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Chapter 13: Sweetly Bitter sweet

At Cove; Toothless POV

"Shadey, I GET it, you've told me his weaknesses over 10 times!" I complained rolling my eyes. Her eyes narrowed.

"I just think, it's a little suspicious that my brother made a 'deal' with you. He's all about getting to the point, not making deals! Besides, there is no way he doesn't play dirty. He's up to something..." Shadeswift said drifting off while dazing into the sky. I waved my tail in front of her face many times.

"Or, it's just you being paranoid, again" I replied. She shook her head.

"What do you mean 'again'? I told you he was coming, did you listen? Nooo.." Shadeswift mocked. "Okay, lets go over this again" she said. I sighed in annoyance. I stood up straight while Shadeswift paced around in front of me. "What is the most vital area to hit?" Shadeswift asked.

"His heart, but as much as I want to, I can't kill him" I told her. She sighed in disappointment and stopped pacing.

"We can't?" she asked. I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes.

"No, his army might come looking for him, your former pack won't have an Alpha, we will never be left alone, and Flingwing will be there. Plus, isn't he your brother?" I asked.

"So, it's not because you're merciful or reasonable?" Shadeswift asked.

"Well... no. But you didn't seem all horrified when suggesting the idea of killing him" I combacked.

"Fair enough. Now that we covered his weaknesses, it's time to look for yours" she said. My face had confusion written all over it.

"Why would I need to know my weaknesses?" I asked her.

"So you can over come them. You need to be sure of them, because if you're not, my brother will be" Shadeswift replied.

"I don't think I have any weaknesses" I said.

"Okay, just make sure not to lose your guard at ANY point. Make every move count and waste no time. One last thing, make sure not to let your emotions over come your actions, WryKin will try to make you crack, do not allow that" she explained.

"Shadey! I know! I think I have more than one battle strategy memorized by now" I said joking. She smiled.

"Are you sure you don't have any weaknesses?" Shadeswift asked. I tilted my head curiously. I was confused at her skepticism, until I saw her look at my tail.

"What's wrong with my tail?" I asked defensively. I sat down and hid it from her.

"Maybe your fake tail fin isn't exactly an advantage when you're fighting" she stated. I grew angry.

"It's not a weakness! I can fly perfectly fine!" I stated. Her eyes narrowed.

"I get that you don't like mentioning it, but all I'm saying is that you should keep watch of what happens to it" she said.

"Its fire proof. There's nothing wrong with me, but what about your mysterious black scales?" I asked.

"Leave that subject alone! My black scales aren't a weakness! You're full of black scales" he said.

"Oh yeah, it's not a weakness, it's just something close to a defect, something that makes you different that the other dragons. I might be full of black scales, but I sure don't have any white ones" I said.

"There's nothing wrong with me!" she yelled.

"Well me either!" I yelled back. "Why are you bring this up NOW?" I asked.

"Why are you bringing up my black scales NOW?" she asked.

"What?! You're just copying what I just asked!" I exclaimed.

"Well, what else was I supposed to say? It is true, though! Plus, I ran outta combacks" she replied.

"Clearly" I said. Both of us go close glared at each other.

"It's weird that out of all the dragons, I would've expected you to understand" both of us said simultaneously. Silence... Both of our eyes slowly widened and our pupils became big. Suddenly, Shadeswift was very close to me and was giving me a nose. I returned the affection. After that, we both backed up and she sighed.

"I'm just going to cut though the corny crap and say I'm sorry" Shadeswift said. I gave her a toothless smile as an apology. I knew she accepted it because of the slight blush on her muzzle.

"How about we focus on one thing at a time. After I win, we'll have a very long time to talk about both of our problems" I said. She gave me a lick and smiled.

"Now, how about we go over his weaknesses one more time?" she asked. I closed my eyes and groaned.

Sun Set; Toothless POV

It was time for us to go to the next island. I was very scared. One moment can have so many results. If I make one wrong move, I lose Shadeswift, forever this time. I groaned, it's Red Death all over again. Shadeswift gave me a comforting look. I smiled and nuzzled her. She was panicking all day and we deserved a moment. We began to fly to the island.

"What if I fight with you?" Shadeswift asked as we were flying along the way.

"No" I replied plainly.

"Toothless I can't let you do this alone. I said we were together on this" she said. I half smiled and and shook my head.

"I still have a grudge against him and I want to get it over with" I said.

"I have a grudge with him too" she said. I shook my head again and I stood silent until we got to the island. There was a wide forest with enough space for a fight. WryKin wasn't here yet. I set out plasma blasts to signal our location. Shadeswift looked at me sadly. I gave get a reasuring smile. She returned that smile and she gave me a nose. We were interupted by a dragon clearing their throat. I sighed. Our moment was over. Now... what would happen next would be a mystery. Her brother didn't looked worried at all, so neither will I. That's what he wants, for me to panic, but I'm not giving him that satisfaction.

"Are you going to fight fairly?" I asked standing up straight and walking closer to him.

