Arnold: Hey where are you at?

Gerald: Sorry I'm just leaving Phoebe's. I thought she needed a ride but when I got there she said she had to meet up with someone this morning and a ride was not needed. Be there soon!

Arnold: Huh weird, Okay hurry up then!

Gerald: Oh I will man, don't worry!

Finally Arnold heard a honk, grabbed his stuff and ran out to Gerald's car. "Hey Gerald."

"Hey man. Wow you look tired what's wrong?"

Arnold just started out the window and replied "Oh nothing but a weird dream keeping me up."

"A weird dream? Who about?"

"Promise not to say a word to anyone?"

"Of course man, you know me!"

"True. okay it was about...Helga."

Did you just say Helga? As in Helga G. Pataki? Your enemy? The one who hated you but also claimed she loved you and kissed you on the old FTi building and moved away?"

"Yep that one. I have been having flashbacks, mostly dreams but now recently in the daytime too. The dream I had was the flashback only it was much more intense. Like I was literally relieving the moment. It was much more vivid than the other dreams about it were. So I basically got no sleep last night."

"Oh wow man, that's rough! I'm sorry. Maybe last night's dream meant something. What are your feelings for Helga anyways?"

"Maybe..and does it matter? She moved away. I haven't seen her in years. Plus I just got my heart broken. I'm not exactly thrilled at the idea of liking someone else.."

"Right..I guess that makes sense. Well I had to ask at least. Well we are here, ready for the start of our last year here?"

"Ready as I will ever be I guess. Alright, let's go in"

Both boys grabbed their backpacks and started to head inside, the boys were on their way to homeroom when Arnold saw a sight that made his heartache. Hannah, she looked pretty as ever and she was holding hands with Curly standing by his locker. She laughed as something he said and she saw Arnold staring at her and quickly looked away. She closed Curly's locker, leaned in to whisper something and he kissed her on the cheek as if reassuring her. They turned around and walked away. Gerald looked at his gloomy friend and grabbed his wrist. "Come on man, ignore them. You're going to be fine and you don't need her." Arnold resisted at first but let Gerald pull him into homeroom and quickly sat down behind a blond haired girl. Gerald leaned over and tried to assure him once again that it would be fine. "Don't worry about her okay? She hurt you, she will only hurt Curly too. I know you loved her man but it's over. Focus on school this year and who knows? Maybe you will find a different girl in time." I nodded, 'You're right I guess. Who needs her? I have you and the guys and Phoebe. Speaking of Phoebe, I wonder who she had to meet this morning." Gerald nodded replying, "Me too. I know she isn't in our homeroom though, but I have math with her next and I will have to ask." The blonde girl in front of me gasped quietly and I realized she had been listening to our entire conversation. I looked at Gerald and he looked to me then to the blonde in question. I tapped on her shoulder and spoke up, "hey I'm Arnold. And this is Gerald over there What's your name?" she half turned around, her hair covering most of her face. Something about her looked familiar...The golden blond hair, the bright blue eyes..ocean blue eyes actually..wait.. "Helga?!" She nodded and said softly, "Hey football head, hey Gerald. What's up?"

Gerald looked as shocked as I felt as we both gasped, "You're back? When? Why? How?"

She laughed and replied, "Yes I'm back, doi! I got back about two weeks ago, we came back for my dads job, and we drove. Any more questions?"

"Actually yes, how is your home life?" I asked.

"Better. Bob doesn't work as much and got anger management, so he's getting better. Miram is three years sober thanks to AA and she actually has a job for once. Olga is married now with a kid on the way but at least my parents are aware that I exist too now. It's getting better."

"That's great! You seem a lot more mellow and happier. It's nice to see you like that.." I said blushing slightly. Gerald saw this and got an idea, "Hey Helga, maybe you could join Arnold and Pheebs and I this weekend, we were going to the arcade and maybe to hit up a movie. Interested?"

"Actually yes that would be great, thanks tall-hair boy." She turned and noticed Arnold staring at her. She suddenly felt self conscious as she exclaimed, "What are you staring at football head? Take a picture it will last longer!" she winked and turned around. I was left speechless. All I could think is that she looked really pretty. Her blonde hair had gotten longer, and her blue eyes had grown bluer. She had grown more into her facial features, and she still had the unibrow, it just was a little thinner. She had traded in her trademark pink dress and bow for a gray beanie, a long sleeve pink and purple sweater and a pair of dark blue jeans that showed off her long legs quite nicely. On her feet were pink and blue tennis shoes. All I could think was, 'Wow, she gorgeous!' Gerald looked over at me and shook his head. He knew it right then, I liked Helga. Not that I wanted to admit it though.

The rest of the day was stressful as I had History with Hannah, and had to continue seeing her being all lovey-dovey with Curly. It made me feel sick to my stomach but it didn't give me the same sadness it had the first time I had seen them together. On my way out to meet Gerald, I saw he was talking to Phoebe and..Helga. My heart jumped seeing her again. She looked amazing. I slowed walked up to them but suddenly I tripped. I heard laughter as I heard Helga exclaim, "Oh hair-boy, still as clumsy as ever huh? Criminy! Here let me help you up" she held out her hand and I hesitantly grabbed it, the moment her I felt her skin against mine, a shiver ran up my spine. "Umm thanks H-Helga." "Don't mention it. Come on Phoebe, shall we go? I need help setting my room up!" Phoebe giggled and said, "Sure thing! Gerald could you give Helga and I a ride to her place?" "Sure babe, I can do that" he said smiling as he took some of her books and gestured for the group to follow. I headed off in the other direction in a daze, "my grandpa was picking me up today so i couldn't ride with them. I kinda felt sad, almost felt disappointed that i couldn't go with them. I wanted to talk to Helga more, see what else has been going on in her life. Oh well. Maybe this weekend, I thought as I climbed into Grandpa's car.

"Hey Shortman how was your day?"

"Not too bad Grandpa. I saw Hannah again but I just tried to ignore her and avoid her as much as I could."

"Well that's good! You were smiling pretty big when we walked over here, what else happened today?"

"Oh..Helga's back. I haven't seen her since she left back in forth grade. It was nice seeing her I guess."

"Is Helga the girl with the pink bow and one eyebrow, who loved you?

"Yes..wait how do you know she loved me?"

"Trust me Shortman, I went through what you did at her age. I always had a girl picking on me and then she told me it was because she loved me. Did this girl ever tell you that?"

I blushed.. "Yeah...she did. During the whole FTi incident. She kissed me and everything. But then she moved away and I haven't seen or talked to her in years so I doubt she still loves me."

"You never know, she still could."

"I doubt it Grandpa. Besides what if she does? I was hurt once, I don't want to hurt her. I don't like her like that. I like her as a friend. I mean okay she is really pretty now, not that she wasn't before but she is more so now..and she has mellowed out and she didn't yell at me once today. We have English and Art together, so that will help us become better friends I guess.."

"Uh huh sounds good Shortman. Whatever you say."

"Grandpa! That's my line!"

After we arrived home I went up to my room and flopped onto my bed, lost in thought. Helga was back! Maybe his dream last night was trying to tell him that she was coming back. But in the dream we kissed again..do I want to kiss her again or something? Do I like her? I don't even know. I still miss Hannah. Or I think I do.

One thing's for sure though, I have never felt quite this confused in my entire life...

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