This is to honour 2 of the greatest and most successful cartoons in history; Avatar: The Last Airbender and Teen Titans TV Series.

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Aang slowly regains consciousness. His eyes open and he slowly rises from his bed, visibly shaken and in pain. He then notices his stomach and right shoulder are wrapped in bandages.

"What happened?" He asks himself. He glances and his confusion turns to shock when he sees the Fire Nation designs and flag and immediately assumes he has been captured. "Oh no!"

He leaves his room, carefully creaking open the door and peering outside for any sign of Fire Nation soldiers. Using his glider as a crutch, Aang stumbles across the hall, occasionally leaning on the wall for support due to being weak. He stops at a turn in the hallway upon hearing two guards; who are actually Pipsqueak and The Duke, talking to each other.

"You hear something?" Pipsqueak asks. Aang quickly hides behind the wall, then sports a determined look and quickly steps out and sends a weak air blast at them which only ruffles their clothes. "He's awake!" The two begin chasing Aang, who struggles to escape. "Stop! Please!"

Aang manages to reach the deck of the ship; however, he stumbles on the stairway and drops his staff. It slides over to where Hakoda and Bato, disguised as Fire Nation soldiers, are petting Momo.

"Momo?" said a very confused Aang.

Momo runs toward Aang, jumps on his shoulder and licks his face. Toph and Katara, standing near the edge of the ship, hear the events.

"Twinkle Toes! That's got to be you!" exclaimed Toph.

Everyone soon gather in front of the 12 year old. "Aang, you're awake!" said Katara.

"Are you sure?" Aang asked before he rubs his eyes. "I feel like I'm dreaming."

He was suddenly caught by surprise when Katara hugged him "You're not dreaming. You're finally awake." The young water-bender assured him.

As she releases him, Sokka; disguised as a Fire Nation guard, comes to hug Aang too. "Aang, good to see you back among the living, buddy!"

"Sokka?" Aang breathes heavily, appears to be passing out.

"Uh-oh, somebody catch him, he's gonna…" Toph said.

Aang soon blacks out, but Katara manages to catch him before he could hit the floor. The whole group, including Appa, soon surround Aang with concern. Meanwhile, on another ship, Zuko is heading toward the Fire Nation. Mai soon joins him.

"Aren't you cold?" She asks her boyfriend.

"I've got a lot on my mind." Zuko answered solemnly "It's been so long, over three years since I was home. I wonder what's changed. I wonder how I've changed."

Mai yawns "I just asked if you were cold, I didn't ask for your whole life story." She then giggles and holds his face in her hands. "Stop worrying." She said softly before the two share a kiss.

Mai exits and Zuko stays there with an expression of relief on his face. We return to the ship where Team Avatar is on. Aang is awake once again. He sits in front of Katara, also sitting, surrounded by Toph and Sokka. Appa rests behind them, and Aang receives a robe to cover him.

"Why are we on a Fire Nation ship? Why is everyone dressed this way? And why am I the only one who's completely out of it?" Aang asks Katara as the two are left alone.

"You need to take it easy, okay?" Katara told him. "You got hurt pretty bad." Aang then calms down. Katara smiles "I like your hair."

"I have hair?" Aang asks in disbelief. He starts feeling it. "How long was I out?" he asks.

"About a few weeks." Katara asked. That was when Hakoda came to check on the duo.

"Everything okay?" he asks.

Katara looks away, "We're fine Dad." She replies with a bit of an annoyed tone.

"I'm Hakoda," He introduced himself to Aang, offering his hand. "Katara and Sokka's father."

Aang moves to shake his outstretched hand, but Katara places her hand on Aang's shoulders stopping him. "He knows who you are. I just called you "Dad", didn't I?"

"I guess you're right." Hakoda replied.

Removing Katara's hand he shakes Hakoda's hand. "Nice to officially meet you, Chief Hakoda."

"It's an honor to meet you."

"Great, great, so now you guys have finally met." Katara interrupted with annoyance "So would you mind giving us a little privacy?"

"Of course." Hakoda answered, with a slight hint of offence in his voice before walking away.

"Are you mad at your dad or something?" Aang asks Katara, who looks at Hakoda leave with an expression of annoyance on her face.

"What? Not at all," she fakes confused look "Why would you say that?"

Aang shrugs and murmurs as if to say "I don't know." but gasps in pain.

"Maybe we should go upstairs," Katara suggested as she helped Aang up his feet. "You need a healing session."

