Harvey and Jessica are in the midst of a very animated conversation in her office with the topic of conversation being their inbound client. Harvey is seated on the couch with several file folders spread out on the table in front of him to take in some critical last minute details. Jessica is a little ticked that Harvey has not put more than a few minutes preparation into a meeting with high profile client of this caliber. Jessica continues pacing about the room while telling Harvey what he needs to know for the first meeting with the Tates. "The corporation is under siege from a foreign buyer. Some of the siblings want to sell. The patriarch would never sell company knowing that it would be picked apart after the sale. One of the sons, Cooper, is the CEO of the company and Daddy owns more shares then all of the sibs combined so Daddy wins." Harvey surmises what Jessica has told him along with what he has seen in the files in his usual charismatic way.

"The company is financially stable and Daddy trying to head off a hostile takeover which will cost a bit of equity but we need to take on the brothers to keep it whole." Harvey rattles off the last of his summation. Jessica nods in agreement. "I am surprised that with a company of the sheer size of this one is still privately owned." Harvey's comment is delivered with a very genuine tone. Jessica rubs her brow deep in thought as she adds with a glance in Harvey's direction and the approach of a secretary. "You ready to deal with the siblings." Jessica offers it up as the challenge that it actually is to Harvey. Harvey looks Jessica up and down with his typical bravado. "Let's go start a knife-fight." Punctuating with his signature smirk upon crossing the threshold of Jessica's office.

Donna can see the family trouping through the office from the position at her desk. Louis notices them too. Louis stops at Donna's desk to find out what is going on and for a better vantage point to watch the arrivals. New arrivals that Louis instantly recognizes. "Am I crazy or was that the Tates? Like the "Tates"." Donna muses without looking up at Louis though she is intrigued by their arrival as anyone. It is like American Royalty trouping the colors through the foyer. "Apparently we have a new client…" A very introspective look crosses Louis' face that Donna cannot place and that is odd. Normally, she can read Louis like a book and now she feels she as missed a page. This is not Louis' go to reaction.

"How many of them are here?" Louis knows that Donna has been watching them the whole time no matter how cool she plays it. Donna looks up to see Louis' eyes following the route to the conference room with great interest and almost an expectation of something. Intrigued, Donna decides to answer. To get intel, sometimes you have to give intel. "Four of them are here." Donna is now intently observing Louis for a tell yet Louis does not shift his gaze as he continues to monitor the hallway as if he is waiting for someone.

"Any female?" Now, Donna is curious. "Nope… just the boys… why?" Louis catches his reveal and turns towards Donna very nonchalant. "No reason." Louis turns on his heel and walks back toward his office. The person of interest to Louis has obviously has not arrived. Donna heads town the hall passed Jessica's office to take a peek at the clients are assembling in the main conference room. Jessica acknowledges the count on their arrival to the door of the conference room. Jessica looks at Harvey. "We are missing a Tate. The youngest one." Harvey cannot help himself. "So you are saying that we are missing the Tate "R" Tot?" Jessica rolls her eyes at him. "Come on that is still funny. Well a little funny." Harvey smirks as he gathers the papers. "It was funny the first time. The last twenty… not so much. Really… is that the best you can do?" Harvey assumes his game face for Jessica. "Short notice."

"Well you'd better get in there before they actually talk to each other or the bloodshed begins." Jessica sends Harvey forward into the fray. The family has a rather well documented history of squabbling siblings, documented in every tabloid in 10 countries. Harvey takes his leave of Jessica heading towards the conference room with his normal swagger. Jessica will make an entrance when appropriate. Jessica knows dealing with the Tates can be a bit like a WWE cage match. Sometimes you tap in, other times you tap out.

Harvey makes small talk with the clients as the wait for the youngest to arrive. After about 15 minutes, Veronica Tate walks into the reception area for Pearson Darby. Mike is called by the desk to escort Ms. Tate to join the others. As he rounds the corner towards reception, he is shocked by what he sees. He was expecting a lady of society. A lady dressed to the nines… couture… Instead of couture… Converses?

Before Mike stands a woman dressed in a long sleeve t-shirt, jeans and converses. "Veronica Tate?" Veronica smiles as she approaches Mike. "Yes, pleasure to meet you…" She extends her hand like a lady Mike extends his hand in return. "Mike… Mike Ross. Everyone is waiting in the conference room. This way, Ms. Tate." Mike opens a door for her. As Mike escorts her toward the conference room, Veronica sees Louis in the hallway. She stops Mike for a moment with a brush of her hand to draw his attention.

"Louis? Bubbie, how are you?" Veronica's voice is warm and expressive as she approaches Louis widening her arms for a hug. "Veronica, what are you doing here?" Louis offers no one indication that he had been wondering when she would arrive. Louis gives Veronica a big hug with Mike watching and Donna watching from a distance.