"I will fight fairly. Will you?" WryKin asked while grinning. Something about him was suspicious. I narrowed my eyes.

"I'll fight fairly" I responded. I looked back at Shadeswift and saw that she backed up to give us some space. I looked at Flingwing and his purple eyes wore the same glare as always. I took a long deep breathe and closed my eyes. Once I opened them, they were dilated and full of predatory instinct.

Woosh! WryKin attacked with full force. It was so quick that I had to take the impact. I held my ground and didn't fall over. I pushed forward with my own force. I hit him on his neck once it was exposed. He was on his back legs standing up. I jumped over him and bit his tail. Shadeswift said that it was one of his weaknesses. He yelled out in pain. The moon was out and I had a big advantage.

He began shooting fire balls at me. The first few got me and it stung. After, I dodged them all and blew some of my own. My plasma blasts never lose target and it wasn't going to stop now. He winced and groaned. I flew over him and pounced on his back. I used lots of force and I also clawed his ribs. He threw me off and I ruffly crashed into a tree, which hurt my back. WryKin started catching his breathe while I shook my head to get rid of my dizziness.

"You are a very good competor, I'll give you that" he said spitting. He attempted to pounce on me, but I moved away last minute. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"You know, there's a reason for my name" he said. WryKin pounced at my again with his wings wide open. I hit the most vulnerable area in the inside of his wing. He was starting to get weaker.

"Really, what's that?" I asked getting ready to pounce. I was about to hit him, until I felt a pain on my muzzle. I regained my balance and I started to blend in with the night. I went right, left, right again. I was confusing him.

"When I was a youngling, my father gave me that name because I was something to be disappointed about. Everytime he looked at me, it was with disgust and disappointment. In other words, wry" he said. I flew and tackled him while firing a plama blast at his stomach. At the same time, he swiped a claw on my arm. I wasn't in as bad condition as he was.

"Is that so?" I asked.

"Yes. He also added 'Kin' at the end, with means, a related species, because that's all I was to him. Another one of his species. When he died and left Shadeswift with me, he died believing I wasn't a 'fit leader'. Shadeswift started growing up, she had the same characteristics as him. She was the type of leader my father was expecting. I did have jealousy, but I tried to make her the new leader, so I wouldn't 'disappoint' my glorious father" he explained. I threw a plasma blast and threw him on the ground. He started coughing. This was it. I had won.

"I have you my word, I told you that I would fight fair. However, I never said Flingwing would" he said grinning. It took me a moment to comprehend, until I was also tackled to the ground.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that" Flingwing said grinning. He was about to blow a fireball and throw it into my face. Then, he was taken off me. I blinked and saw that Shadeswift had attacked Flingwing. She rolled around biting him and growling.

"Stop!" I yelled out to Shadeswift.

"I don't want to!" Flingwing yelled. The idiot probably thought that I was the one who tackled him. I guess it was really dark outside. Maybe I could see, but they sure couldn't. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts to go and help Shadeswift.

"It's time to use the method" WryKin said weakly. I was puzzled. Then, I saw both of them open their mouths and gas start to commence. The ted flames in their mouths became the only visible light. Were they practicing this? I saw that their fire was white and red, and both if them were going to shoot at her. I was not going to wait and see how much damage their fire could make.

"Shadeswift!" I yelled as loud as I could. She was too busy clawing and all of the events were passing so quickly, that she didn't realize. With all my force, Shadeswift was pushed off. My scales suddenly started to sting badly. I felt a shot hit me and I wasn't able to move myself in any direction, except where the shot was pulling me. I felt pinching, stinging, and an unbearable burning sensation on my stomach. There goes my fish. I was slammed into a tree, and the tree ended up falling backwards.

I could hear and feel as my back jolted out of place and I began to have an aching sensation all over. Not in a good way. I fell back and my eyelids began to close. They felt heavy and staying awake would soon be impossible. Instead of hearing noises, islands away, I could barely hear the echoes of Shadeswift, who was shouting. There were ruff sounds and yelling. I heard lots of coughing and in the blurry images, I was able to see darkened (almost crimson) red eyes. They belonged to Shadeswift.

Flapping was heard and I wasn't sure what else happened. I closed my eyes for just a second. Once I opened them, I saw Shadeswift in tears. I was confused. Why was she in tears? Had I done something to make her mad? Was I the cause of making her in sorrow? I attempted to open my mouth, but it seemed as if only air was entering it. I tried again.

"W-why are y-you so sad? I'm fine... I'm just.. very tired. Let me sleep and we'll be together after I wake up" I said stuttering a bit.

"No! Don't fall asleep! Don't close your eyes! If you do, I will never forgive you!" she yelled. I was surprised at her harshness.

"I just need a nap.. I promise it will be quick" I said insisting. She shook her head.

"N-no! We were so close! I was supposed to pay attention!" she yelled. Why was she talking like that?