Back in Aang's room on the ship. Katara bends some water onto the scar left by Azula's lightning attack.

"Tell me where the pain feels most intense," said Katara.

"Mmm, a little higher," Aang murmured. "Uhhh!"

Aang flashes back to the battle where he rises into the Avatar State then suddenly returns to reality.

"Wow, you're definitely in the right area there."

"I can feel a lot of energy twisted up around there," she said as she Begins to remove the water. "Let me just see if I can-"

Aang again flashes back to the battle, to the moment where he was attacked, then to the scene where Katara is looking over him, crying. After that, he snaps back to reality.

"I went down!" Aang realized "I didn't just get hurt, did I? It was worse than that. I was gone! But you brought me back."

"I just used the spirit water from the North Pole." Katara replied, somewhat modestly, "I don't know what I did exactly."

Aang turns to look at her "You saved me."

Placing a hand on the side of his face, she says, "You need to rest."

Meanwhile; in another universe:

Five figures seemed to be in battle position as they prepared to face an enemy.

The first figure was a boy in some sort of costume that consisted of green tights with black steel-toed boots, a green short-sleeved shirt underneath a red armored vest with a yellow "R" over his left pectoral muscle, a yellow utility belt and a black cape that has a yellow interior. He also wore a black-and-white domino mask, has his black hair spiked backwards, average-toned skin and an athletic-build.

The second figure was a rather attractive girl. She had long, waist-length; fiery-red hair with straight bangs. She had small eyebrows and green eyes with light-green scleras (or in other words, the whites of her eyes are colored light-green). She was tall, with bright orange skin, and her outfit was mostly purple with a belt, her neck and arm plates being silver. She wore a sleeveless top showing her midriff, a purple mini-skirt, and thigh-high purple boots.

Third figure was a slim and short boy; with green eyes, short green hair and green skin. He wore a black and purple suit that included a gray belt, and matching purple boots. He also had a fang going upwards, on the side of his mouth and pointy elf-like ears.

The fourth was another girl, with gray-skin; she was taller than the green-skinned boy but shorter than the orange-skinned girl. Her outfit was made up of, dark blue/indigo colours. She wears a blue cloak, with matching blue ruffled ankle-boots with black/gray soles, with a leotard-like long-sleeved shirt that is blue/black with cuffs at her wrists of the same blue of her cloak. On her cloak, she had a circular black/red jewel set in a gold plate that attaches the whole thing together. Around her waist she has a red and gold belt with the same jewels around it and no pants. She currently had her hood on, but you can see that her eyes are violet.

And the fifth figure was a tall and well-built boy, who seemed to be half-robot. He had a black, white and gray robot suit. His robot eye is red and has blue parts on his hands.

These were Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg: The Teen Titans. They were about to face off against a man who seemed to be in full body armor, as well as a masked which was half brown and half black. His eye could be seen on the brown part.

"Give it up Slade!" Robin growled at the masked villain.

"Ah the Teen Titans I was wondering when you would get here?" Slade replied coolly. "You're just in time to witness my latest plans put into action."

"We'll see about that!" Robin countered. "Titans GO!" He shouted. Immediately Robin ran over to Slade and attempted to punch him but Slade quickly got hold of him and pinned him down against the machine. Starfire saw this and flew to Robin's aid with a blast of her eyebeams Slade released Robin and landed a few feet away. The rest of the team were fighting of Slade's robot minions. Robin and Starfire were both in front of Slade, Star was preparing her star bolts, while Robin his bo-staff in hand. Slade took pressed a button on his armor and robots jumped out from the ceiling surrounding the two titans. Star was throwing star bolts left and right, while Robin was taking them down quickly with a few swings of his bo-staff.

While the Titans were occupied Slade went to his machine on the other side of the room. He was able to create a machine that can open up dimensions and he can freely pop in and out as he pleases. While looking through dimensions he found a certain one that caught his interest. He was ready to survey this new world until the Titans came. With a few coordinates set in place the machine began to open a portal to the new world. The portal was very strong and it began to suck up the robots. Slade jumped in without giving it a second thought

"What is that?" Beast Boy asked Cyborg while holding on to a metal brace.

"It's a portal to…another dimension?" Cyborg said while reading his scanner.

"Everyone hang on!" Robin shouted. He stabbed his bo-staff in the floor and held on to it. Starfire was holding on to him, the portal grew stronger and soon Starfire was was beginning to lose her grip.

"Star, hang on!" Robin shouted holding her hand.

