Chapter 1- It's Not About You

Patience was never a strength for Roxy, if anything it was a trait that she had never acquired during her lifetime. It was a pointless, non-existent trait for her, in the Indie rocker's view it just prolonged and delayed the course of action. Patience was a boring trait, Roxy concluded in her mental assessment as she sat on her cheap, uncomfortable sofa and glared at a spot on the wall of her one bedroomed flat, just above Annabelle's ear. She couldn't and wouldn't sit through Annabelle's painfully long and rambling speech that had been constructed to lessen the blow to her naked heart. The explanations and the apologies were prolonging her pain instead of numbing it, every word which passed her Head Girl's delectable lips were crushing Roxy's hopes and dreams, not that she would show it. The slightly older blonde (by a few months or two) sat with a deep and menacing scowl etched deep on her brow and her arms tightly crossed over her chest in an attempt to hide her shaking fists.

To make matters worse (and much more cliché in the rockers opinion), there was the constant and obnoxious sound of the heavy rain thundering against the window she sat by. Roxy had never liked the rain, it had ruined so many of her favourite guitars that it was criminal. It had also caused the majority of the illnesses that she had suffered on her vast travels to the most remote places upon the Earth but she was more concerned about the damage to her instruments. The blonde ran an irritated hand through her now long hair as she fidgeted, she had began to grow it half a year ago in attempt to 'grow up'. It had made her look older and more mature but it hadn't changed her mindset in the ways which Chelsea Parker had claimed it would, if anything, it was more effort to muster up in a morning. It had taken her a month (and a weekly three hour lecture from either Chelsea, Saffy or Bella) to get out of the habit of rolling out of bed and leaving her hair as it was.

"Roxy?" Belle snapped with her hands on her hips, demanding Roxy's prompt return from her daydreams. "Are you even listening?"

"No." The Indie Rocker glared back, mirroring her Head Girl's icy eyes. "I stopped listening when you first mentioned her name." She spat.

"Don't be like this." Annabelle grunted in frustration, her own patience was rapidly wearing thin. Why couldn't Roxy just listen and understand?

"How else did you expect me to react?" Roxy ranted as she rose from her worn sofa and began to close the distance between herself and Belle. "She leaves you to go off and act like a hero without a word or warning leaving you in pieces. Then with a click of her fingers, you go running back to her like a perfect little lap dog!"

"It's not like that!" Annabelle defended as Roxy's mask of indifference began to slip.

"I stayed!" Roxy yelled, causing Annabelle to cringe away slightly. "I stayed for you, I gave up everything for you and for us. I picked up the pieces and put you back together. Not Saint Kelly Jones!"


"No Belle, it's time you realised exactly what I've done for you, what I've given up." Roxy snarled, she was only a mere few steps away from fully losing herself to her usually cool temper. It wasn't often that she reached a point where her anger took over control of her mind, body and soul. Unlike Taylor and Bianca, Roxy had managed to maintain a firm grip on herself. However, on the rare occasion that Roxy did lose it, she fully exploded. "I put everything on hold, I turned Andrea's tour offer down so I could be with you. For fucks sake Annabelle, I even settled down and bought this place so I could be closer to you and for what? For you to turn around a year later and say that it was just a bit of fun? That Kelly's clicked her fingers and you're going back?"

"Roxy," Annabelle whispered, suddenly losing her Head Girl empowerment. "I'm sorry." She pleaded.

"I knew from the start that you'd break my heart." Roxy glared before picking up and shouldering her guitar. "When I get back, I expect you to have taken all of your stuff and left your key." Roxy took one last glance into the warm chocolate brown eyes that she had grown to adore before exiting her flat and disappearing from Annabelle's life for five long years.

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