"Darling, it has been too long." Veronica continues the conversation. The warmth of the exchange indicates quite clearly that there is a history here. Mike is watching the scene play out in awe. Quite obviously, Louis is acquainted with Ms. Tate. "When did you get back from Boston?" Much to Mike's dismay, Louis and Veronica chat for more than a moment. Mike is painfully aware of Harvey is mouthing to him from the conference room to get her in there… but also as to what the heck is going on with Louis.

"I just transferred to Presbyterian… Daddy has called a meeting with the Monkeys." Veronica motions in the direction of the conference room with the well trained wave of a debutante. "you had better be free for dinner tonight…Bubbie. I'll stop back when I'm done with these hooligans." Veronica releases Louis' hand and heads to the conference room at Mike's behest. As Veronica turns away, a huge smile crosses Louis' face as he heads back to his office. Rachel and Mike exchange looks of shock as Rachel heads into the conference room. Donna mouths "WTF" to Rachel with a smile.

Mike walks into the conference room with Veronica and is dismissed by Harvey along with Rachel. After a bit time passes as to not make their pow-wow too obvious, Donna, Mike and Rachel meet up in Harvey's office. Donna can not wait to start this conversation. "Ok what the hell was that? Louis knows Veronica Tate? The Veronica Tate." Gossip is in session.

Conference Room:

The discussion has become quite vocal in the room with Veronica having the floor about the possible sale or merger. "For once in your lives pry that damn silver spoon out of your mouth long enough to realize that the world doesn't revolve around us and our trust funds."

Harvey, Jessica and company watch the siblings "discuss" their situation and by discuss, they mean they are keeping it from becoming a glass enclosed Thunder Dome.

"Get down off the cross Veronica. Someone could use the wood" Dilton takes a lob at his sister.

"Really Dil, Time to pick a side… are you hanging on the cross or are you on banging the nails." Veronica turns away to look through the glass wall as a dramatic period to her comment. Veronica's frustration is obvious and on full display. Harvey mouths to Jessica "Nice Edge of Darkness reference." Jessica taps Harvey on the arm to hush him.

"Come on Veronica… the offer is good and you know it." The CEO lays his cards on the table with haughty derision towards his sister.

"And what would you know about the deal, Cooper? You have been in the Riviera…Mr CEO…" Veronica shifts focus to yet another brother who responds by opening his mouth to release another attempt to hush Veronica. Veronica immediately interrupts Cooper. "really can you even name five of the cities that the plants are in? And you". (pointing at Weatherbee. "You are a Senator. Shouldn't you be worrying about your reelection? Or are you too busy scoping the interns in the lobby. Shipping jobs overseas from your family's own company is not a good thing in an election year." Veronica is pacing at the end of the conference table causing everyone in the room to shift their gaze like they are watching the US Open.

"Libraries and art galleries are great but they don't put food on people's tables. This is our last chance to salvage our family's legacy. We own a manufacturing plants, railroads, and trucking companies. We employ a lot of people. If we sell on this offer, the company is going to be hacked to pieces.. For what… bigger trust funds? Really… how much to do you need. We already have a fleet of cars and more houses that anyone can live in… you really need more freaking stuff? How much is enough?" Veronica has nothing left to say though her gestures have resembled a LaGuardia landing crew with her hands dramatically punctuating the conversation.

(Their father is watching with Darby outside the door at a respectful distance as to not be inadvertently observed by the participants) Darby offers a summation to the senior Tate. "Veronica has become quite the force to be reckoned with. Montgomery Tate looks at his daughter with pride. "I know. She's always been my rebel and right now… I need a fighter."

Mike, Rachel and Donna make a beeline for Louis' office at the end of their gossip session. "Louis, I cannot believe that you know Veronica Tate." Louis puts down the paper he is looking at nonchalantly as if this conversation is to involve common knowledge. He is going to enjoy this and savor every last moment of the experience. "Yes, we have been friends for a long time." Louis turns his attention back to the paper lying in front of him.

Rachel takes her turn. "So are they really like they are described…. You know the whole Camelot deal." Louis is enjoying being the insider for once. "Don't believe the whole Page Six BS… this isn't Camelot… it's more like Highlander." Louis looks up at the collective with a very Harvey-like smirk. Mike responds with, "There can only be one." Spurring muffled laughter from the gathering, Louis gets a rather serious expression as he looks towards the conference room. "Exactly, now you get it."

Back in the conference room:

"You know I don't have time for this measuring contest. I have to get to the hospital." Veronica makes for the door before being halted by one of her brothers just short of the threshold. Harvey watches this exchange with a great deal of interest. "Veronica, we have to get this settled. You can do your charity work later." Cooper corners his sister, Veronica looks over her shoulder with her annoyance clearly displayed in her expression. "Cooper, this is a business deal. This will be here tomorrow. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go to work. Jessica, Harvey … a pleasure." Veronica nods cordially before leaving.

