It was, surprisingly, the least observant of them all, Italy, who fist asked the question they should have asked long ago; "Ve~ Doitsu, where are we?" This simple question made everyone freeze, and ponder over what had been said, well, I say everyone, but Canada and Prussia where hugging in the corner whilst whispering furiously to each over, and Hungary was quietly taking pictures of them whilst squealing quietly. Germany was the first to break the silence, and pull Hungary from taking pictures, "Hungary, there is a question we all want answering: Where are we?"

Hungary froze and the started to answer the question. "Well, basically you are in the-" She was cut of as a huge explosion created a hole in the side of the ship, and Prussia and Canada started to be pulled out of it. "Birdie! Grab my hand!" Canada hesitated, before trying to reach for his hand, but just as their finger tips touched, another explosion rocked the ship, and sent the two nations spiralling towards the ground many miles away.






Almost everyone cried out for the two nations that had been torn away from them, but as another explosion wrecked the small ship, James came running from the cockpit, his arms laden with parachutes. "Hurry, put these on!" He passed the parachutes around quickly as possible, with the ship falling and all, and hurried everyone to the doors, he flung them open, and one by one everyone jumped out.

"James where's your parachute?" I asked.

"I don't have one Eliza." He hugged me quickly and before I could protest, he pushed me out of the ship, just before it exploded, killing one of my only constant friends in the process.

"James.." I pulled my parachute cord and it instantly slowed my fall.

But I wish it hadn't.


One of my headcanons is that although nations can be hurt, they cannot die from human wounds, they can only be killed by being dissolved. But they will still feel the pain of those wounds, however they will heal almost 5 times quicker than a normal human depending on the state of their country. Sadly for Prussia and Canada, they will be in pain for a LONG while...