Annabelle couldn't help but get lost in Roxy's eyes, it felt as if the last five years didn't happen. It was as if her Indie Rocker had never left. All her aggression, all her anger and all her heart ache seemed to dissolve in the swirling passion filled gaze of Roxy. Fritton knew she had two choices on what to do in this situation, she knew at some point this would happen to her. Annabelle could feel the distant between their faces grow smaller and smaller, she could feel her heartbeat speed up. Annabelle wanted to turn around and dart through the kitchen doors, she wanted to pretend that this was not happening. Not after five years.

Roxy knew she shouldn't be putting Annabelle in this situation, she knew she risked being murdered for doing so, but she wasn't about to throw away this opportunity. The brunette still gave her the butterflies she had felt in her stomach on their first date, Roxy knew that was special. The rocker had never managed to shake away those feelings and it annoyed her greatly, how could one girl cause her this much upset? It niggled at the rocker.

Slowly, Roxy began to lean in further and further. She prayed and hoped that Annabelle would meet her in the middle. Annabelle could feel Roxy's breath on her face as she could feel herself slowly falling back into old habits. It was at that moment that Annabelle had shaken away all her doubts and her moral inner voice. Fritton closed the gap, wrapped her arms around Roxy's neck and to Roxy's delight, began to kiss her ex-lover with a fiery passion that they had once held for each other. "I still love you," Roxy mumbled between breaths.

After what felt like a blissful eternity to Roxy, Annabelle broke off their kiss with a guilty gleam in her eyes. Roxy sighed, she knew she shouldn't have encouraged that, especially when Belle still had a girlfriend. "I shouldn't have done that, I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking!" Belle stammered as she began straightening up her shirt. "Please, just forget it ever happened."

"No," Roxy smiled as she closed the growing distance between her and Annabelle.

"Roxy, please!" Fritton sighed, she could feel her will power slowly slipping from her grasp. "I have a girlfriend! I can't do that to Kelly, I won't do that to Kelly. It isn't fair."

"Belle, stop stressing, it's not as if anybody saw it and it's not as if I'm going to tell anyone. I wouldn't do that to you and you know that. Just stop denying it to yourself, you can feel the connection we share."

"No, Roxy." Annabelle glared as she carried on backing away from Roxy. "You are living in the past, I am with Kelly now. I am happy with Kelly!"

"Really?" Roxy scoffed. "It sure didn't feel that way when you kissed me back."

"Please don't do this now Roxy, not after everything that's happened between us in the last five years."

"Three little words Fritton, that's all I've got." Roxy stated as she pulled Annabelle into her arms. Looking deep into her eyes, Roxy resumed their kiss to which Annabelle responded in a secret delight.

Fritton knew that this was wrong, but she couldn't help herself. She hated the fact that Roxy was right, there was a part of Annabelle that still loved her ex-girlfriend. It had lived in the back of her mind and at the bottom of her heart ever since she had properly reunited with Kelly Jones. The butterflies were there, they had never gone away. Without a care in the world or a care for the extensive CCTV, the two ex-lovers carried on kissing each other with their desires for each other burning stronger and stronger.

They only became separated by the loud bang of the kitchen doors being swung open. Annabelle quickly pushed Roxy off her and spun around. Her panicked eyes instantly locked onto the intruder's eyes. Kelly Jones.

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