"I cannot!" she shouted back and she lost her grip and headed for the portal. Robin let go too not wanting her to go alone. Beast Boy then let go not, wanting to abandon his leader, Cyborg followed, then Raven. As soon as Raven went through the portal it closed up quickly with the Titans and Slade in it.

We now go back to Team Avatar's ship. Sokka sits on a crate with a map with the others surrounding him as he narrates past events to Aang.

"After what happened at Ba Sing Se,"


"We had to get you to safety. We flew back to Chameleon Bay where we found my father and the other Water Tribe men,"

Earth King removes his robes revealing traveling robes beneath

"The Earth King decided he wanted to travel the world in disguise, so he set off alone"

Bosco is then shown taking off his own attire and hat before Kuei jumps on Bosco and they set off.

"Well, not completely alone."

Flashback ends

"Soon, the bay was overrun by Fire Nation ships. Rather than fight them all, we captured a single ship and made it our disguise," Sokka continued "Since then we've been traveling west. We crossed through the Serpent's Pass a few days ago. We've seen a few Fire Nation ships, but none have bothered us."

So what now?

We've been working on a modified version of the invasion plan.

It's Sokka's invasion plan.

Yes, Sokka's plan. We won't be able to mount a massive invasion without the Earth King's armies, but the solar eclipse will still leave the Fire Nation vulnerable.

"So we're planning a smaller invasion." Sokka explained "Just a ragtag team of our friends and allies from around the Earth Kingdom." He directs Aang toward The Duke and Pipsqueak. "We already ran into Pipsqueak and The Duke."

Aang turns the said duo, who were eating noddles; with The Duke on Pipsqueak's shoulder. "Good to see you again, Aang!" The latter said.

Sokka added "And the best part is, the eclipse isn't even our biggest advantage!" He then whispers "We have a secret..." Looks both sides "…you!"

"Me?" Aang asked, genuinely confused.

"Yep, the whole world thinks you're dead!" Sokka said as if talking about the weather, "Isn't that great?!"

Now Aang is shocked. He gets up looks out to the water from a side of the boat.

"The world thinks I'm dead? How is that good news? That's terrible!"

"No, it's great! It means the Fire Nation won't be hunting us anymore!" Sokka points out as he approaches Aang. "And even better, they won't be expecting you on the Day of Black Sun!"

"No, no, no, no, no. You have no idea. This is so messed up!" Aang stressed.

The whole gang soon notice nother Fire Nation ship approaching them.

"I'll handle this." Aang said, now with a determined facial expression. "The Avatar is back." He opens glider and grunts in pain.

Katara quickly approaches the young airbender. "Aang, wait! They don't know we're not Fire Nation!"

Sweating, Aang puts his glider away.

"Everyone just stay calm." Hakoda told them as he and Bato put on their helmets. "Bato and I will take care of this."

Pipsqueak and The Duke cover Appa and Momo, while Aang, Toph, Sokka and Katara hide in a square hole.

"I hate not being able to do anything." Aang muttered.

"Hopefully, you won't need to." Toph commented.

Soon, the crew from the other ship boards Team Avatar's ship.

"Commander, why are you off course?" The Ship commander asked. "All Western Fleet ships are supposed to be moving toward Ba Sing Se to support the occupation!"

"Actually, we're from the Eastern Fleet," Hakoda replied. "We have orders to deliver some cargo."

"Ahhh... Eastern Fleet. Well, nice of Admiral Chan to let us know he was sending one of his ships our way."

'I'm sure Admiral Chan meant no disrespect, sir.' Bato "assured" the commander.

"I mean, how hard is it to write a quick note and send a hawk our way?" the commander demanded.

"Next time, we'll send two hawks," Hakoda said as he and Bato glance at each other. "To make sure you get the message."

The two bow to each other, and then Hakoda and Bato exit.

"Sir..." one of the Guards said "Admiral Chan has been on leave for two months at Ember Island."

"What?" The commander asks, taken aback by that. "Why doesn't anyone ever tell me anything?" Then he develops a look of suspicion "Something's not right; they should have known that. I think this is a captured ship." As the two guards and commander turn to leave, the latter whispers "Just stay quiet until we're safely across the ramp. Then we'll sink this ship."

Toph, hearing this, emerges. "They know!" She metalbends the bridge between the ships off. The captain and his guards fall into the water. Katara then creates a large wave which separates the other ship from theirs. Team Avatar's ship departs quickly. The captain and his guards from the other ship climbs back on board theirs by rope ladder.

