As Ray pulls onto the street of the hospital, Harvey spies Veronica walking down the sidewalk. From the general direction, Harvey surmises that Veronica is headed home. Harvey acknowledges that detail and leaves the flowers in the car for what will be the next stop. Ray drops Harvey off at the entrance of the hospital so that he can visit with Mike.

Rachel is already at Mike's bedside as Harvey would expect. He is pleased that Mike looks much better than the last time he saw him. The scenes from the previous day have been playing on an seemingly endless loop in Harvey's brain. "How you feeling?" Harvey taps Mike on the leg as he walks around the bed. "The first rule about fight club." Mike gives him a smile. "You don't talk about fight club." Harvey is glad that Mike sounds like himself today. "Some mother… always trying to skate up hill." Harvey offers as he plops himself into the open chair. "Well I went to kick ass and chew gum… and I was all out of gum." Rachel rolls her eyes at the exchange between Mike and Harvey. This exchange brings her joy since it is definitely a sign that Mike is feeling better and the bromance is alive and well. The thought at the alternative outcomes of the previous day is now something Rachel has banished from her brain. She has to since was too close to what she imagines is one of the worst things that could ever happen to her.

"So was Veronica here this morning?" Harvey changes the topic. Mike gives Harvey a sly smile that Harvey chocks up to the pain meds. "Yes, I get sprung tomorrow." Mike offers with a tremendous smile. The injury had the potential to be devastating but in the end, wasn't. Harvey is a bit astounded by modern medicine. He has a feeling that Veronica may be springing Mike early. "Doctor V is letting him go but there are conditions and she is going to personally check on him." Rachel offers into the conversation. Rachel is quite obviously thrilled that despite everything, Mike will actually be home for their first Christmas together and Harvey could not agree more. "That is great news." Harvey pauses. "Really great news." Rachel makes her way to the door with the parting comment of. "I am going to get some coffee so you two can talk." Rachel knows how worried Harvey was yesterday. She had never seen Harvey that vulnerable. After about a hour with time enough for some phone calls and a bit of breakfast, Rachel returns as Harvey readies to leave them.

Harvey takes his leave of Rachel and Mike, telling Mike not to even think of returning to the office before the New Year. With Ray waiting for him, Harvey head over to Veronica's building. Harvey grabs the flowers off the seat as he heads up to her apartment. He gently knocks upon her door hoping that she is indeed here and would not mind the intrusion. "Harvey?" Veronica is surprised to see Harvey on her threshold especially since she is dressed flannel PJ bottoms, thermal shirt and wild socks. Harvey quite accurately surmises that Veronica was obviously not expecting company from her current attire and shocked expression.

"Hello Veronica." Harvey offers the flowers to Veronica with that killer smile that is hard not to appreciate. The flowers bring a smile to Veronica's face as she allows him to enter. "Thank you. Please come in." Veronica waves Harvey into what is now a familiar space. Harvey did not forget just how spectacular this penthouse truly is. Veronica offers to take Harvey's coat before heading to the kitchen to put the flowers in a vase with Harvey in tow. Harvey is still surprised that Veronica does not have servants. As haughty as it sounds in his head, Veronica was raised with a level of opulence that is hard to comprehend yet she lives simply quite obviously by choice.

"This is a very sweet but unnecessary gesture, Harvey." Harvey takes a look around Veronica's apartment at the scene before him. He has to laugh. Popcorn, root beer and an Xbox. Veronica is in her PJ's playing Call of Duty. "Can we talk?" Harvey offers to break the ice. Veronica notices Harvey's expression has a serious undertone that raises a bit of concern in her. Veronica motions towards the couch for Harvey to take a seat next to her. She wonders if it is the kiss that is twisting Harvey up a bit. Veronica acknowledges that in the course of her career, she has been kissed, kicked and a dozen other things in reaction to injury or tragedy so the kiss was not a huge deal. It was nice. Actually, it was more than nice. Harvey Specter can kiss. Kiss in the ways that rattle a girl's brains up a bit. As Harvey sits down, Veronica can see the labor in his movements. "How is your shoulder?" Veronica moves closer to check Harvey's injury over his shirt.

"It's good." Veronica can see from the way that Harvey is moving, it is not good... not good at all. Veronica taps Harvey the same way she did yesterday. Harvey knows his reaction is a giveaway and it is a profound reaction that he cannot control. Harvey doubles up on the couch in reaction to the quite specifically placed prod.

"Come here." Veronica's words are a command not a choice. Harvey shoots Veronica a look that he is an unwilling patient. "Come on, Harvey, I'm a doctor remember. Stand up." Veronica stands in front of Harvey as she helps him to his feet. Veronica maneuvers Harvey's arm in very abrupt fashion. Her movements are quick and clean as Harvey lets out a grunt if overwhelming pain. Harvey is all but is shocked, after the first wave of pain the rest of the pain is gone almost instantly. "Wow." Harvey moves his shoulder around and is now able to lift his arm up like it is some kind of medical miracle. "Darling, all I did was push your shoulder back into place. Played baseball I see." Veronica offers up a warm smile. Harvey is kind of amazed by that observation.

"How did you know I played baseball?" Veronica walks into the kitchen. Upon her return she tosses Harvey a root beer as she grabs the popcorn and a remote. Veronica nests back into her spot in the center of the couch as Harvey sits next to her. "Your shoulder slipped out when you hit the ground. I just couldn't see it yesterday. It was a choice between lacrosse and baseball. Somehow you don't remind me of the lacrosse playing preppy type." Veronica offers with a sufficient and sarcastic side eye. "Really." Harvey gives her a sidelong look as Veronica offers up popcorn.

