You, [l/n] [f/n] were a GREAT friend to a certain pink haired boy- but everything change.

Of course, you somehow grew to had a bit of a crush on him- but it all ended.

A new kid came to your classroom- her name? Jeanne d'Arc. Yeah, she was beautiful and was really kind- but... You were just like that too. You were also beautiful and kind- but it was just someone didn't see it. Your GREAT friend.

Kirino Ranmaru.

-Reader's POV-

"[f/n]..." Your mother said. "If you don't tell him about-"

I smiled sadly- and coughed into my elbow.


"Don't worry..." I put my hand in front of my mother to tell her to not get up. "Ran-... Kirino-kun should be able to know- and..."

I sadly looked out the window with tears coming out of my eyes.

"Jeanne-san is there for him."

I fell asleep. In the warm hospital bed. But.. Machines everywhere... That was all I could see when I open my two eyes. Nothing else...

"H-how is she..?" My mother asked the doctor that was in charge of me. "W-will she be okay..?"

The doctor sighed.

"I'll let her go out this Friday for the last time for her to see her friends.. But.." The doctor said sadly. "She might not make it.."

"[f/n].." My mother held my hand- my right hand.

I smiled sadly to myself.

Why was fate so cruel...? Maybe me and Kirino-kun shouldn't have met in the first place.

-Time Skip/ Friday-

I sat in my classes as always- and... Ignored the calls from my friends. Even Kirino-kun. I didnt't have the face to face them- mostly to Kirino-kun. For me.. I wasn't surprised. He was dating Jeanne-san- I saw them kiss in front of school before entering.

I was heart-broken. That was the end of our friendship.

I wonder how the Soccer Club will be like when I'm gone- and.. How would my Death be for Kirino-kun- wait.. why should I care...? I have no right to be with him- or be in his life. I should have already dead...

"Hurry!" I heard the Doctors panicing. "She's not going to make it!"

"We are!"

This was the end right..?

The end of my life...

Huh..? I see a Light.. A very bright light... Should I reach it...?

"She's not going to make it!"


Is.. This it?

Wait... I don't want to die yet...

The bright light was coming closer and closer to me.


-Beep- -Beep- Beep- Beepppppppp-

Huh..? Am I alive..?

"[f/n]...!" A voice yelled.

Who was that..?

"[f/n]-chan!" A more feminine voice yelled.

With that call.. I slowly opened my eyes. Everything was white- and I saw a blue haired girl- then a navy haired boy.

"[f/n]..." Another voice said. "Is she really gone..?"

That voice..

When I could see clearly. I saw everyone of my friends.

"M-minna...?" My voice came out a soft whisper- which some of them heard.

"[f/n]?" Aoi said. "Are you awake...?"

"More importantly!" Midori yelled. "You're Alive!"

I'm alive..?

I looked at Aoi then at Midori- then at everyone else. But.. Kirino-kun isn't here... I knew it.. Jeanne-san was more important then me..

When I thought that.. I couldn't help it but let some tears out of my eyes.

"What's wrong..? [f/n]?" Tenma asked. "You're crying."

I couldn't say anything- but cover my face with my hands.

Why didn't he come see me? Kirino Ranmaru...

The next day my mother told me everything that happened. After the doctors saw my heart beat fail- they thought it was the end for me- but what happened? How am I still alive?

I put my hand on my chest- where my heart was- and it was beating fine.

But.. Why? I didn't want to die yet- but.. Why am I still alive?

I went to school the next week after that. Of course- I saw Jeanne-san with Kirino-kun again.. I felt heartbroken as always- but... I wasn't surprised.. Jeanne-san must have told Kirino-kun to stay with her instead of coming to see me. Jeanne-san must of thought Kirino-kun would had abandon her if he came to see me- but what should I do..?

Kirino-kun won't talk to me- or look at me. Until the teacher paired us up together for a project in history. Jeanne-san said it was fine as long as we don't do anything together.

Kirino-kun and I went to the library- but didn't talk to each other- or looked at each other. We were strangers. He won't even talk with me about the topic we were going to work about- so I walked away- but I left a note.

Kirino-kun, when you're done with the project- I'll be somewhere

I knew he wouldn't even care if I left right..? No.. I mean out of this world..

I walked in the library- because I left my school bag- and I found Kirino-kun still there. He was sleeping.

When I walked up to him to grab my bag- he said something.

"[f/n]..." He said. "Don't leave me..."

"Eh?" I looked at him.

"I'm sorry.." He continued. "If only I told you that I was sorry.."

I took a step back.

H-he was saying sorry.

I dropped my bag and ran somewhere. I didn't want to be here! I wanted to go somewhere else! And it came true.

My mother said we were moving to Ichikawa, Chiba. I was more happier to leave. I didn't want to leave Tenma and the others- but I could leave Kirino-kun.

I smiled sadly to myself.

This is my fate.

"EH?!" Tenma yelled. "[f/n]! This can't be true!"

I smiled and nodded.

"It's true," I said sounding not sad. "I'm moving to Chiba- because my mother said there was a better hospital there.."

"But," Shindou said. "are you happy?"

"Eh?" I looked at Shindou. "Shindou-kun, what do you mean?"

"I mean," Shindou coughed. "aren't you going to be sad..? The reason you were friends with us was because... Kirino told us about you."

"Kirino-kun doesn't matter me anymore." I smiled- but it wasn't a sad smile. "I'm leaving next week- so I have to go now."

I walked away from them and smiled to myself.

It's not like he's going to remember me.. Jeanne-san is here...

-Kirino Ranmaru's POV-

"Kirino-kun doesn't matter to me anymore." [f/n]'s voice echoed(?) in my head.

Her voice...

What did I do wrong? Did I really hurt [f/n]?

"Ranmaru-kun, what's wrong?" Jeanne asked me with her worried eyes. "You seem really sad."

"Me?" I gave her a fake smile. "Nothing really!"

I looked at the ceiling of my room- from my bed. Laying in my bed- thinking about her. No, not Jeanne- but.. [f/n]. The only reason why I dated Jeanne.. Was because-

I sighed and turned.

It's been a week since [f/n] left to Chiba to recover... That reminds me.. Didn't Shindou text me about her being in the hospital...? I am so stupid... I ignore the message!

I reached my phone and rereaded the message.

Kirino! This is really bad! [l/n]'s in the hospital and she's going to die! Hurry up and COME TO THE HOSPITAL!

Rereading it over and over again.

"[f/n]..." I said. "What did I do wrong..?"

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000

... I can't believe I wrote this..! My eyes were in pain! I was listening to 'Owari no Sekai Kara' from Maeda Jun X Yanagi Nagi- and I thought of this.. I was crying when I was writing your death... Not really a death- but still!

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