The second ship begins firing at Team Avatar's. Toph takes an earthbending stance while The Duke stands behind her to guide her.

"Load the Toph!" The Duke cries.

Pipsqueak drops a boulder in front of Toph who begins earthbending it at the attacking ship. It hits a catapult as another one is fired. Others try to fight back with a series of rocks that Toph earthbends at the other ship. With The Duke's guidance, Toph earthbends another piece of rock and sends it to intercept the oncoming fireball. Aang, inside the ship with Sokka, makes a move to help but is stopped by Sokka. In frustration he bangs his head against his staff. The other ship fires a harpoon, piercing a hole in Team Avatar's ship's bottom. As water flows in, Katara, noticing this, freezes the water below to plug the hole.

"I'm gonna give us some cover!" Katara announced. With that, she brings up vapor from the water to create a fog screen. However, a fireball makes its way through and destroys the rocks that Toph had being used.

"I just can't stand by and do nothing!" Aang then runs out, but is intercepted by Sokka.

"Aang, no!" The teen water-tribe warriot grabs his staff. "You're still hurt, and you have to stay secret! Just let us handle this."

"Fine." Aang relented as he grabs his staff and walks back into the ship.

Two more fireballs hit the ship causing a fire. Katara quickly extinguishes it with waterbending.

"How are we doing?" Toph asked.

"Things couldn't get much worse," Sokka said surly. As if on cue, a sea serpent rises from the water near their ship, as it lets out a fierce roar. "The universe just loves proving me wrong, doesn't it?" Sokka asked as he displayed an 'Are you kidding me?' look.

"You make it too easy!" Answered Toph.

"The serpent is hit by a fireball from the other ship. In anger, it wraps itself around the other ship, allowing Team Avatar's ship to escape."

"Thank you, the universe!" Sokka cried out.

Aang came out of his hiding place "I hate not doing anything." he grumbled.

Katara went over to him and said "I know but your still recovering from your injuries. Speaking of which you better get some rest." She began to guide him to his room, when a bright light shone over the ship. The group turned to see a small portal open up and three people fell out of it. A green elf type person fell on his butt, a masked boy wearing a ridiculous costume, and a girl with blazing hair and orange skin. The masked boy caught the girl before she hit the floor.

"Thank you Robin." the girl said to the masked boy. He smiled and nodded, obviously glad she was alright.

"Uh Robin where are we and where is Cy and Raven?" the green one asked looking around the ship.

"I don't know." he turned just in time to see a boulder coming toward him! He quickly jumped up and dodged then shouted to Beast Boy "Watch out!"

Beast Boy dodged too. Robin turned to see a girl in a weird stance. He also saw a guy with a ponytail holding a boomerang over his head, a girl whose arms were surrounded with water, and a boy with an arrow on his forehead with a staff in his hand.

"Who are you?" the Katara demanded.

"Uh hi?" Robin said unsure of what to do. Unfortunately being the curious girl she was Starfire flew over to Katara and said

"Hello! I am Starfire and might I ask how you can control water like that. My friend Aqualad controls water too but not like you."

Aang immediately threw a gust of mind at Starfire sending her back in Robin's arms. "Stay away from her." he growled wincing a bit as he did that gust sent a sharp pain through his arm.

"Whoa you ok Star?" Robin asked. Star nodded but looked wearily at Aang unsure of what she did wrong. Katara dropped her water and went over to Aang trying to help him.

"Who are you?" Sokka asked this time raising his boomerang a little higher.

"Look we don't want to cause trouble." Robin tried to explain.

"Well too late you got trouble." Toph shouted raising a boulder tempted to chuck it at Robin. Beast Boy's eyes widened "Dude! She can control the Earth!" he shouted

"Well duh I am an Earth bender." Toph stated matter-of-factly.

"A what?" Robin asked. Toph dropped the boulder and busted out laughing. "You don't know what an earth bender is hahahahaha that's rich." Robin was a little miffed at Toph, he didn't like being laughed at.

"Look, I'm Robin, this is Beast Boy, and Starfire." He said gesturing to the green boy and the girl. "We don't want to hurt anyone."

"Ha, yeah like you could hurt us." Katara shouted at him. Then she sent ice spears toward Robin. He jumped out of the way

"Guess we have no choice; Titans GO!" he shouted and threw freeze disks at Katara. Aang quickly sucked in air and shoot it out causing the disks to fly back at Robin. Katara and Aang didn't know what those were but they didn't want to find out. Katara, after a few minutes of arguing, put Aang back in his hiding place, and then went out to help her friends.