"Did they leave?" I asked. She nodded. Then, she leaned down and gave me a nose. I couldn't move at all, but I returned the nose.

"Yes, they are no longer allowed on this island. We did do it" she said with her voice cracking. I smiled.

"We did it together. I guess you were right, I should stop doubting you, Love..." I said with a dry throat. I felt cold and tired. My muscles ached. I just need some resting. I took in raspy breathes and I finally let my eyelids close. But when I did, I wasn't able to open them anymore.

All I saw was blackness. This lasted a while, until I had the power to open my eyes. I felt relieved that my weariness was gone. I felt warm again. Something wasn't right, though. I heard sobbing. I observed my surroundings and saw that I was in the same place. Yet, Shadeswift was sobbing. I saw her crouched on over a body. My blood ran cold once I saw who was the lifeless body.

"You w-were right, curiosity did kill the cobra.." Shadeswift said. My whole world came crashing down. I blacked up, and decided to fly towards the skies to get out of this nightmare. I flew above the meadow of clouds. I instantly felt relieved. I soared straight ahead watching the view from up here. All I wanted to was fly, until a bright streak caught my attention. Where's Shadeswift, I'd bet she'd love this! I glanced to my right, and saw she wasn't there.

The streak seemed so tempting, but Shadeswift, she's a whole other story. She started out as just an experiment, then.. curiosity, then.. amusement, then.. a past time, then.. a friend, then someone worth while, then someone special. Then, a love. I heard her voice in the other direction. Not just her voice, but Hiccup's too.

Oh, how I cared for that clumsy, stupid, intelligent, crazy, risking boy who loves to jump off of high objects. It's a habit of his. Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks, and turned the other way. I didn't want the bright streak, I wanted to see the people I cared about. With determination, I continued to fly towards my human best friend, and my Snow Fury love.

My eyes opened once more. The darkness clearing. My muscles still ached. My eyes were completely opened. I saw a white dragon and a human sitting in the side of the room looking depressed. I attempted to get up, which made a creek on the stone slab I was laying on. Green and orange eyes faced me. I remained laying. My body was too soar to be able to stand up. I looked at all the bandages around my body. How did I get here?

Shadeswift POV

"Toothless!" we both exclaimed. Hiccup hugged Toothless and I bolted next to him. I couldn't believe that he woke up! Gobber didn't seem too sure, but I knew it! I knew it!

"Toothless!" I yelled in glee. He looked at me weirdly.

"Toothless?" he asked tilting his head.

"Yeah, it's me, Shadeswift, your Shadey..." I replied.

"Who's Shadey?" he asked. Suddenly, my heart sunk deep below under ground, and out of my chest. With a dry throat, I forced myself not to burst into tears.

"I'm just kidding, I know it's you, Shadey" he said smiling. My eyes widened and I was pissed.

"Y-you, y-you JERK!" I yelled hitting him with my tail. He winced. I went up to him and gave him a tender, yet affectionate nose. He returned it with the same passion.

"I guess I deserved the hit" he muttered.

"There, there, I think Toothless has had enough injuries for today" Hiccup said happily looking at Toothless. Toothless chuckled.

"I love you, Shadeswift" he said.

"I love you more than you'd imagine, Darkwing" I replied.

Both Dragons were layed down under a tree enjoying a breeze as the leaves flew.

"Don't you just love this feeling?" Shadeswift asked.

"Depends what feeling you're talking about" Toothless replied getting comfortable with Shadeswift.

"The feeling of FREEDOM" Shadeswift replied happily.

"That reminds me, I need tell you something corny" Toothless said.

"I'll allow it" Shadeswift said in a mocking tone of voice. He cleared his throat.

"From the first time that I met you, when you thought that I was out to get you, when we crashed by accident and when you were sent, all the words that I've said to you, I've truly meant. We suffered time away, but that didn't mean that that's how it would stay. It might have been late, but we came together by fate, and I'm the luckiest male, to have you as my mate" Toothless said. Shadeswift had a clear blush on her face. Toothless was rewarded with very long nose. They are opposite species, but they are much alike. They spent most of their time together without realizing it, just like the eclipse. They came together, always and forever.


WryKin and Flingwing never came back. Shadeswift managed to beat Flingwing and run him and her brother out. The Friendship between Hiccup and Toothless has a stronger bond. Stormfly and Toothless eventually made up. Everybody knows about Shadeswift and Toothless' relationship. No one knows how Toothless managed to survive such an injury. Maybe it was the love between Toothless and Shadeswift. On his chest, remains a pattern of white scales that looks like Shadeswift's black pattern. Funny how he has it in the exact same spot she does. From the day they met by accident, to the present, they've loved each other. Can you play a game you know you can't win? Yes. No one actually knows, if you'll win, that only depends on you. Can you restart an unfinished game? No, you can simply finish the game you left unfinished. Even after that, there are still many more games ahead of you, that will change your life. Shadeswift and Toothless have yet to play those games.

The End

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Playing a game you can't win - Restarting and Unfinished game

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