-Reader's POV-

"So," Takahashi-sensei said. "everyone got that..?"

Half of the class(who were just all the boys) groaned and the girls giggled. Why? Takahashi-sensei said that we will be performing a play for some little kids... I wonder why.. And the play we will be putting on is Snow White.

Of course... Jeanne-san will be the Snow White-san, and Kirino-kun will be the Prince..

Takahashi-sensei made us take this test to see which part will be perfect for us. And that went on for about 5-10 minutes.

"So, that's it." Takahashi-sensei said. "Now I will begin naming out your parts."

"[l/n]." A classmate said. "Do you think Sensei is going to put Jeanne and Kirino together?"

"Of course he is." I said with a smile. "Takahashi-"

"Snow White and the Prince will be played by [l/n] [f/n] and Kirino Ranmaru."


"Eh!" I yelled.

"Sensei!" A classmate yelled. "Why is Kirino-san and [l/n]-san-"

"Tomoshiro, please sit down." Takahashi-sensei said firmly.


Takahashi-sensei gave Tomoshiro a glare.

"G-got it..."

"And on to the others-"

'N-no way!' I yelled in my head. 'I can't be.. I just can't be...!'

"[l/n]!" A voice called for me.

I turned around and saw a certain someone.

"Shindou!" I said. "What's wrong?"

"Will you be okay..?" He asked me suddenly being worried.

"Ah.." I said looking down but then looked up with a fake- but sweet smile. "Don't worry about me! It's just a play! There's nothing going on with me and Kirino-kun."

"Are you sure?" Shindou asked not buying my smile.

"Of course.." I said as my eyes soften. "I just have to do my best...!"

"Then, let's head to the Soccer Field.." Shindou said holding out his hand.

I gave another smile and took it. With that, we both walked together to the Soccer Field.

"EH?!" Tenma yelled. "Kirino-san is this true?!"

"Yeah... But, it's nothing really serious.." Kirino said.

"What's wrong?" I asked walking in the talk with Shindou.

"Kirino, what happen?" Shindou asked.

"Jeanne and I kinda broke up.." Kirino said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Are you okay?" I asked being a bit worried about him.

I still had feelings for him..so I'm kinda happy they did- but... Kirino-kun did really love Jeanne-san.

"Why?" Shindou asked.

"Well..." Kirino said. "She said it wasn't working out.. And she's moving back to her hometown.."

"Kirino-san, you did really love her.." Tenma said.

"No.." Kirino said.

"Eh?" Most of us said.

"Maybe I did like Jeanne- but my heart said I didn't like her for real...maybe I went out with her because she reminded me of someone special.." Kirino said with his eyes soften.

"And who's that..?" Tsurugi asked.


"Me?" I pointed to me.

"Yeah..." Kirino said.

"Kirino-san..." Tenma said.

"Gomen, can I skip practice?" Kirino asked Endou-kantoku.

"Sure..." Endou said knowing how Kirino's feeling. "Go ahead."

When Kirino left the field...

"[l/n] go talk to him." Endou said.

"Me?" I said.

"Yeah," Shindou added. "Kirino does love you."

"What about you?" I pointed to Shindou. "Kirino loves you too!"

"What are you talking about..?" Shindou said.

"Come on [l/n]-senpai~" an annoying voice said. "Kirino-senpai just confessed to you~"

"K-Kariya-kun!" I yelled with a blush.

"You're blushing too!" Nishiki added.

"N-Nishiki-kun!" I yelled.

"C'mon," Kurama said. "we all know you love him."


"Go." Endou said.

I sighed in defeat. "fine.."


"Kirino-kun.." I said finally noticing a pink-haired boy.

"[f/n]..." He said not looking at me. "Did I hurt you..?"

I walked up to him and sat next to him. Man I hate wearing skirts..

"I guess you did.." I said. "But, somehow I was happy..."

"Eh?" Kirino looked at me.

"Maybe it was because.." I said. "Because..you... you finally found someone for you.."


"Don't worry about me." I said wiping some of my tears away. "Kirino-kun...I-"







His lips.. He was touching my lips with his lips... I closed my eyes and couldn't help it but kiss back.


"AH!" I pushed Kirino-kun away after a flash of light.

"That WAS PERFECT!" A voice yelled.

"Akane-san! you left it on flash! And, Midori-san! You're too loud!"


"Those voices!" I stood up. "Midori, Akane, and Aoi-chan!"

"Crap! Run!"

After a few moments.. The voices ran away.

"W-what should I do.." I looked down. "Akane took a picture..."

"I don't mind." Kirino said giving me a warm smile. "At least I got a kiss from a person I love very much."


He stood up and put a finger on my lips.

"Ranmaru-kun is fine." He whispered in my ear. "Just call me that like you used to."

"K-Kirino-kun, I-"

Then he cut me off with a small fast kiss.

"Ranmaru-kun." Kirino said firmly looking into my eyes.

"R-Ranmaru-kun.." I said.


"[f/n]." Kirino said.


"Tilt your head to the right a bit." He said- or more like order me to.

I did what he told me to. I tilted my head to the right a bit.

"Ouch..!" I half-yelled.

Kiri- no.. Ranmaru-kun gave me a bite on my neck.

"W-what was that for..?!" I yelled blushing.

"That's a mark." He hugged me. "To show that your mine- and only mine."


"I'm home!" I yelled coming in my house.

"Oh, welcome back- OMG! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR NECK?!" My mother yelled.


-3rd Person's POV-

"You did good Jeanne." A voice said.

"Yes, I'm just glad Kirino-kun and [l/n]-san are together.

"Then, let's go back."

"Of course,"

With that the two people with hoods walked into some kind of portal.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000

End of Story! I'm just glad to have finish this... And do you think I over did it with Kirino biting your neck..? I was writing this at my Cousins house, they're guys... Nothing wrong with that! XD Then, bye-bye! I hoped you enjoyed this story!

PS - Got lazy and didn't want to write how the play went XD