Starfire took off on the air she could hear the gasps of everyone below. The crew below couldn't believe it she was FLYING! Starfire then summoned her star bolts causing more gasps from everyone. Nobody knew what kind of bender she was but she was a powerful fighter. Katara dealt with Starfire attempting to bring her back down with her water whip. Star kept dodging and sent a storm of star bolts her way. Katara fell to the ground when one star bolt hit her in the leg and another in her arm.

Sokka couldn't even hit Beast Boy once. He was to shocked to see him turn into creatures he's never seen before.

(Author's Note: Remember in the Avatar world it's usually a cross between two or three animals).

Beast Boy turned into a hummingbird to evade Sokka's attacks, then went and took down Hakoda and Bato in no time as a gorilla, now he was working on Pipsqueak and The Duke. He turned into a bull a knocked them out. Beast Boy turned back to normal and was hit in the head from a boomerang. Sokka charged at Beast Boy but he just transformed into a lion and pinned Sokka down.

Robin was dodging boulders left and right trying to knock the blind girl off her feet. Toph then grabbed the floor (using her metal bending ability) and shook it. Robin began to lose balance but Starfire grabbed Robin spun him around and threw him at Toph. Since Toph couldn't see him coming she was knocked down. Robin took out a freeze disk and froze her arms and feat down.

He then walked over to Katara and asked "Now will you listen to us?" She scowled but nodded knowing they were defeated.

"… and that's how we ended up on your ship." Robin finished. The Titans and the Gaang were in the dining hall. Robin looked around the table to see opened mouths and wide eyes.

"So wait let me get this straight you three are from another dimension where you are superheroes and while stopping a villain named Slade you got transported here and somehow got separated from Slade as well as two of your other teammates?" Aang asked shocked. Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy nodded.

"You can't expect us to believe that can you?" Sokka asked

"Actually it makes sense." Katara replied. Sokka was about to protest when Katara spoke "Think about it these guys have powers we have never seen before, plus some gadgets the fire nation doesn't even have. Plus it explains that portal and the bright light that came just before these three showed up." Katara explained.

"She's right Sokka. I trust them." Aang piped up. The rest of the group seemed satisfied too accept Sokka "What you can't trust them! How do we know they're not fire nation spies!" he shouted.

"Excuse me but what is this fire nation of which you speak?" Starfire asked. Katara grinned triumphantly at her brother and then began to explain their world to the Titans.

"…so we have to stop the fire nation before Sozin's comet arrives." Katara continued.

"And the only way to do that is if I defeat the firelord before the comet comes." Aang finished. The three stood there wide eyed trying to digest the information.

"So your world is at war with these fire benders." Star asked. The Gaang nodded.

"Robin maybe we can help them." Starfire said to their leader.

"Huh?" Robin asked

"Yeah dude I don't mind helping out either I think we should." Beast Boy piped up.

"Ok if it's ok with you guys?" Robin asked Aang. He nodded and said "Sure we need new allies for the invasion plan we have." Sokka agreed happy to have some reinforcements. Katara smiled "Great it's all settled then. If you excuse me I think Aang needs another healing session. Come on Aang." she said helping him up and dragging him to his room.

"What happened to him? Beast Boy asked.

Raven woke up in a cold metal room illuminated by a couple torches. Her hood was off, so we could now see her short violet hair and gray-skinned face. She was sitting in a chair with her hands chained as well as her feet. She turned her head slightly to see Cyborg chained to a wall his head down, since he was still asleep. She struggled against the chains but then a cold voice cut through the air "I wouldn't try to escape if I were you."

Then a girl came out of a dark corner in front of the room. She wore back armor with red lining the side. She wore a long sleeved read shirt underneath the armor she also wore black pants with black and red shoes to match. Her hair was up in a topknot with a kind small band holding it in place; it had a fire insignia on it. She wore an evil smile on her face.

"Now you will tell me everything I want to know and there won't be any trouble, you got that." the girl asked while walking around Raven.

"How about no. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she exclaimed she felt her dark energy surrounding her hands and could see it but then it stopped and it went away. The teen demon was shocked at first but quickly regain her composure.

"Don't even try it we neutralized your powers when you were knocked out." The girl said matter-of-factly.

"What how?" Raven asked a bit panicked.

"I did it." a familiar voice rang out from behind her.