"Really." Veronica gives Harvey a smirk. "You are not the prep school LL Bean and Weejuns archetype, Harvey." Harvey laughs at the term but what the hell. You never know how you look through someone else's eyes until they tell you. Veronica turns towards Harvey looking him over closely. "How do you know?" Harvey offers with a wink. Veronica decides to hit Harvey with a bit of his own medicine. "You grew up without a silver-spoon. You played baseball in high school and were quite good but an injury kept you from pursing it further. You went to a local university and found a way to charm Jessica Pearson on your way to Harvard Law. You have a younger brother. Your mother is out of the picture and you lost your father a few years ago. Your mother cheated on your father, you knew and you have not gotten over the betrayal which is why you have commitment issues with women. You are often at odds with your younger brother but Mike is filling that void…." Harvey stops Veronica by covering her mouth mid sentence with his hand.

"You googled me?" Veronica gives him a wink. "No need to Google Harvey, we use the same PI…goose, gander…. And lunch with Donna is way better than Google. She is the original search engine all things Harvey Specter, had that out of her by Barneys." "Why?" Harvey is used to checking the background on clients not vice versa.

"Everyone has a story… some are just more interesting than others and people love to talk about themselves. You are a huge part of Donna's world. All i had to do was listen to the story." Veronica winks and leans against Harvey to share the popcorn as she turns on a movie. Harvey is shocked at the truth of that statement. Donna is the keeper of his secrets and most of his world. If anyone wanted to get to him, the doorway was through Donna.

Harvey and Veronica spend the rest of the afternoon watching kitchy Christmas movies. Harvey literally cannot remember the last time he spent an afternoon watching movies let alone the marathon of Christmas movies. He needed a release from the pressures of his world even if only for an afternoon. To Veronica's surprise mid way through the second movie, Harvey has drifted off to deep sleep on her couch. Veronica covers Harvey with a throw before heading to the kitchen to make dinner. There are worst ways to spend an afternoon that with a handsome lawyer. Veronica turns off the TV and turns on some music to act has her muse while she cooks.

Harvey wakes to the sound of a French singer ringing through the apartment. He is a bit disoriented as he gets his bearings on his location. Harvey has no idea how long he has been out. He rises and straightens himself up before joining Veronica in the kitchen. "Hey there… sleep well." Veronica asks as Harvey appears next to her in the kitchen. Harvey gives her that smile, the one she is beginning to really like. Her grandmother's words ring through her head. There is nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm. Veronica hands Harvey a glass of wine as he nods an affirmation to her question. He slept like a rock for the first time in a while. Harvey peeks at the stove to see what Veronica has been up too during his slumber.

"I figured you may have had a restless night last night. From the look of you, you needed the sleep." Veronica offers as she continues the small talk. Harvey circles closer to her. He has not slept that well in a while and it felt really good. Veronica is truly great company. "I did." Harvey sets his wine on the counter as he moves closer to Veronica. His thoughts drift as Veronica turns with a spoonful for him to taste. "Wow… that is good. You made coq au vin?" Harvey is truly amazed at some of the talents possessed Veronica. Few people surprise him yet Veronica has surprised him time and time again.

"Harvey, you were asleep for four hours." Harvey eyes widen at Veronica's statement, he cannot believe he was out that long and it kind of explains the French singer. Louis does the same thing when he cooks French food. Veronica does not realize how close Harvey is standing to her as she turns and bumps into him knocking herself off balance. Harvey catches Veronica, ending up in the same position they were at the hospital. Harvey gazes down and Veronica and goes with his instincts. He pulls Veronica into a deep kiss. This time there is no interruption.

After a breathless few minutes, Harvey reaches behind Veronica and turns off the stove between kisses and wandering hands. "Harvey, this could be an epic bad idea." Veronica speaks in a breathless voice. "It could be but." He pulls her into another kiss with a wickedly flirtatious wink. This is out of character for him and he knows it. He just doesn't know why he can't stop himself. There is something about Veronica.

"Well technically you are not my attorney." Veronica knows what she has to say… and is fighting it with every fiber of her being as she thinks, Wow can he kiss. "Technically…" Harvey leans his head against Veronica's as he holds the side of her face. "Veronica. I…" Veronica interrupts Harvey. Hard decisions are the forte of a Doctor and this is a hard decision. "Harvey, I know. How about dinner?" Veronica gently pulls her body away with a quick soft kiss on Harvey's cheek. The old Mae West quote runs through Veronica's head and out of her lips. "Don't lead me into temptation, I can find the way myself."

Harvey smiles at Veronica's gentle nature offering to help her finish dinner with a smile at the quote. His sentiments exactly. The evening is salvaged with conversation and French food. At the end of the evening Veronica escorts Harvey to the door. After putting on his coat, Harvey turns towards her. "When I kissed you… It was because I wanted to kiss you…I." Veronica places her finger on his lip tracing a line on the cupid's bow.

"I know." Veronica gives Harvey a look that tells him that she understands. Harvey kisses her finger and her hand. This is complicated and worthy of a slow navigation. Harvey takes a moment in the frigid air to clear his head before getting into the car with a glance up to Veronica's window as a silent until next time Ms. Tate.