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Chapter 1

Shadeswift POV

Clear skies. Pure white snow. Fresh air. Big space. That's my island. That's the Snow Fury island. Dragons would call this 'paradise'. I call this prison. I don't mean to complain and I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat. I'm happy with what this island has given me. I just wish the population would have just been Toothless and I. It's been years since we moved towards this new island. It's been years of suffering and waiting. I'm almost fully matured, but not quite yet. Many are happy here. Why wouldn't they? There's nothing wrong with their life. Then there's me. I've lived with this hole in my heart for so long. I've even gotten used to it. I still miss Toothless so much. I always think of him. The thought of him has kept me going. Yeah, I know that does sound pretty corny. But it's true. Ever since that day, my brother has ordered guards all around the islands edge. No one can get in or out without my brother knowing. If you want to leave the island you have to ask and answer many questions from my brother.

He's so strict now, he even ordered Snow Fury's to guard me and my cave entrance. I've been stuck with them this whole time and I don't even know their names. Anyways, I spend most of my time stuck in my cave guarded, or walking around the territory, with guards next to me. Like I said, Prison. Luckily, I still get to hunt. My schedule is cave, walk, hunt, walk, hunt, cave, hunt, and cave. I hunt a lot. It's my only physical fun activity that I get to do. Plus, I'm not allowed to fly unless I'm hunting. It sucks. No joke. I have no one to talk to (I'm not sure where Melerd went. I think she stayed on the other island) and my brother keeps on trying to arrange me with other males. But, one day I will escape. I do have a plan. My plan is probably the worst. I'm not sure when I'll try it.

"Shadeswift" my brother called. Ugh.. I rolled my eyes at the sound of his voice. Hurray! The dragon I just wanted to see. Sarcasm, gotta love it. He walked into my cave. He gave a nod to my guards at the entrance. They nodded back at him. I laid down and refused to look at him. I had an uninterested appearance. "I hope you have been having a pleasant day" my brother said. I didn't reply. He sighed. "Shadeswift, are you going to keep acting like this?" my brother asked. I continued to look else where. "I came to tell you that tomorrow is the day you accept your new mate" he said. My eyes widened.

"Tomorrow? I didn't know it was tomorrow! I don't want to be Flingwing's mate!" I exclaimed.

"So you are finally talking?" my brother asked.

"I didn't know this crap was tomorrow!" I exclaimed.

"How could you not know?" my brother asked.

"Maybe it's because I'm held hostage and I'm not allowed to have contact with the outside world" I remarked.

"Watch your tongue!" he yelled.

"Yeah it's pink and I feel like sticking it out at you" I said sticking my tongue out.

"You're acting like-like- like him" my brother said. My face heated up with anger and I narrowed my eyes.

"I'm glad I'm acting like him and it would've given me tons of pleasure if I ended up being a Night Fury, so I could look at your pissed-off face" I said. He growled and snarled loudly.

"I am NOT getting a mate and I'm certainly NOT being the new Alpha of this pack" I said.

"We have held this aside for too long" he said.

"I don't care. Hold it forever! Because MAYBE that's when I'll agree" I said.

"Shadeswift, we've tried multiple things. I even tried coupling you to another male, yet you refused" my brother said.

"I don't want another male. I want Darkwing" I said with a small growl.

"You are acting like a youngling that didn't get what they wanted. Someone had to make a sacrifice, and it had to be you" he said. I froze.

'But one of us has to be strong. I think it should be you' the words rang in my head.

"Sacrifice? That was not a sacrifice. What I did was so much more than a sacrifice. What I did- what YOU did, was rip away half of my heart and toss it away like it was trash and then pretending like nothing happened" I snapped.

"I thought it was some adolescent crush" he defended.

"Well it wasn't and you thought wrong" I said rolling my eyes.

"How long are you going to remember that male? That is the past. Tomorrow's your future and our packs future" he said. I have a light chuckle.

"Like I have a choice" I said bitterly giving him a glare. He started walking out of my cave.

"How did our relationship turn into a war?" my brother asked.

"When you stopped caring to realize" I replied. He sighed and flew out of my cave. I can't afford to risk tomorrow. I'm going to risk everything, and put my plan into action. I will not become anyone's mate. Now... how did that plan go?


I took deep breathes. This is not a good plan. It's terrible! Crap, in all these years I was trapped, why couldn't I think of a good plan?! I'm so friken stupid! No, no, calm down. I have to try. I can't imagine what will happen to me if I fail. But, I will avoid thinking about that. I walked over to my two guards. These are specially trained guards. That's the only reason why I haven't knocked them out. Oh believe me, I've tried.

"Hey Guards! I'm hungry. Can you go get me some fish?" I asked. They looked at each other and nodded. One of them flew away leaving the other one watching me. Okay, I knew that would happen. I walked near the entrance. I saw the guard uncurl his tail and move a bit. I'm guessing that meant that he wouldn't let me go any farther.

"Look at the stars, aren't they illuminant. They're so pretty" I said. He berely glanced up and them and them looked straight ahead to his natural position. I guess I have to try harder.

"When you look at the stars, do you think of someone?" I asked. He glanced at them again.

"When I look at them, I can see peace and an old love I had. What about you? Can you see someone that you hold dear in your heart?" I asked sounding sincere. What can I say? Strict parent guardians create the best liars. He looked up and the sky and curled his tail. He gave me a nod and continued to be in deep thought while gazing at the stars. He didn't take his eyes off him. I gulped. Here's my chance. I took a huge leap and started flapping my wings as fast as they would go. I pushed forward and I made it near the boundary. Then, I heard a roar coming from my cave. The Guards from the boundary turned their attention towards me. Crap. I zoomed away from them. Although, I couldn't blend in the dark, I knew it would be hard for them to see me. I could hear flapping behind me. Okay, I made it this far in my plan. All I have to do is escape them. I forced myself to my left which made some Guards fall behind. Then I flew higher. Then, I realized that they weren't following me higher, but they were going under me. I quickened my pace, if it were possible.

Much time of fast flying passed. None of them seem to go away. I was very far from the island, but these Guards didn't stop! I did start to get ahead of them. But then they did something that surprise me. They started shooting snow-like fireballs at me! I felt something hot nearly land on my scales. I had to dodge them all. One hit my leg, another my tail, and one on my wing. They were going to keep shooting to me! I couldn't hide anywhere except the ocean. So I dove down passing the surprised guards and dunked myself into the ocean. I held my breathe and tried to swim forward but I couldn't see anything under water. I can't go into the air yet, they're probably expecting me to come up. So, I continued to swim the best of my ability. Which wasn't good. I wasn't keeping track if them time I was in the water thanks to the adrenaline I had. Suddenly, I get really dizzy and the images I saw were getting really hazy. My eyelids started closing and the last thing I saw were bubbles.

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