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Bella found herself parked up in front of a bar in Port Angeles, two hours away from her home. She had absolutely no idea how she got there. Her drive was all a blur to her mind. Maybe it was due to the fact that her boyfriend of seven years dumped her through a text message while she was on her way to their supposed date.

Bella should have taken the hint long ago, when she noticed that he was acting strange. He wasn't even up for sex! What kind of guy isn't up for a little shag? He'd always give an excuse saying he was tired or he just isn't in the mood. That was a big red glad right there.

Bella laid her head on the top of her steering wheel. She really thought that Mike was going to be her happy ending. If she knew that this would happen, then she wouldn't have gone out with him in high school but he was so persistent and eventually she just caved.

Bella stepped out of her car and entered the bar. She looked around. A lot of people were there, crowding around the pool table or sitting at tables. She sat in front of the long table, where the bartender was handling drinks and along came an a man, taking a seat beside her.

"What would you like, miss?" The bartender queried. Bella never usually drink, but tonight she made an exception.

"Jack and coke...hold off with the coke." The man studied her for a while and then prepared her drink.

Not too long later, Bella was already on her fifth glass. Her phone rang, which startled her. She stumbled through her purse, knowing well that her cell phone was at the bottom of her bag. When she retrieved her phone, she picked it up.

"Hello, you're talking to Bella and Jack!" Bella chortled.

"Bella, are you drunk?" The voice asked, it was my step-sister, Angela.

"And if I am? It's not like I have anything better to do on a Saturday night." Bella sneered, remembering the heartless text message.

"Hold up, I thought you and Mike were going out on a movie date!" Angela said, sounding confused.

Bella snorted. "Yeah, I thought so too until he dumped me over a text message. Apparently he found his true soul-mate in an eighteen year old girl name Candy." Bella slammed her fist on the table, a few people around her staring and she returned their stares with a smile.

"That asshole! I knew he was no good ever since you started dating him in high school." Angela sighed.

"Well, I wish I knew that before I lost my v-card to him in the back of his car parked behind Wal-Mart!" Bella whispered harshly, hoping no one around her had heard what she said.

"Where are you? I'm going to pick you up." Angela said in a state of worry.

"Port Angeles." Bella slurred.

"Port Angeles?! How the hell did you get so far? That's two hours away!" Angela wailed.

Bella shrugged, forgetting that Angela can't see her actions. "Well, when I got the text I was already on the way to the movies. I guess I kept driving and ended up here. Don't worry, after this drink I'm going to a hotel and crash there for the night."

Angela was silent for a few seconds. "Okay," She sighed. "just be safe, okay? I love you."

"I love you, too." Bella replied.

"Everything will be okay."

Bella let out a loud laugh as she hung up the phone. As promised, she finished her last glass and left the bar, her legs feeling like jelly. Now she remembered why she hated drinking, she hated the feeling of not being in control of her own body.

Bella tried to walk a little bit further, but her legs failed and buckled underneath her. She fell head first to the ground. No more than five seconds later, she felt two big hands grab her arms. She looked up into two big eyes staring back at her.

Then everything went black.


Bella opened her eyes, blinking rapidly. Either the fucking sun was so bright that it decided to burn her eyes, or she was having a huge hangover. She finally opened her eyes wide enough to take in her surroundings and realized she was in a hotel room.

It was nicer than the other one she was planning on going to. This hotel was probably a three, maybe four star hotel.

She doesn't even remember getting here. Bella looked down at herself.

Why the hell am I nude? She thought.

Bella tried to get up, but was pinned down by a huge arm. She turned her head and came face to face with the most gorgeous human being she had ever come across. He had tan skin, the body of a god and short black hair.

What the fuck did I get myself into...well, whatever it is, it seems like this guy liked it. She thought, smiling smugly. Bella tried to remember anything from last night, maybe this stranger told her his name. But nothing came to her mind.

Bella managed to squirm from under his grasp. Bella quietly moved around the room, trying to find the clothes she was wearing the night before. She found everything except for her bra.

Bella went ot the bathroom to clean herself up. She stared into the mirror and noticed that she didn't look the same. She looked like she had just had the best sex of her life. Too bad she couldn't remember any of it.

As she walked out of the bathroom, she found her bag and her car keys. Before leaving, she took a long look at the man sleeping like a log on the bed.

She felt somewhat guilt for leaving the man like this.


As Bella pulled into the driveway of her house that both Bella and Angela rented, she sighed. It was a nice little house and Bella was glad she moved in. She was finally away from her father.

Bella and her father never really saw eye to eye on anything, but on thing that they both agreed on was that they both hated her mother.

Bella laughed, remembering what her dad would say if he found out that she wasn't dating Mike anymore and had a one night stand with a complete stranger.

Bella stepped out of the car and walked up to the front door. Angela opened the front door before Bella could even grab her keys.

Angela suffocated Bella into a bear hug immediately.

"Where have you been?! I've been calling you for hours! I was ready to call the FBI!" Angela rambled, dragging Bella to the couch.

"Angela!" Bella whined. "I'm fine! I'm just having a rough start to this day and all I want to do is go to bed and sleep, okay?"

"What do you mean you're 'having a rough day'?"

"What do you mean your having a odd day?"

Bella ran her hands over her face, knowing well that she couldn't hide anything from her step-sister.

"I did something really dumb." Bella confessed.

Angela frowned for a moment, before realization washed over her.

"No!" She gasped. "No you didn't!"

"I'm afraid so..." Bella admitted.

"You had sex with someone, didn't you?! I knew I should have hauled your drunken ass home!" Angela shook her head.

Bella raised her eyebrows. "How did you know?"

Angela smirked. "Well, you're absentmindedly smiling like an idiot who was just love struck and not to mention your hair..."

Bella groaned. "I don't remember anything! The last thing I remember was being on the phone with you." Bella buried her face in a pillow.

Angela pursed her lips. "So...was he hot?"

"That doesn't really doesn't matter." Bella stated.

Angela remained condescending.

"Yes, Angela, yes. He was a complete god." Bella murmured.

"Oh!" She squeaked. "What's his name?"

"Like I said; I don't remember anything!" Bella muttered.

"Why didn't you look for his ID?" Angela suggested, then she chuckled. "Out of the two of us, I didn't expect you to be the slut." Angela wrapped her arms around her sister.

"Ugh." Bella blabbed.

"It's okay. You probably won't see that guy ever again."

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