"No." Raven whispered

"Yes and if you ever want to go home again you will tell me where Robin is?" Slade asked emerging from the shadows.

"We are going to get some dinner do you want to come." Katara asked Aang. Sokka was in the door way and so was Starfire, Beast Boy and Robin.

"Sure dinner sounds good." Aang said slowly getting off the bed.

"Here wear this over your arrow. Sokka said handing him a headband.

"I'm not going out if I can't wear my arrow proudly." Aang replied back.

"Aang come on be practical." Sokka said thrusting the headband forward. Aang just laid back down on the bed his back facing everyone else.

"Aang you need to eat too I think you should wear the headband." Beast Boy said gently. Aang didn't say anything he didn't even move a muscle.

You guys go on ahead we'll catch up with you." Katara said. Everyone else filed out of the room.

"I think I know why you don't want to be a secret you don't want people to think you failed." Katara said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"You're right I don't but the problem is I did fail." Aang answered back harshly.

"Aang that's not true."

"It is true." he responded sitting up on the bed. " I was in Ba Sing Se I was there but I lost." he got up from the bed his back to Katara. "The Earth Kingdom fell for good."

"It's not for good. Remember we have a plan the invasion. Not to mention Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy are gonna help too."

"I hate the invasion plan! I don't want anyone else getting hurt from my mistakes!" he cried ripping down the fire nation banner from the wall. "I always knew I would have to face the firelord but now I know I have to do it by myself."


"Katara please, just go." she sighed and walked to the door.

"Is there anything you need." she asked.

"I need to redeem myself, I need my honor back."

After they went to the town for dinner Katara went to Aang's room with a tray of food.

"Aang I brought you some food." Katara said as she entered the room. She looked around but saw no one in the room. She gasped "Oh no!" she dropped the tray and ran outside. When she got there she saw Robin, Starfire and Sokka talking. She ran over to them but Starfire saw her before she reached them. "Katara whatever is the matter." Starfire asked with genuine concern.

"Aang he's gone he ran away." She cried.

"What?" Sokka gasped.

"He just took his glider and disappeared. He has this ridiculous notion that he has to save the world on his own, that it's all his responsibility, I don't know what he's thinking we could be helping him, and he needs our help! We need to go look for him."

"I agree and I will help you with your search." Starfire told her wrapping her arms around Katara consoling her.

"Hold on you two I don't think we should go now." Robin told them.

"What! Why? We have to!" Katara cried.

"No he's right there's a storm coming. We need to wait for now ok" Sokka replied.

"You're going to wait I'm going know." Katara said her voice hard. She walked out of Starfire's embrace and walked towards Appa with Starfire right behind her. Sokka grabbed her shoulder "Fine if you're going I'm going too."

"You're not going without us." Robin added Beast Boy and Toph by his side. Katara smiled "Thank you guys." They all packed and put there things on Appa, Starfire decided to fly to put less weight on Appa. By the time they left they were on the middle of the storm. Starfire surveyed the areas ahead while everyone else looked around just in case she missed something. The storm cleared up making their job easier especially when the sun rose.

"Over there!" Starfire shouted pointing to a crescent shaped island. "I think I see something!" They landed and saw Aang lying down sleeping. Momo went ahead of them and woke Aang up. Katara rushed over and hugged Aang happy to see him safe and sound. Toph, Sokka, Momo, and even Appa went over and gave a group hug. Robin, Beast Boy and Starfire were off to the side watching the scene with a smile. Aang motioned for them to come over so they did.

"I have so much to do." he said once they separated.

"I know." Katara said

"But you will have our assistance." Starfire replied happily.

"You didn't think you would get of Earth bending training by coming to the Fire Nation did you?" Toph asked jokingly. Aang smiled but then he remembered something.

"What about the invasion?" he asked.

"We'll meet my dad and the invasion force on the day of the eclipse." Sokka replied.

"Hey what's this?" Beast Boy asked picking up what looked like a broken stick with a little cloth on it. "Aang you're glider!" Katara exclaimed.

"That's ok it would have given away my identity. For now I think it's better that no one knows I'm alive." He then air bended himself onto a rock then he jabbed his glider remains into the rock were it burned up from the hot magma inside.

"We should probably look for a nearby town." Robin said. Everyone agreed and climbed on Appa except for Starfire and Beast Boy, they're gonna fly; Beast Boy turned into a hawk. Then they took off to the nearest town starting a new adventure with new friends.

End of the Chapter.

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