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- Isabelle's POV (same day) -

The girl- Clary - bowed and grinned at us from her position. Clary is amazing! I have never seen Jace taken down so fast! Or so speechless, this is a real shock. We have heard the stories that where made up two years ago. She must be a fraud, trying to get publicity. As the thought enters my mind Alec voices it.

"Clary Fray is a myth, a story the Washington institute made up. You can't be her! She's not real."

"Well, Alec," she says, straightening up. "We live in a world full of myths, most of which are true, so why can't this one be?" she grins.

"Well, she does have a point Alec." I say, carefully.

"Whose side are you on!? The clave proved that there is no shadow hunter with the name of Clary fray!" Alec was fuming, and I had to admit, it was funny.

"Do you really think she would be so stupid as to use her real name?" Jace finally speaks.

"So Goldilocks has some brains!" Clary exclaims throwing her arms up in the air. "He's smarter than the clave!" she turns to me. "You as well, Isabelle. Can I call you Izzy? Isabelle is a mouth full. Oh, and I really like your dress." She walks up to me and rubs the fabric of the sleeve in between her fingers.

"Sure, everyone does. And thank you!" I say the complement softening me.

"My names not-"Jace starts, getting interrupted by Clary.

"Yes, I know." She turns to him. "Jace, it's a nice name, nice face, too. Bet you have girls lined up, falling at you feet, don't they?"

"Ah, of course they do! Have you seen this face!? How could you not?" he smirks. "I like her." He announces loudly, checking out her ass as she turns around.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer!" she laughs then turns and opens the door. "I'll be on the dance floor if you need me." Taking her glamour off, she skipped out of the storage closet.

"I like her." Jace repeated.

"Me, too." I say nodding in approval.

"If we don't know her real name then how can we trust her? She confessed she lied, and you guys are falling into her trap!" Alec says, still fuming.

"You're over reacting! She's just an amazing shadow hunter! Give her a chance Alec." I pleaded.

"Fine, but if Hodge doesn't like it then it on you guys." He said grudgingly.

"Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I jump and down, squealing. I have a new shopping buddy!

-Clary's POV-

What the hell is my problem!? As soon as I met his eyes, he was all I could think about. His blond hair that when it catches the light looks like spun gold, his eyes the exact color of butter scotch, his skin like melted caramel, I could go on, but that would be a long list. I might have a tiny crush on him already… or maybe a big crush, but I can't act on these feeling. I can't get too attached to one place, one person, because when I have to leave, it will break my heart. He would never feel the same any ways; he could get any girl in this place. The dance floor is covered in beautiful girls, any of which would be a better choice than me, me with my tiny chest, tangled hair, scared body, and a heart that is unable to love. Maybe it's for the best, Valentine always did say "To love is to destroy, and to be loved is to be destroyed." I see Izzy walk out of the closet followed by Jace and Alec. She sees me looking and waves me over, she looks very excited. I make my way over to them, pushing my way through the crowd. A guy with glasses and curly-ish brown hair stops me; just by looking at him I know he's a vampire. The pale, hard skins gave it away.

"Hey, I'm Simon Lewis." He holds out a hand. "My girlfriend's Isabelle Lightwood, the one that's frantically waving to get you attention." I look over his shoulder and sure enough, Isabelle was waving her arms around like a crazy person. I chuckle and take his hand.

"Clary Fray. Nice to meet ya." I look at his shirt and recognize one of my favorite comics on the front. As time went on and the longer I stayed hidden I learned I like comic books, manga, and art. The last one wasn't a shock considering my runes ability. "I love that comic book!" I say pointing at his shirt.

"I do, too!" he says.

"I think we will be good friends, Simon Lewis." I link my arm through his and start making my way through the crowd again, dragging him with me. We make our way to Isabelle and company. I look at her expectantly.

"Alec said you can come! Back to the institute, I mean." She looks at Simon. "What are you doing here!? I told you to stay outside!" she nearly shouts.

"Well, I-"

"He's a vampire; he probably heard us talking and thought he should come and check on you." I interrupted him. He looks at me in surprise.

"How'd you know I was a vampire?" he asks.

"Your skin, I have an eye for details, I am and artist and rune-creator." Izzy looks excited by this and Jace looks impressed, I have to admit my heart fluttered a little knowing I impressed him, but Alec, Alec looked mad. I don't really know what he's mad but it looks like he is, so I ask. "Why are you mad, Alec?"

"Because you're lying!" he explodes. "Only angels can make rune!"

"What if I proved it to you?"

-Jace's POV-

"What if I prove it to you?" Clary's beautiful blue eyes sparkle with mischief. She's so beautiful, but I don't think she knows it. She holds herself with confidence, but not the kind that most girls do. She holds herself like she knows she can take any of us down if need be, she's always alert and aware. I have to admit it's kind of a sexy.

"What do you mean prove it to me?" Alec asks timidly. He's scared of her but he won't admit it.

"I'll make a brand new rune right here, right now and use it on you." her full, red lips curl up into a lopsided smile. She doesn't wait for his reply instead asks, "any ideas?"

"A fearless rune, I know for a fact one of those don't exist." I say, excited to see her work.

"Well, okay then, one fearless rune coming right up." She gets a look on her face that tells me she's deep in thought; she pulls a tiny sketch pad and pencil out of her jacket pocket and begins drawing. Within 5 seconds, she turns the pad toward us. On the paper is an intricate matrix of looping lines. I stare in amazement. How the hell did she get that done in 5 seconds?

"It looks pretty, but does it work?" Alec asks.

"I don't know, Alec, what to try it out?" she grins. Alec walks to her slowly like he's afraid she'll kill him. Which she very well could, I think. Once he's in front of her, she whips out a deep red stele, and grabs his arm and pulls up his sleeve. You could see a couple of fading runes and permanent runes marked on his skin. There's and empty splotch of skin that she begins working on, forming the maze of lines on his skin. Once it's done she lets go. "so Alec, whisper your biggest secret in my ear." He leans in and starts talking. At the same time the Vampire and Clary's mouths fall open. She leans away, "do your parents know?"

"Nope, just you and Izzy." Izzy's eyes nearly pop out of her head and I think she knows what Alec's secret is.

"Tell me!" I say. Alec's mouth opens, and Clary grabs his arm and puts a sleep rune on it in record time. He falls asleep instantly.

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