Veronica swings by Louis' office before officially departing the firm. She pops her head in with the others still there assuming she is interrupting a business meeting. "Eightish… I'll send a car, TTFN." Veronica blows an air kiss and heads for the door as Louis smiles. "Absolutely." Nothing could wipe the smile from Louis' face at this moment in time. There is nothing quite like Veronica Tate drifting back into your world. His world was always a much more interesting place with Veronica in it.

Darby's office:

After the rather abrupt departure of the remaining siblings, Jessica and Harvey walk into Darby's office, greetings are exchanged and introductions made. It is apparent that Darby and the senior Tate have history from the mid day scotch and casual setting.

Jessica calls out Montgomery. "So why are you using Veronica as the heavy?" Jessica takes a seat at one of the open chairs as Harvey lingers to observe.

A prideful smile crosses Montgomery's face again. "Veronica is the only one who can break them. They don't listen to me anymore. Hell, they don't listen to anyone anymore. Damn kids. I can't have this happen to what my family has built. A century of blood and sweat are at risk, I needed a fighter. All of those boys and my girl is the only fighter among them. Don't misunderstand them. They will stand by each other they just need to be pummeled into submission first." The words are spoken by a proud father and a rather prolific businessman.

Harvey asks the question that is on his mind. "Does she know you are using her for this?" His vibe was that of a passionate advocate over warrior.

"Well… I haven't told her but she certainly has a clue… I think it is why she left Boston. She is guided by her own compass at the moment. She just happens to think like her old man. After she handles them, she will need backup. That is why I came to you. You win this. I will give your firm everything. I will have Cooper officially bring you on as the legal counsel for the corporation. You will get the trusts, real estate… everything. I need my legacy protected. It is a multi-billion dollar deal. I am getting too old for this." He sips from the scotch that Darby hands him.

Darby and Montgomery turn to a more social conversation upon which Harvey takes a cue to make his exit. He has some research to do. Harvey walks out to Donna circling obviously waiting for him. "Can you get Veronica back in here tomorrow?" Harvey lingers at Donna's desk before heading to his office.

"With or without the monkeys?" Donna sound a bit like she is taking a luncheon order than a client but she will roll with it. "Without." Harvey is mid concoction of a plan of some sort that Donna cannot entirely read. "I will see what I can do." Mike engages Harvey's attention as they head into Harvey's office.

"Why are you smiling like that?" Harvey takes a seat at his desk as Mike speaks up. "Louis is friends with Veronica Tate. They are having dinner tonight."

Harvey is truly stunned by that revelation. "You are kidding me." Harvey's normally stoic face registers a bit of shock at the thought of that being the reason that Louis talking to Ms. Veronica Tate. Mike starts the story of Louis and Veronica. "She called him Louie and Bubbie." Harvey smiles at the thought of Louis actually allowing himself to be called Louie. "Ok… get me everything you know about Veronica Tate" Harvey heads to Louis' office for a chat based on this new information.

"So Louis, I hear you know our Ms. Tate." Harvey begins as soon as he hits the threshold of Louis' office. He is not going to allow Louis an inch of latitude on the Tates. "Yes I do… very well actually." Louis looks up trying to contain the smug look that he wants so desperately to show Harvey. "How do you know her?" Harvey knows that Louis is telling the truth and he is really curious as to what fate would align Veronica Tate and Louis Litt. Whatever cosmic mishap that was this may become useful leverage.

"We are friends, Harvey." Louis gets up from his seat to be anywhere but here, a dramatic exit is called for end this conversation on a note of mystery. Louis find himself in a rare position. He actually has one up on Harvey. This may prove to be interesting. Dismissing Harvey... now that felt good as Louis walks to the partner lounge. Harvey heads back to his office with his curiosity peaked, he knows Louis enjoyed that exchange and a happy Louis, shares more information than a pissed off Louis.

"Donna, find out from Norma where Louis is going to dinner tonight." Harvey asks as he passes Donna, he pauses and points directly at Mike.

"You find out everything there is to know about Ms. Veronica Tate." Mike laughs. "Well first of all… try Dr. Veronica Tate." Harvey gives him a curious look regarding the Doctor reference but continues with his thought. "Including whatever you can dig up on her personal finances and stake in the company. Mike finds the request a bit intense but Harvey is the boss and this should be an easy ask to answer. Mike heads to his desk to start digging.

Later in evening:

Harvey walks into Jessica's office with a wicked little grin on his face. "Guess who is having dinner with Veronica Tate this evening?" Jessica rolls her eyes at Harvey for a brief moment before offering. "Wow that was fast even for you." Harvey takes a seat in front of her, relaxing into a conversation on this curious topic. Harvey gets that smile he gets across his face when he is going to spring something on her. "Not me…. Louis is having dinner with Veronica Tate." Jessica's expression registers the appropriate level of shock. "Feel like a nightcap?" Harvey offers with a telling wink.